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 Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist

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Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Vide
PostSubject: Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist   Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Icon_minitimeSun Oct 02, 2011 11:23 am

Yep, I decided to bring it over here for those who read and those who didn't! Anyway, here it is...! Again!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist XII
Chapter 1: Completed

Chapter 2: Completed. http://s10.zetaboards.com/Nsider_Pi/single/?p=8050328&t=7313590

Chapter 3: Completed. http://s10.zetaboards.com/Nsider_Pi/single/?p=8050627&t=7313590

Chapter 4: Completed. http://s10.zetaboards.com/Nsider_Pi/single/?p=8053023&t=7313590

Chapter 5: Completed. http://s10.zetaboards.com/Nsider_Pi/single/?p=8055623&t=7313590

Chapter 6: Completed. http://s10.zetaboards.com/Nsider_Pi/single/?p=8061161&t=7313590

Chapter 7: Completed! http://s10.zetaboards.com/Nsider_Pi/single/?p=8062942&t=7313590

Credits: Completed!

Extras: Completed!

News! That's all, folks!!


Chapter 1

Before any of us were even born. Before the first critic could even state his or her opinion on anything. People have searched by any means to find perfection in what they loved to do.

It is believe that perfection is unattainable… That’s its only imperfection, when no one else has anything to say about it. What would a man or woman do in order to achieve their definition of it? Could imagine the sacrifices that they would have to give? Whether relationships, business, or even art; the pursuit for perfection has provided reward… But also drove many to the brink of insanity. And the only thing that could set them free would be a reminder of why they love what they do in the first place…


???: …*Knock knock.* …*Rings doorbell.* … *Knocks on the door while ringing the bell.* …

Gr33n: … Err… *Walks into the living room and opens the door.* …Oh for Fu--

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw1copy

Meowth’sPal21: Oooooooogh… *Slowly stands up. Everyone else does the same.* Will someone please explain to me WHY do we keep going to Gr33n’s house every Halloween for Trick-or-treating?!

ChaosDX1: You keep coming with us, so you should know our answer.

Meowth’sPal21: …Point taken. But why do we still Trick-or treat? Doesn’t it feel a little old to you guys?

Drarin: We do it because its one of many pleasures of Halloween! Along with parties, games and watching scary movies; Trick-or-treating is a staple! …Right everyone?

YoshiUnity: … *Clears throat.*

Blooperkoopa19: Well yeeeeeee— Hmm…

Liboarder: …

ChaosDX1: …*Whistles.*

Drarin: Ermm… Well, I still enjoy it.

YoshiUnity: And I hope you had a great time, Drarin. A boot to the head is more than enough to tell me to call it a night.

Liboarder: Why is Gr33n staring at us…? *Everyone looks at him. He’s holding a pair of goth boots.*

YoshiUnity: Go. Go GO! GO! *Everyone runs.* Run run RUN!

Gr33n: *Sighs. Tosses boots.* Everytime, they do this. Can I watch some scary movies on Halloween in peace?! (…Damn LiTE. Not keeping his promise.)


BlooperKoopa19: So M.P., we’re still on for the all-nighter tonight at your place?

Meowth’sPal21: Heck yeah! I stock up on junk food, DVDs, candles and then some for this! It's going to be a blast! Did you remember to bring the matches, YoshiUnity?

YoshiUnity: Yep! *Pulls the matches out of his pocket... A can falls out as well.* …Er.

Meowth’sPal21: What the -- *Picks it up.* Silly string?!

Drarin: YoshiUnity! I’m surprised at you, Sir!

Blooperkoopa19: Yeah, aren’t you like twenty-one or something?

YoshiUnity: *Takes the can back.* Come on, guys! It’s not like I was going to mess up someone’s house with it...! I was just going to spray you guys, if you didn’t mind!

Meowth’sPal21: I’m pretty sure we would…

YoshiUnity: Sweet! That’s makes it even better!

Everyone was excited for the party to go underway. They were looking forward to this moment all month! Halloween is known for its many means of celebration, and this party was going to cover most of them in one night! With more to show, they had to hurry and get everything ready!

They were only a couple blocks away from Meowth’spal21’s house. With only an hour to go, they decided to pick up the pace but stopped instantly when they saw some familiar faces.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw2copy

Fourswords64: Hey guys! ‘Sup?

YoshiUnity: Sup dudes? *Runs pass him.* Can’t talk now, have to get things ready for the party.

Fourswords64: Oh that’s cool! Can’t wait for it…! *Snickers.* J-just how much candy will be there!

Blooperkoopa19: Enough to make a dentist scream for mercy!

R.Blaze Koopa: Cool! *Snickers.* H-hey! What flavors…? Chocolate? Strawberry…? … …NIKE?!

Shigg: [BEEP!]

Everyone in Fourswords64’s group started to burst out laughing. They saw the whole thing… This caused everybody in YoshiUnity’s group to stop and pull a u-turn. If someone was going to laugh at them about this, it would be best to get it over with now.

YoshiUnity: So you guys saw it?

D-man: Saw it? It’s already on the internet!

Lilboarder: Greaaat… Yeah, anyway, I guess you guys went Trick-or-Treatin’, too?

Shiggs: [Beep beep!] *Lifts bag. All in his group does so.*

Meowth’sPal21: Look guys. Yippee for you, but if you’re going to just gloat all day…

MarioGamer159: M.P., We’re just messing around. We’re looking forward to the party. I mean, we can provide all the snacks! *His group starts laughing again.*

Fourswords64: HAHAHA!!! Hmm… *Sees that YoshiUnity and his group were still a little serious.* Okay, if you want us to stop, and then let’s have a bet.

Meowth’sPal21: *Sigh* … We've wasted enough time. Come on, guys.

YoshiUnity: We’re listening…

His group: …Huh?

MarioGamer159: Cool. You guys know about that creepy mansion down the street?

Drarin: Hey, I don’t make fun of your home, Sir! So please refrain from doing so towards mine!

MarioGamer159: Not your haunted mansion! The one rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a psychopath! See, we were wondering if we can make a wager with you guys? Now we'll understand if you don't want to do this, I mean... the stories are pretty bru--

YoshiUnity: Sure! We can take this easy! *His group gasped.*

Lilboarder: What?! Have you lost your mind?!

Meowth’sPal21: Have you forgotten about the party?! YoshiUnity, we’re wasting time… We don’t even know what they want us to do!

ChaosDX1: Yeah man, if it’s something stupid, then you’re on your own with it.

YoshiUnity: Come on guys! It’s just an old empty house anyway. What’s the worst that could happen?

His group: …No!


Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw3copy

Meowth’sPal21: I can’t believe we’re going through with this…

YoshiUnity: You know what this place could use? A vacuum.

R.Blaze Koopa: Okay… All you guys have to do is walk up towards the door, knock on it, do the whole trick-or-treat routine and come right back. That’s it.

YoshiUnity: That’s it?

Shigg: [Click click!] *Nods.*

YoshiUnity: See guys? This won’t be so bad after all. *Everyone in his group glares at him.* …What?

Blooperkoopa19: Fine, I’ll ask it… What do we get if we go through with this?

Fourswords64: We’ll have to give all of you fifty percent of our candy.

Drarin: Hmm… That’s pretty persuasive, but--

YoshiUnity: Heck yeah! That sounds like a shoe-in. Let’s go! *Walks into the fog.*

ChaosDX1: …*Sighs.* Well, it will be quick anyway… *Follows him.*

Meowth’sPal21: The candy better be worth it… *Follows as well. Everyone else in the group does so as well.*

D-Man: … …Okay, dudes! They’re gone!

Fourswords64: Ha! Man, this is worth it! Once they get to the door, YoshiMan and Smash are going to scare the crap out of them!

MarioGamer159: And we will have it all as an awesome momento! *Group high-five.*

D-Man: Yeah! … …You guys want to stock up on more candy before they come back? Just as a safety net?

R. Blaze Koopa: But won’t this be quick?

MarioGamer159: Didn't you see them argue earlier? We have plenty of time!

Shigg: [RING-ING-ING-ING-ING-ING!!!! RING-ING-ING-ING-ING!!!] *R.Blaze Koopa closes Shigg’s mouth.*

R.Blaze Koopa: Quiet, dude! You want to tell the whole world?!


R.Blaze Koopa: (Oh great… He’s set on vibrate.)

So they left the scene of the prank, that confident that the other group would walk right into it.

YoshiUnity and team walked deep onto the fog until they could barely see the gate anymore. They had to stand close to each other and move forward, unable to even see much in front of them. YoshiUnity was obviously the only one excited to do this, but even he felt a bit uneasy at the moment.

Just then they saw a glimpse of someone walking towards them. He looked familiar, but they remained cautious until they could get a better view of him. It was Smash and he didn’t seem all that excited to see them. In fact, the expression on his face looked like he saw a ghost!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw4copy

YoshiUnity: Smash! What’s --

Smash: AHH...! W-What are you guys doing here?

YoshiUnity: We’re just going to knock on the door and leave. Score some candy.

Smash: …! NO! No, please! Don’t go near that house! I-I was in there... Lucky to... I was lucky to have...

BlooperKoopa19: What? You went in there? *Smash stood silent. He then fell down on his knees.* Smash! *He helps him up.*

Smash: Yeah... It was just for a prank at first. But then I thought it would be better if we hide in the house. Then once you guys arrived, we would jump out and scare you…

Drarin: What do you mean “we”?

Smash: I was with YoshiMan. He told me that it was a stupid idea… I should have listened! I saw things in there… I-I couldn’t I… I-I HAD TO ESCAPE!

ChoasDX1: (Okay, this is starting to creep me out.) What kind of things? *Smash grew pale and refused to answer.* Okay. Then where’s YoshiMan?

Smash: … ….He must have got out of there before I did. I saw his hat on the way out… I can’t stay here…

Meowth’sPal21: Smash, hold --

Smash: No, I’m out of here! The less I see of that house the better! D-do what you want, I’m done! YOU HEAR ME?! DONE!

And just like that, he ran for the exit as fast as he could, until he was completely out of sight. The group started to give this bet even more thought than before… Unless Smash could turn pale at will, there was definitely something wrong with that mansion! Sadly, that didn’t stop YoshiUnity though. He was already in front of the door, ready to knock on it.

BlooperKoopa19: Dude! What are you doing?!

YoshiUnity: I’m going to knock on the door. What else?

Lilboarder: What?! Did you not see Smash freaking out earlier?

YoshiUnity: Yeah I did. Annnnnnd I don’t believe him. Honestly, I think it’s a part of a bigger prank. They always get us like this, and this year, I want to rub their faces in it. I’m tired of the same routine every year!

Lilboarder: So that’s why you went through this? To outsmart them?!

Meowth’sPal21: YoshiUnity, please think about this. Would YoshiMan ever leave his hat behind? YoshiGirl told me that she actually saw him wash his hair with his hat on! (And that doesn’t even make any sense!)

YoshiUnity: Look, if it makes you guys feel any better, just stand back. I’ll knock, okay?

Meowth’sPal21: *Sighs and groans.* Fine. Go ahead. We will stand right here, but if something gets you, don’t expect us to come save you.

YoshiUnity was the victim of the past Halloween pranks for the past few years. As much as he didn’t want to get the others involved, he didn’t really have a choice this time. It’s true that he didn’t believe in all those myths about this mansion, but seeing this sad structure even caused him to start giving it second thought. He took a deep breath… Raised his arm… And knocked as hard as he could!


The group: …

YoshiUnity: Well, there you go...! Spook-free zone.

BlooperKoopa19: Well, I’ll be…

YoshiUnity: Nothing to worry about! Now let’s collect our reward! *Everyone attempts to walk back towards the gate. Drarin picks up YoshiMan’s hat.*

Meowth’sPal21: Man… I didn’t expect them to go that far with a prank.

Drarin: …I don’t know.

YoshiUnity: What’s up, Drarin?

Drarin: Doesn’t something feel a little odd to you guys? Smash freaking out like that… A hatless YoshiMan is missing… Does this really seem like JUST a prank? *Door slams!* What was that? …And why is the door so close behind us?

Drarin and group looked around. As the fog cleared up, it became clear that they weren’t outside the mansion anymore… Besides the moonlight peeking through the windows, the place was filled with darkness, almost like it was creeping up on them. They were in the living room of the mansion!

YoshiUnity: Well… it’s dark. Doesn’t really prove it’s haunted though.

ChaosDX1: Yeah, the doors at my house always close on their own…

YoshiUnity: That could have been the wind!

Meowth’sPal21: Just so you know, YoshiUnity. I’m giving you a really ugly look at the moment.

YoshiUnity: And just so you know, MP. I wish I could SEE that ugly look at the moment. *Candles light up.* Okay, now I don’t. *Meowth’sPal21 punches him in the shoulder.* OW! I only said that because of the candles! *Chaos and Blooper tries to open the door. It doesn't open.*

Meowth’sPal21: No! That was for getting us trapped in here in the first place!

ChaosDX1: It was…? Cool. *Punches YoshiUnity as well.*

YoshiUnity: Ow…! Come on! *Lilboarder punches him.* Hey! *BlooperKoopa19 follows…* Please sto— *Then Drarin.* Ermmm… *Rubs shoulder.* Look! It wasn’t my fault! All I wanted to do was knock on the door! It’s not like I told us to walk in here. Didn’t we walk away from the house?

Blooperkoopa19: Well dude, you put us in the situation. All you had to do was say no, but you didn’t! Now we’re stuck here!

YoshiUnity: …Okay! Alright, it’s my fault! I’m sorry! L-Let’s just relax for a moment and figure things out… *Sits down on a chair.* Okay, we just have to think positive. We’ll find a way out of here! W-we just have to uh… Stick together! Yes! That! We’re smart enough to figure something out!

Lilboarder: Sooo… we have to say here? *YoshiUnity nods.* In this creepy mansion? *Nods again.* Said to be haunted by a psychopath? *Nods slowly.* …*Sigh.*

Blooperkoopa19: …

Lilboarder: …

Meowth’sPal21: …

YoshiUnity: You know what this place could use? Vaccuming. *Dust off cobwebs from the chair.*

ChaosDX1: …

Drarin: …

M.P. and Blooper: … I have to go to the bathroom.

ChaosDX1: Aw crap...! So I guess we have to look for a bathroom in this dump?

Blooperkoopa19: Yeah, we don’t really have much of a choice.

Lilboarder: Yeah you do.

YoshiUnity: Ugh, dude… Well there should be a couple bathrooms in this place. Maybe everyone should go with you guys and help you look for one?

Meowth’sPal21: Sorry, YoshiUnity. But it might be best for us to split up. I don’t trust anything about this house. And I don’t want anything jumping at me on when I get back here.

ChaosDX1: Who’s to say that there isn’t already something here? *Everyone freezes, then looks around the room.*

Drarin: I-I’ll come with you, M.P.!

Lilboarder: Hold the elevator! *M.P., Blooper, Drarin and Lilboarder walks up the stairs.*

ChoasDX1: Well! I guess it’s just us dudes on guard!

YoshiUnity: Uh yeah… sure.

ChaosDX1: You’re okay, man?

YoshiUnity: *Snickers.* When will I learn, man? ...Huh? Sometimes I just act before I think and stuff like this happens.

ChaosDX1: I don’t know. *Sits down in the separate chair.* I mean, yeah! I’m still mad at you. Everyone is. But I’m not going to think like that. We need to get out of here, and we’re going to have to work together and think about this. So dude, just kick back and relax.

YoshiUnity: Yeah, you’re right, man. I screwed up, but I’m going to help make things right though. We’re getting out of here and we’re having that party!

ChaosDX1: See? *Leans back.*That’s the spirit! *Floor buckles loudly.* What was that?

Just then the flooring underneath the chair collapses. ChaosDX1 tries to regain his balances but falls into the hole, which revealed to be much deeper than expected. He was able to grab the edge at the last moment, but his grip was fading fast!

YoshiUnity sees this and springs into action, grabbing Chaos and tries to pull him up. ChaosDX1 swung his other arm around in order to give YoshiUnity a batter chance. More of the flooring gave away, and it almost caused him to fall in as well.

YoshiUnity: Man, after today! Please stick to vegetables!

ChaosDX1: Vegetables suck, man! *More flooring gives away and hits the bottom...* … *Bang!* What was that?

YoshiUnity: Just a chunk of wood. Don’t worry about it.

ChaosDX1: No… No it wasn-- *Bang!* … *Bang! Bang! BANG!* Holy shi— Yoshi, get me out of here dude! GET ME OUT OF HE—

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw5copy

YoshiUnity was in pain, and all he could do is watch ChaosDX1 struggling from being dragged into who-knows-where. But he couldn’t just lie there! So he shook as much as he could off, stood up and ran towards his friend! But with one huge pull, ChaosDX1 was forced into the depths underground, screaming as loud as he could!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw6copy

For whatever reason, the floor had close up. Besides the scattered pieces of furniture here and there, it was almost as if nothing ever happened. YoshiUnity was too late. ChaosDX1 was gone, completely without a trace. And now he had a headache....

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Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Vide
PostSubject: Re: Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist   Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Icon_minitimeSun Oct 02, 2011 11:26 am

Chapter 2

Meowth’sPal21, BlooperKoopa19, Lilboarder and Drarin were on their way to location the bathrooms. They trekked through the halls until Meowth’sPal21 and BlooperKoopa19’s need became an emergency. So they decided to do what anyone does when looking for a bathroom in a mansion: read a map conveniently placed on the wall.

Drarin: Well, there’s there…! But no, that will take too long.

Lilboarder: Well how about -- No… no. Hmm…

BlooperKoopa19: Uhhh… W-would you guys P-P-PLEASE… hurRRrRy up?! My legs are getting numb!

Meowth’sPal21: Blooper, please don’t talk about it… Pleeeease?

BlooperKoopa19: Okay, even though you’re just saying that because you’re tap-dancing like a maniac! That’s for sure!

Lilboarder: Hey, I love that song! Is that the song where the woman gets covered with water on the dan—


Drarin: …Oh look, a coffee shop!

M.P. & Blooper: DRARIN!

Drarin: But… there’s actually one he-

Meowth’sPal21: Does it have a restroom? *Drarin shakes her head.*

M.P. & Blooper: ARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!! MOVE!!

Meowth’sPal21 and BlooperKoopa19 push Drarin and Lilboarder aside and began looking for the quickest routes possible. Their search speed was faster than any computer at the moment! In an instant, they found their routes, took their partners and ran through the halls as fast as they could. Drarin and Lilboarder had no idea what just happened. At first, they were near the stairways. Now they were on the ground, sitting outside of respected bathroom doors, with no choice but hearing the loud sighs of relief coming from the inside.

A couple of minutes have passed. Drarin still sat outside the door, checking on Meowth’sPal21, verbally, to see if everything is okay. She felt uneasy here, which was strange for someone undead. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched even though she could see down the hallways quite well. They were well lit and the only thing coming through was the wind.

Drarin: A-Are you finished yet, M.P.?

Meowth’sPal21: No…

Drarin: Okay… Hey, how long do you think we’ll be here?

Meowth’sPal21: …What?!

Drarin: I said,”How long do you think we’ll be here?”.

Meowth’sPal21: I’m not really trying to think about that right now… Not for long, I hope.

Drarin: Okay… Sorry about that. … …………………………………………….. *Looks around.* (Who ever lived here must have really loved to paint. They’re hung all over the walls and ceiling… Looking eerily life-like.)

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw7copy

Drarin: ………………….. *Starts whistling and shuffling her feet from boredom. Trying to avoid the paintings.* ……….. …. ………….. *Shuffles through her trick-or-treat basket.* … Candy, candy, candy… nail?! Who gives somebody a nail for Halloween?! That’s just wrong... *Sigh.*(Not enough to share. Wanted to give some to Bowser81889 tomorrow. No one should be sick on Hallo--)*Glass shatters. Catches her attention immediately.* W-what was that?!

The hallways were so empty that Drarin couldn’t tell which direction the sound was coming from. She looked left and right, trying to find anything that seemed a little off. *…Shatter!* There it goes again! Drarin couldn’t tell, but she was sure that it was coming from both sides! *Shatter… shatter… CRASH!* She could now see that one by one, the lights blew out.

Drarin grew even more uneasy. She slowly stood up, not sure of what do. Where could she run or hide? *Shatter… pop… shatter CRASH!* She looked to the left again… and towards right one more time. The only working lights left in the hallway were right above her. She gulped, felt trapped like a mouse in a cage.

Drarin: *Knocks on the door.*…Uh, M.P.?

Meowth’sPal21: Drarin. You can’t rush these things. Please, be patient.

Drarin: M.P., forgive me but… something just doesn’t feel right here… The l-lights went out.

Meowth’sPal21: I thought you didn’t mind the dark?

Drarin: It’s not the dark that disturbs me… J-just please, hurry!

Meowth’sPal21: Don’t worry, I’ll be out there in a moment! I just have to wash my paws… Ugh, there’s cobweb on the soap! *Knocks it off.*

Drarin: O-Okay…

???: …*Hisssssssssss…*

Drarin: …! What was that?

The noise came from her right. What started as hissing, was combined with a constant thud that grew louder and louder every second. Drarin felt even more uneasy. What was hissing then turned into deep and wheezy breathing. Did Drarin dare to run away, not knowing of what could be lurking behind her? She couldn’t do it. For this was the only place in the hall she felt safe.
Just then, an eerie red glow pierce through the darkness...

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw8copy

Drarin: M-Monster...

Meowth’sPal21: What monster? *Drarin points over Meowth'sPal21's shoulder. She moves the door out of the way...* ... .... .................. *Slowly moves it back in it's previous position...* .......... RUNAWAAAAAAAAAAY! *Both runs away.*

Meowth’sPal21 and Drarin ran as fast as they could through the halls. It was almost pitch black so they couldn’t see a thing. The monster became enrage, ripping the bathroom door off of its hinges. It gave chase for the two, destroying anything in its path. They could both hear the roar of the beast even with the lead they had. They needed to find a place to hide, unless they would end up running around in circles. So they decided to stop and search for an unlocked room. The roar grew louder! Meowth’sPal21 was sweating bullets with every door she open, while Drarin almost pulled her bones clean from their sockets! *Rattle rattle…* … *Rattle CLICK!* Drarin found one at the last bit of time! She opened it and told Meowth’sPal21, who ran towards her as fast as she could. She could feel the blood red hue of the monster’s eyes creep around the corner!

Drarin: Hurry hurry HURRY…! *Meowth’sPal21 makes it in.*

Meowth’sPal21: Close it! CLOSE IT! *Drarin shuts the door silently and locks it.* What the… What the hell was that thing?!

Drarin: I don’t know and I have no desire to find out! Ooh! Shh! Shhh! *Listens out for it through the door.* … ……………. … … …………………. It’s gone. *Both of them sigh in relief.* I have got to get out of here… I hate it here.

Meowth’sPal21: Yeah, well, until Fourswords64 and the others realizes we’re stuck in here. We might as well get comfortable. *Sighs.*

Drarin: Hey, wait a minute! Why not call them?!

Meowth’sPal21: Tried it on the stairs. No signal. And I don’t think any of the phones work in this du-- Oh.

Drarin: M.P.?

Meowth’sPal21: I see something… *Runs towards a box.* Something awesome! *Digs inside.*

Drarin: Careful, M.P.! No telling what could be in there!

Meowth’sPal21: Awesome… awesome awesome *Pulls out a Yarn ball. The box is filled with them!* AWESOME! Oh lord, yes! *Drarin looks concern for her.* What?!

Drarin: I didn’t say anyth—

Meowth’sPal21: I don’t have a weakness for yarn! Who says I have a weakness for yarn?! Yarn is only a toy! A toy, it’s nothing! NOTHING! *Puts it back in the box… Picks it up again.* Yarrrrrrrrrrrrn -- NO! I’m stronger than you, yarn! I’m s-str-- *Jumps in the box.* Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn…! *Meows happily.*

Drarin: … My apologies, M.P., but I’m undead that even creeped ME out! I’ll just be over… here, moving the toys aside. (I kind of want to take my chances in the hallway after seeing that.) *Starts moving the toys.* Hmm? *Picks up a doll.* Hey, I remember this doll! I haven’t seen one like it every since I was a hatchling! (Wow… Those were the days…)

Doll: [Hello! I want to be your best friend!]

Drarin: AAH! *Drops it.* Well, that’s peculiar… I don’t remember it being able to talk. Must be a different version, I guess. *Starts moving the rest of the toys... Ermmmm...*

Doll: [… It’s not nice to drop friends.]

Drarin: …? W-what?

Doll: [ …Friends must play nice!] …*A loud bang comes from the closet.*

Drarin: Uhhh… M.P.? *Slowly moves towards her direction.*

Meowth’sPal21: Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn….

Drarin: M.P.! *Pulls her out of the box, then shakes and slaps Meowth'sPal21 to snap her out of it.*

Meowth’sPal21: OW! …Where am I?

Drarin: Trapped in a room with a crazed doll and me.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw9copy

Meowth’sPal21 and Drarin screamed again and ran out the room in seconds. But the doll monster was quick. It leaped from near the closet to the door to grab Meowth’sPal21 by the ankle. She trips, and then tries to crawl to safety. The beast hoisted Meowth’sPal21 up, upside down by her ankle, trying to take her to who-knows-where. She immediately became resistant, whether screaming for Drarin’s help or kicking doll monster in the, uh, face several times. The final kick knocks the monster’s face loosed a little. It dropped Meowth’sPal21 on her back as it tried to fix the damage.

Drarin, who was almost long gone, came back just to see Meowth’sPal21 finally catch up with her. They both continued their sprint down the hall until they were sure that they were safe. While Drarin was fine, Meowth’sPal21 needed to catch her breath. She sat down for a bit as Drarin checked the corners. No monster in sight… So far, so good.

Meowth’sPal21: I...*pant.* I-I…*pant.* I can’t keep this up all night! We need to go down to the living room and figure an out a way to get out of here immediately!

Drarin: Affirmative… But those monsters are everywhere! What are we going to d—

Meowth’sPal21: Shhhh! Shh… I hear something. Keep close… *Walks slowly down the hall.* …. ………………….. … … ……………………………………………… *Stops at a wall. Places ear on it.* …….

Drarin: Do you hear anything?

Meowth’sPal21: No. Hmm... I could have sworn I heard something. Oh well… Let-- ACK!

In seconds, Meowth'spal21 found herself being choked by a hand that broke through the wall! Drarin’s state of shock caused her to fall back for a bit. It continued to slam Meowth’sPal21 into the wall, has if it wanted her to squeeze through the hole. Drarin jumped on her friend's back and began pulling with everything she had. But the effort was futile as more hands shot through the wall, latching onto Meowth’sPal21.

One of the hands grabbed Drarin forcing her to fight for herself. Luckily, she was able to escape its grip but even more arms smashed through the wall! She had no choice but to back up. All she could do was watch Meowth’sPal21 slowly being cocooned as arm after arm tried to restrain her.

Meowth’sPal21 fought back with everything she had; trying to break free at least one of her limbs. With a sharp jerk, her arm was freed and she pulled the first hand off her neck. She began to call out to Drarin, even though she was being constricted. They heard a familiar voice through the holes in the wall.

Doll: [YAY! I foooooooooooound you!]

Meowth’sPal21: Drarin! HEL-- *Cough! Cough! Cough…!* HELP ME!

Drarin: I will! I, uh… (Think Drarin, Think! She counting on you, but those arms are too strong!) *Arms were sprouting from the ground. Grabs Drarin’s foot.* Ahh! No! *Pulls herself free.*

Meowth’sPal21 screamed for Drarin’s name one last time, but Drarin didn’t know what to do! The arms were too strong and there’s too many of them. As she watches her friend become restricted head-to-toe, Drarin had no other options but to retreat. There was nothing else she could do. Teary-eyed and upset, she turned away from whatever part of Meowth’sPal21 she could still see and flew away as fast as she could.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw10copy

Her mind wasn’t on her flight though… As soon as she came off the stairs, onto the first floor. She bumped into a familiar face… Well, more like rammed, actually.

YoshiUnity: OW…! Hey, Drarin.

Drarin: Salutations, sir… YoshiUnity! Please follow me, immediately! *Jumps up, grabs YoshiUnity and pulls him to follow her.* It’s M.P.!

YoshiUnity: M.P.? What happened?!

Drarin: I don’t know. We were being chased the whole time by some… thing! Everyone separated, so I had to look for someone to help me! And then… No.

Drarin finally stops tugging YoshiUnity. She took him exactly where she wanted him to be. But it was no use... Meowth’sPal21, the arms and the wall were completely gone. All that was left was a giant hole. Drarin fell on her knees, and slammed her fists in the ground from anger. YoshiUnity turn his head and remained silent. Two of their best friends were now gone without a trace.

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Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Vide
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Chapter 3

BlooperKoopa19 had already found the bathroom and took care of his business. So he and Lilboarder were on their way back to the living room to see if Meowth’sPal21 and Drarin made it back safe. When they found that no one was there, including YoshiUnity and ChaosDX1, they weren’t too pleased.

Blooperkoopa19: Aw man! It’s empty down here! I thought YoshiUnity and ChaosDX1 were keeping an eye on things!

Lilboarder: I dunno… They probably had to pee too.

Blooperkoopa19: I guess… Stay down here, I’ll look around and see if I can find anyone else.

Lilboarder: Cool… Wait, what?!

Blooperkoopa19: This is our safe zone. (In loose terms…) If you stay down here, you can keep an eye on things. Who knows what could crawl up in here?

Lilboarder: Yeah, who knows what HASN’T crawled in here already?! Screw the safe zone, I’m coming with you. We’ll deal with the safe zone once we find everyone, cool?

BlooperKoopa19: Got it.

BlooperKooper19 and Lilboarder went back up the stairs to search for everyone. They went directly to the third floor and worked from there. So far everything was clean, but they check some of the opened rooms just to be sure.

Lilboarder: …*Checks door.* Nothing… *Checks another.* Notta… *One more.* Nope! Okay, this sucks.

Blooperkooper19: Dude, I rather be bored than dead. Try to keep looking!

Lilbaorder: *Groans and starts opening more doors.*… I wonder how Fourswords64 and every else are doing?


Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw11copy


Lilboarder: Well… that’s the last one!

BlooperKoopa19: Yep, all cleared! Let’s move downstairs! It’s a big house but they couldn’t have gotten far.

Both BlooperKoopa19 and Lilboarder had no business on the third floor anymore. The both of them stayed together and walked cautiously through the hallway to find the stairs. They backtracked just to be on the safe side. And then just like that, something odd was right in front of them. BlooperKooper19 had no explanation for this, so he took a closer look. Lilboarder was curious as well, but he kept his distance.

Lilboarder: What’s up, Blooper?

BlooperKoopa19: Uhhh… We did come through this way, right?

Lilboarder: But there’s a wall here…

BlooperKoopa19: I know that! But we DID go through here! This wall shouldn’t be here!

Lilboarder: Well, as long as there isn’t another ghost wall or whatever behind us, I’m fine. Let’s just find another way aro—

Blooperkoop19: Hmm… *Presses on the wall then knocks on it.* It’s pretty solid… *Sighs.* Alright, Lilboarder… Let’s find another way around.

Lilboarder: Enk… ACK! AH! …ECK!

BlooperKoopa19: Dude? Are you o— OH CRAP ON A STICK!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw12copy

As BlooperKoopa19 turned around he saw Lilboarder, lifted off the ground, and being choked by what appeared to be the tongue of a disgusting mechanical beast! Blooper threw his hat at the monster; and sadly, he knew that it wouldn’t work. The creature only hissed at him and retreated. BlooperKoopa19 refused leave his friend at this state and went in pursuit.

It dragged Lilboarder by the throat through the hall after hall, almost stepping on his mushroom cap with every step! Not only was Lilboarder struggling to breathe, but he was slammed constantly into furniture and random nit-knacks. The rough carpet began to wear on his costume and scrape his exposed skin.

Blooperkoopa19 never lost track of him though! He ran quick and was closing in. With a long jump, he grabbed Lilboarder’s boot, trying to force the monster to let go. But the beast’s strength was greater as it pulled both BlooperKoopa19 and Lilboarder through one last hallway. At the end of it was an air vent. The beast used its razor sharp teeth to rip the cover clean off and delve right in, taking Lilboarder with him.

BlooperKoopa19 wasn’t as lucky as he hit his head on the wall on the way, forcing him to let go. He shook it off, been his knees then jumped through the air vent as well. It was surprisingly roomy in there, as anyone in his party could fit. Now he didn’t want to land on his head, so he tried to flip around and became stuck. After screaming and a few angry words, BlooperKoopa19 tried to force himself loose. It took him a couple of minutes, but he shook himself free and continued his drop to who-knows-where.

THWACK! He finally hits the bottom, as dust flew everywhere from the landing. BlooperKoopa19 forces himself out of the vent, ready to save Lilboarder, but freezes... His eyes were now caught by something that blew his mind. For this wasn’t just a basement, but a colossal and diabolical laboratory!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw13copy

BlooperKoopa19’s jaw dropped at the sheer size of the room. Electricity filled the walls. The floor itself, covered in robot parts, was five time the size of the living room. Paintings were hung on lines, in the pattern of a spider web. They were pictures of people, who looked like their spirits were broken.

And at the very top was what seems like a cloaked figure, drawing and painting on very hi-tech easel. Every wire from every machine in the room seems to have been connected to that easel. The scenery was unbelievable, but BlooperKoopa19 didn’t want to forget why he came here in the first place. He looked round for a moment and saw not only Lilboarder, but Meowth’sPal21, tired and head turned, strapped onto two revolving beds. They did not look well...

BlooperKoopa19: What the -- Guys…? GUYS?! *Runs to them.* M.P.! Lilboarder!

Meowth’sPal21: … Uhnnnnn…

Lilboarder: Errrrrrrrrrnn… Blooper…?

BlooperKoopa19: Yeah man, I’m here! I’ll get you guys out in no time! *Tries to break one of Lilboarder’s straps.*

Lilboarder: No… No, not me first.

BlooperKoopa19: What’s wrong?

Lilboarder: Help M.P…. Chaos… They need your help more than I do… Please…

Meowth’sPal21: No don’t… Just… don’t waste your time with us… Lilboarder still has a chance… Help him if you can then —

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw14copy

BlooperKoopa19: AAAAAAAAHHH!! *Jumps back.* Holy cr— W-w-what the?! How the — her face! What happened to your face?!

Meowth’sPal21: … Chaos is much worse… He’s been here much longer than any of us… Out cold…

BlooperKoopa19: W-Where’s he?

Lilboarder: Behind you.

BlooperKoopa19: …*Gulp.* (Do I dare…?) …!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw15copy

BlooperKoopa19: No… No no NO! CHAAAAOS!!!!

Meowth’sPal21: Blooper, don’t scream! Help him…

BlooperKoopa19: How can I help him?! How…?! There’s only half of him left! What could I do to save hi—

ChaosDX1: Ahh…

BlooperKoopa19: …!

ChoasDX1: … Uhhhhnnnnn… *Slowly opens eyes.* Uhhhh… My aching legs… Blooper?

BlooperKoopa19: But the... Uh, and the with the thing and no... legs... *Faints due to scrambled mind.*

ChoasDX1: *Looks around.* M.P.? What happened to your fa… Lilboarder? What’s going on…? *Looks down.* Wha… WHA… WHAT THE HELL?! *Become restless.* WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LEGS?! …M.P., WHAT HAPPENED?!

Meowth’sPal21: …

ChaosDX1 couldn’t control himself. He was enraged, confused, scared and wanted answers all at once! He couldn’t save any words with his heart racing as fast as it was. Also, he had no memory of what happened, and woke up to… this.

As BlooperKoopa19 laid unconscious, one of the previous beasts, the one that took Lilboarder and Meowth’sPal21, swooped down right in between him and ChaosDX1. ChaosDX1 grew quiet as the monster took Blooperkoopa19 and dragged him to another bed. Everyone refused to look as their friend was then strapped, to eventually suffer the same fate as them.

As soon, as BlooperKoopa19 was secured, Lilboarder found the energy to speak his mind. He had enough of what was going on and began to speak on everyone’s behalf.

Lilboarder: Let… him… go! *Catches the monster’s attention. It jumps near him, staring at him in the eyes.* Y-you heard me! You haven’t finished what you started, freak! *It roars at him.* ROOOOOOOOAR, yourself!

Meowth’sPal21: Lilboarder, don’t...

ChoasDX1: LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! …Whatever the crap you are, don’t you DARE…!

The monster grew tired of Lilboarder’s attitude. It wanted to end him right then and there. Its tongue lashed in anticipation… Its claws were extended and were raised into the air. All of Lilboarder’s friends look away… They didn’t want to see innocent be murdered.

Lilboarder stared at the beast, ready for anything it had. Then, SHHHHHHINK! … ……………… Lilboarder was fine. He was as surprised as everyone else, to find the beast, impaled in the head by a sharp mechanical instrument. It looked up at the cloaked figure, sparks flying from all over. Then fell limp onto the ground.

ChaosDX1: What the heck just happened?!

??? : It’s hard to have good help these days… My apologies, I can’t have such rudeness aimed towards such honored guest! *Walks away from the easel.*

Lilboarder: Who said that?

???: …I did. *Slowly floats down from the top of the room, then lands.*

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw16copy

Meowth’sPal21: Who are you?

???: Who? For an introduction to work, I need a name. Yet, in the name of perfection, I gave that up a long time ago… I’m still in progress, sadly. *Pulls the projectile out of his minion’s head.* Some of my creations seem to have… no respect for authority... All of you look nervous. Why is that?

ChaosDX1: (Uhh, creep in the room?)

Meowth’sPal21: (Sicko…)

Lilboarder: Why are you trying to kill us?

???: Kill you? Hmm… mmmhmhmhmhmhahahaHA…! Oh, you have it all wrong! I’m not trying to kill any of you! No, like I said, “You’re honored guests.” I am merely… opening my hospitality onto you.

Lilboarder: By strapping us down?! By ‘dissolving’ us, or whatever you’re doing to M.P. and ChaosDX1?! How is that hospitality?!

???: Forgive me. The process of perfection is one that only few have understood. This isn’t “dissolution”, but “immortality.” My gift, bestow onto all of you. In the meantime, please, enjoy my work. Here’s my newest one!

The cloaked figure walks over to the other side of the room. There, hung a picture covered in a rag. He removed it to reveal the painting. Everyone else in the room couldn’t believe it. It was painting of YoshiMan.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw17copy

Now, this was odd… How was he able to move as a painting? Whether it could be explained or not, he definitely wasn’t happy at the moment!

YoshiMan: Oh, so you’re back, huh? Back to give me that “immortality” crap?! *Slams on the glass.* Let me out of here, you freak! *Starts punching it.* LET. ME. OUT OF HERE! I WANT OUT OF HERE! I WANT MY HAT! I WANT MY HAT AND I WANT OUT OF HERE! …Wait. M.P.? Lilboarder? Chaos? Blooper…? …………….. ‘Sup, guys?

M.P., Lilboarder & Chaos: …

YoshiMan: What? *Scratches head.* Oh yeah! I know it must be weird seeing me without my hat. The hatlessness scares me too. Plus, I can’t find my candy! *Burps.* Ignore that…

M.P., Lilboarder & Choas: …

YoshiMan: What, it’s not the hat? *Looks around.* It can’t bother you guys that much that I’m still wearing my chicken costume. I do that every year!

ChaosDx1: He’s a painting?!

???: Not exactly one of my more cooperative guests, but that won’t matter wants the paint dries…

ChaosDX1: So that’s it?! You’re turning us into paintings?!

YoshiMan: Let them go, man! And get me out of here! (Resuke owes me money for egg sakes!)

???: Why resist? Once you’re paintings, not only will you be considered as perfect art, but you’ll be immortal! I’m ridding you of the greatest fear in life! …The fear of death, itself.
Now enough of this! I invite you all as guest. I expect you BEHAVE as guest! Otherwise I’ll consider you all as intruders. And I don’t rid intruders of death… They always test me ... See me with ill-judgment... So I assist them with it!

The room became deathly silent. The cloaked figure rose back onto his stand and readied his paintbrush on the easel. If you were close enough, you could hear the screams and cries of everyone as they were being “perfected”; being trapped in windows between creativity and reality. One by one, they all became paintings as their very beings were dissolve by a multitude of lasers. At least Blooperkoopa19 was unconscious during the process.

BlooperKoopa19: …Oh, my head. Erm….. Wait. *Realizes what happened.* Wait, what the--?

???: The process was a success! And I still have more guests to serve… Again, good help is hard to come by these days… My new hired hands will assist them!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw18copy

???: The best kind of guests are the ones that are always willing to help you whether they want to or not! Hmm…mmmhmhmhmhmhahahaHA!

*End of Chapter.*
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Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Vide
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Chapter 4

Smash finally made it back to his house. He shut the door and sighed in relief. Yet for some reason, he didn’t feel like celebrating. Didn’t feel like taking his costume off as well, so he just jumped onto the couch and turned on the T.V. It wasn’t on a channel that he cared for, but he watched it anyway.

To sooth his sweet tooth, Smash decided to eat some of his candy now. He inspected a piece and ate it… It tasted awful, like rancid milk! He spit it out, wrapped it and threw it away. Smash couldn’t put his finger on it because that was one of his favorite treats! What could have made it taste so bad? Was it the candy… or something else?

Smash: … …………... *Turns T.V. off… then sighs.* It was a stupid idea to go in that house.

Smash was invited to the party as well. He was actually looking forward to it more than most! Yet now, he didn’t feel like showing up at all, as if he didn’t deserve it. He retreated into his room for the night, hoping to sleep the misery away.


YoshiUnity and Drarin had just arrived on the third floor. They searched, and searched... And after checking every floor, they came to the conclusion that everyone had vanished. It made them uncomfortable, but they refused to quit. So they decided to check everything again on their way to the living room.

On their way down, YoshiUnity couldn’t help but ask Drarin a question. How she felt about this place just seem a little off to him.

YoshiUnity: You okay, Drarin?

Drarin: No sir, I’m not. I want to hurry and find our friends. This place is giving me the creeps.

YoshiUnity: But you live in a haunted mansion. If you don’t mind me asking, Drarin, but why does this place bother you?

Drarin: Because something doesn’t add up about this place at all. I told you of what happened to M.P., as you did to me about Chaos. With how these creatures are designed, why do they only wish to drag everyone away instead of… well… These machines look like they could have ripped any one of us to shreds in an instant, but they didn’t.

YoshiUnity: That does seem weird. But that should mean that we still have a chance of finding everyone… (Hopefully alive.)

Drarin: Now let me ask you something… Why WOULD this place bother me if I’m undead?

YoshiUnity: Because you’re worried about our friends. That they might be in danger.

Drarin: Hmm… danger of what, Sir? *YoshiUnity looks confused.* For someone like me to fear death doesn’t make sense. I’m sorry… This is only from a hunch but I think that this isn’t about killing anyone. It’s about something much more valuable… Freedom.

YoshiUnity: Why would you think that?

Drarin: Because I fear for myself as well, YoshiUnity. And I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I have no life to lose, and freedom is all the undead holds dear.

YoshiUnity: I see… Don’t worry, we’ll find everyone and get out of here. *Hears footsteps.* Someone’s coming!

???: ... ...YoshiUnity?

???2: Drarin…?

YoshiUnity and Drarin know those voices very well! They felt relief to see that it was… Meowth’sPal21 and ChaosDX1??? Wait, what? How the — Half-faced…? And the — No legs?! …Not anymore? Uh, plot hole? I uhhhhhhhhh... adaksdaksdasldksdsldsklaa????? ….I’ll just keep narrating.

Meowth’sPal21: Hey guys! We’ve been looking everywhere for you!

ChaosDX1: Yeah. You can’t get rid of us that easy!

Drarin: M.P.? Chaos?

YoshiUnity: Wait a minute! Whoa! How did you two get here?! Chaos, I saw you being pulled down to who-knows-where!

Drarin: And M.P., you were restricted to a wall!

ChaosDX1: Ha! We knew you guys would have a ton of questions to ask us! We’ll tell you all about it once we get out of here. Sounds good?

YoshiUnity: I guess… Hey, have you two seen BlooperKoopa19 or Lilboarder?

ChaosDX1: Yeah, they’re down stairs, keeping an eye on everything down there. They’re a little upset with everyone leaving though. If that makes any sense… Anyway, let’s go!

Meowth’sPal21: Stay close, okay? …I’m sensing a little tension. Are you guys okay?

YoshiUnity: Oh… Oh oh, Nothing! Just thinking about what Fourswords64 and everyone else are doing, is all.


MarioGamer159: Hmm… Got any 3's?

Fourswords64: Nope... Hey Shigg, got any 9's?

Shigg: [… … ……..BEEP.] *Drops a card accidentally. The Nine of Diamonds.* [EENK! EENK!]

Fourswords64: Oh! Well lolwut do we have here? *Picks it up.* …Really, Shigg? C’mon man.


Foursword64: How can you not see this?! You know you had it, dude! Stop lying!

Shigg: [BEEEEP! BLIP!] *Throws down cards.* [BLIP BLIP BEEP!]

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw20copy

So, uh, YoshiUnity, Drarin…, Meowth’sPal21 and ChaosDX1...??? Ah, whatever. They made it to the second floor. With only a little more walking to go, YoshiUnity and Drarin just couldn’t shake off the odd feeling in the air with their, uh, “friends.”

Meowth’sPal21: We’re almost there!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw19copy

Meowth’sPal21: *Gives a stern look to ChaosDX1* …Is everything okay back there?

ChaosDX1: F-Fine. Perfect.

YoshiUnity: Yeah, it’s cool.

Drarin: All is well.

Meowth’sPal21: Good.

Everyone made it down to the living room. YoshiUnity and Drarin never thought that they would be so glad to see another part of the house. They were ready to relax for a bit, but then something occurred to them. Lilboarder and BlooperKoopa19 were nowhere to be seen! Everyone notice this on the spot, so questions rose.

YoshiUnity: Uhh, didn’t you say that Blooper and Lilboarder were down here?

ChaosDX1: That, I did. And they WERE here!

Drarin: Then what was the cause of their absence?

Meowth’sPal21: If we knew, we would tell you. Hmm… I wonder… *Walks over to a bookshelf and places hand on book.* Chaos, help me out here?

ChoasDX1: Sure. *Grabs the poker near the fire place.*

As both Meowth’spal21 and ChaosDX1 pulled the respected devices, the fire in the fireplace went out in a flash. The sound of gears turning and locks releasing filled the room. Soon the fireplace shot forward and slowly move towards the right; revealing a secret passage way. They turned around, expecting more questions. They were given looks of distrust from Drarin and YoshiUnity.

ChaosDX1: Ooookay? See, this is how M.P. and I escaped! The door was open, we ran out and met up with BlooperKoopa19 and Lilboarder right here.

Meowth’sPal21: I’d bet my coin that they’re in there. Come on!

YoshiUnity: Cool…

Drarin: Yeah...

ChoasDX1: Okay. What’s up with you two?! We meet up with each other after who knows how long. And you act like you don’t trust us! *YoshiUnity and Drarin keeps silent. Passageway closes.*

Meowth’sPal21: You DO trust us, don’t you?

YoshiUnity: Oh, we ALWAYS trust our friends.

Drarin: It's just this mansion that we question.

Meowth’sPal21: So what are you saying?

YoshiUnity: Hmm… I don’t really know. Say, uh, M.P.? What happened to your little Team Rocket “R” logos? Weren’t they screwed on to your costume?

Meowth’sPal21: Uh, well… See I, uh, lost them after that monster tried to pull me through the wall.

YoshiUnity: Okay… So what’s up with your coin? You can actually take it off? I mean, it’s looking a little different. More silvery.

Meowth’sPal21: …! Well, I can! Yeah! See, this is a new one! The old one got a little dirty so I took it off… Sadly, I lost it.

YoshiUnity: Funny… Didn’t YoshiMan try to take it off once? He couldn’t and you were screaming in pain!

Meowth’sPal21: …!

Drarin: And Chaos? Why is your outfit all… “mirrored”? Your eye patch, hook and decorations switched places. In fact - no - you weren’t even wearing an eye patch. You’re goggles was painted to seem that way!

YoshiUnity: You two must have had a lot of time to switch your outfits like that...

Meowth’sPal21: *Sigh.* We don’t have time for this! While you two stand there prosecuting us, who knows what’s happening to Blooper and Lilboarder!!

ChaosDX1: We’re going down there whether you two decide to drop this tag-along or not!

YoshiUnity: I don’t think so.

Meowth’sPal21: Uh, excuse me?

YoshiUnity: Oh, we’ll go down there with you! Just tell us one thing… *Whispers to Drarin.*

Drarin: Oh! *Pulls out YoshiMan’s hat.* Can you two tell me what this is?

Meowth’sPal21 and ChaosDX1: …A hat?

Drarin: Anything special about the hat?

ChaosDX1: I don’t think so.

Meowth’sPal21: It’s just a dumb hat… What’s does this even prove?!

YoshiUnity: It proves enough… Okay! Let’s go in – OH MY LORD! WHAT’S THAT COMING OUT OF THE SECRET PASSAGE?!! *ChoasDX1 and Meowth’sPal21 turns their heads.*

ChaosDX1:Uhh... It's actually clo-- *Notices YoshiUnity and Drarin are gone.* …?! Hmm…

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw21copy

YoshiUnity and Drarin were already on the third floor. Exhausted they took a few seconds to catch their breath then kept moving. The sound of their breathing grew longer and even more exhausted. All that was left were hallway after hallway, but it wasn’t enough. YoshiUnity and Drarin were lost at what to do. They needed a plan quickly, for time was running out!

YoshiUnity: … *Pants and clears his throat. Starts looking through the halls.* Errr… Dammit! Most of the rooms have broken locks! *Bangs on a door.*

Drarin: What are we going to do?!

YoshiUnity: Hmm… Uh, attic! I got it! I remember that there’s a foldable stairways on the ceiling somewhere on the other side of the halls. In a place like this, the attic must have a lot of space! We can catch our breath there. And think of the way to find our friends, okay? *Drarin nods.* Good, now what we need to do is split-up and --

Drarin: Wait, what?! Split up? SPLIT UP?! How is that a good idea in any-- *Crash! YoshiUnity throw a vase in the middle hallway.*

YoshiUnity: That should distract them… I hope. Okay, I’ll take the left hallway. You take the right!

Drarin: This is risky, sir! But fine… Good. Let’s do it. *Glass shatters from downstairs.* EEP!

YoshiUnity: That can’t be good. Okay, pick a hallway and let’s move!

As YoshiUnity left, Drarin chose her hallway. She decided to fly through it, so she wouldn’t make much of a disturbance. The sickening feeling in her ribs wouldn’t leave. It made the hallway seem like it was a mile long. She increased her speed, but almost toppled one of the tables with her wings. So she decided to slow down again.

She met the end of the hallway, but it didn’t end here. Could YoshiUnity have been incorrect? Drarin began to worry. That sicken feeling grew more and more violent! And to make it worse, she could hear the sound of footsteps coming from behind.

Drarin didn’t have enough time to think, so she grabs the nearest door knob. As soon as she shook it, the sound of the footsteps picked up in tempo. Locked! This had to be the only door there without a broken lock! She tried another one. Locked again! WHAT IS THIS?!
The loud footsteps were then followed by the sound of disturbing taunting. The taunting was then combined with a disturbing hiss...

Fake ChoasDX1: Whoever you are… I have no intention of harming you.

Drarin: Ermmm…! *Checks faster!* Come on…! *Locked* Come on! *Locked.* Pleeeeeeeeease...! *Locked… rattle rattle.* It’s jammed! *Tries to knock it loose.*

Fake ChaosDX1: I only want the best for you! We were created to serve! Your friends are fine! *His hands and hook turns into long blade-like claws.*

Drarin: *Pulls on the knob again. Still jammed.* ERRRM!

ChaosDX1(Fake.): That’s sounds like Drarin! Don’t make me look for you, Drarin. I hate hunting! It makes me do things I’m not programmed for! *Drags blades on the wall.*Join your friends, DRARIN. *Rips a chunk of the wall off.* It would be EASIER for the BOTH OF US!

Drarin was running out of time. ChoasDX1(fake) was getting closer, making Drarin panicked! She started to club on the knob with her fist, hoping it would knock the lock loose. *Rattle rattle…* So far nothing, as the footstep grew louder. The sound of the claws grinding on the walls grew sharper! *Rattle rattle…* What was she going to do?! *Rattle rattle… rattle click!* It was unlocked!

A shadow crept up from around the corner, and Drarin didn’t want to see what was casting it. She rushes through the door, closes it behind her and locked it back. She continue to run afterwards.

YoshiUnity’s hallway seemed like it would go on forever as well. He didn’t remember it taking this long to get to the foldable staircase. It was so long that he had to stop and catch his breath from time to time. The lights grew dimmer as he moved forward. It was soon dark enough to where the moonlight became his biggest asset.

YoshiUnity: This doesn’t make any sense! The house doesn’t even seem big enough for a hallway like this! *Sighs.* … *Notices a suit of armor.* Hello? What do we have here? *Notices the sword.* Well, better I have it than a suit. *Tugs on it. No good.* Whoa, it’s stuck in there! *Cracks knuckles. Tugs on it harder… Pulls it out, but almost falls over.* Ow… It’s a little heavier than it looks. *Grinding noises come from a distance.* Huh?

Fake M.P.: Hello YoshiUnity. *Snickers evilly as YoshiUnity tries to hold up the sword.* This was fun. I had fun. See, I mean no…

YoshiUnity: You mean no harm! Y-Yeah yeah, I get it!

Fake M.P.: So you’re choosing to arm yourself?

YoshiUnity: Yeah... Yeah, I am.

Fake M.P.: *Sigh.* This was supposed to be a simple escort… But fine.

YoshiUnity: Huh? Fine?

Fake M.P.: Yeah. Why try to hide it? I’m not your friend. I was just created, and even now, I can’t stand being around you or that talking bone mutant. I’m offering you a chance to achieve perfection and you’re resistance is becoming aggravating. So now, I’m telling you… You ARE coming with me either alive… *Extends claws.* or barely.

It didn’t take too long for YoshiUnity to make his decision. He picked up the sword by the hilt and dull side and ran down the hall. Meowth’sPal21(fake) scoffed, and then grinned. It was as if she wanted him to do that. She gave chase; running pretty fast.

YoshiUnity may have been a little faster, but the sword’s weight became a liability. He grew more and more tired, but didn’t want to put the sword down. He started to knock stuff down to hope slow down Meowth’sPal21(fake). But she either evaded everything or sliced everything out of her sight. She was closing in on her target.

YoshiUnity notice this, and began to pick up the pace. The hallway was about to end! He’s was so close that he could visionize the foldable steps already! * Whoosh! CLAMP! THUD!* She caught YoshiUnity by the leg; tripping him with her mechanical paw on a long steel coil. He attempts to crawl away, but was being reeled as the line slowly retracted.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw22copy

Yes... YoshiUnity took the sword and stabbed the fraud in the chest. An oil-like liquid seeps through the wound. Whether it actually did damage or not, Meowth’sPal21(fake) was gasping in shock. YoshiUnity stood up and pushed her onto the wall! But to make sure the fake wouldn't follow him, he took a deep breath and forces the blade through her and into the wall's soft spot.

It wasn’t a pleasant sight. For that moment, YoshiUnity thought that he just... NO! No no no! He shouldn't think like that! So had to shake it off and kept moving. After a while of walking, he finally reaches the end of the hallway. He could see the foldable staircase and sighs in relief.

YoshiUnity: * Looks around… Sees Drarin!*

Drarin: …? YoshiUnity!

YoshiUnity: Drarin! You okay?

Drarin: Yeah, I’m okay. I had to fly through here, so I’m a little weary.

YoshiUnity: *Pulls down the stairs.* Ran into any trouble?

Drarin: That fake ChaosDX1 thing.

YoshiUnity: Yeah, fake M.P. for me.

Drarin: But that’s not all, Sir…

YoshiUnity: Oh, sorry. I didn’t remember the hallways being this long.

Drarin: Not that. On my way here, after I passed through a few doors, there were holes all throughout the floor! It was impossible to walk so I flew the rest of the way here.

YoshiUnity: Let’s just hope that hall was falling apart from age.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw23copy

Meowth’sPal21(fake) was satisfied as she slowly dragged an unconscious YoshiUnity back to the labs. Both she and ChaosDX1(fake) did what they were set to do. Was there any hope left for YoshiUnity and friends to escape?

Smash laid in bed, staring into the ceiling of his bedroom. He couldn’t sleep, knowing what had happened. He even tossed his costume aside; the first one he made by himself.

So many questions… So much darkness…Both of them wouldn’t stop antagonizing him! They just kept coming faster and faster through his mind. Anymore thoughts of what happened could cause him to reach his breaking point! So he got up, and walked to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water.

There he waited, trying to relax…

Smash: … ... *Sighs and then drinks water…* … . ... Much better. *Tosses cup in the sink.* …*Sighs again.* …That would have been some party. *Heads back to his room then stops.* ............................................................ It won't stop unless I do something... But what can I do? I ran away and... Oh, screw it! I can't take this anymore!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw24copy


YoshiUnity’s eyelids were still heavy. He shook his head and blinked a few times. Once he awoken, he notices that he was being dragged. But then that became a mere after thought compare to next he saw next. He saw Drarin, strapped on a bed, dissolving right in front of his eyes.

YoshiUnity: Drarin…?! *Forces himself up.* DRARIN! *Is forced back down. Watching Drarin dissolve until there was nothing left.* What the — Drarin! Where did you… *Thwack!* Oof! …Where the hell am I?! * Struggles to get free. No use.* What happened to her?! *Forces himself back up. But is knocked down again by Meowth’sPal21(fake).*

BlooperKoopa19: YOSHI!

YoshiUnity: Blooper?

ChaosDX1: Dude, over here!

Meowth’sPal21: YoshiUnity!

YoshIUnity: Guys…? Where are you?! GUYS!

Lilboarder: Over here!

YoshiUnity Where? I don’t see… *Sees them.* Guys…? YoshiMan?!

YoshiMan: ‘Sup, dude?

YoshiUnity: Y-You’re paintings?! What… How did they do that to you guys?! *…He tries to stand up yet again.. fails.* You… you freaks, let my friends go, NOW!

???: It wasn’t THEIR decision to turn your friends into paintings… It was mine. *The hooded figure descends again.* And how DARE you speak of my creations with such slander?!

YoshiUnity: W-Who are you?

???: I am the caretaker on this mansion. Also, it was I who painted those marvelous painting with only a brush, easel and your friends’… “cooperative” behavior. If there are any problems, you need only to speak with me.

YoshiUnity: What is this…? WHAT is your problem?!

YoshiMan: Dude, he keeps saying things about immortality and some other crap! Like he actually is doing us a favor with all… this! …? What’s happening…? Everything is slowing down!

???: Ahh… the process has finally begun. You sir, have the honor of being the first to be immortalized! The paint is has finally started to dry! And once it’s finished, you’ll hang on my walls along with the countless creations I have crafted… forever. Forever to be the perfect audience, who will witness the evolution of perfection exceed its very definition!

BlooperKoopa19: You did this to us… So we could be your audience?!

Meowth’sPal21: None of this makes any sense! Let’s us out of here, now!

YoshiMan: It’s… getting a little hard to move. YoshiUnity...! No pressure or anything, but you’re our only chance! And if you screw up…, we’re all done for! I know… you’re in a tough situation but I thought you should just know!

YoshiUnity: (Thanks, YoshiMan. No, really. I totally believe that I can save everyone now...)

???: This discussion leaves me uneasy… I have dedicated my life to achieve this level of detail, observed a multitude successes and failures. I deserve an audience that will last as long as I… That will never die… Never leave… Never ridicule my… my… …! (W-What… what was that thought?! Errr… This conversation must end now!) *Looks at YoshiUnity.* I don’t approve of rude guests. *Grabs YoshiUnity by the throat and hoist him in the air.* In MY mansion, there are two types of individuals: welcomed guest and intruders. Which one are you?

YoshiUnity: What, ACK… What are you… talking about?!

The hooded figure grew a smile. He then began to tighten his grip, choking YoshiUnity in front of his friends. He went easy on him, but was ready to tighten his grip at any time. As YoshiUnity gasped for air, all of his friends refused to witness him in this state. They knew that there wasn’t anything that they could do. Both of the fakes watched the struggle, and loved every bit of it.

???: Are you… a GUEST or INTRUDER?! *YoshiUnity couldn’t answer.* I can feel oxygen slowly leave your windpipe.*Carries YoshiUnity closer to his friends.* Look at them… I SAID,”LOOK AT THEM”! *YoshiUnity does so slowly.* Their poor sad faces… In fear of your safety… Rich in emotion and I love every bit of it!
This is the likeness I desire in an audience! They’ll make my effort worth every second! *Throws YoshiUnity onto the ground. Grabs him by the throat again as he gasped for air.* Do you desire to interfere with my masterpiece?! ARE. YOU. A GUEST? OR. AN… INTRUDER?!

YoshiUnity: AaaaaaaacK! AckeckACK! …*Grip is tighten.* OORK…! GUEEEH! GUEEEEEEEEEEH! …GUEEEEEEEEEEEEEST...!

???: Thank you… *Tosses YoshiUnity onto the bed.* I appreciate your acceptance of my hospitality… I’ll prepare the supplies. My assistants will make sure that you’re comfortable.

YoshiUnity was just trying to catch his breath. He looked around the room, hoping he could think of something that would give him a chance to save his friends and himself. He saw them, with their heads still turned. Drarin was out cold, so she was lucky.

As the hooded individual rose back up to his tools, the assistants walked close to YoshiUnity. They surrounded him with their evil expressions of sick joy. He couldn’t look at them. So he turned his head, now facing the air vent. Then he looked at the fakes; noticing Meowth’sPal21(fake) still had the sword stuck in her chest. Couldn’t she have taken it out by now?

Well both of the fakes were ready to strap YoshiUnity down; which was what he wanted. This was the riskiest thing he did all night. As Meowth’sPal21(fake) closed in, YoshiUnity grabbed the hilt of the sword and ripped the blade out of her chest. Oil rushed out of the wound, forcing the phony to try and cover as much of it as possible. YoshiUnity uses this opportunity to try and escape, but ChaosDX1(fake) grabbed him by the arm and threw him back down on the bed. YoshiUnity panicked, and flung the sword into ChaosDX1’s(fake) arm. He then uses that distraction to try and escape again. His friends cheer him on, not caring if it was cartoonish luck that was allowing him to get away with this.

Looking around again, he found the air vent and dashes towards it. ChaosDX1(fake) removed the sword and threw it into YoshiUnity’s direction; but again, was evaded by luck. YoshiUnity squeezed through the vent and spider-climbed his way upward to the following floors. Meowth’sPal21(fake) ignored her wound then proceeded to try and flush him out of the vent, but with no luck. Her claws even at their maximum extension weren’t long enough to reach him anymore.

YoshiMan: So he left us behind?!

Meowth’sPal21: N-no. NO! Of course not! He just went to uh…? Uhhhh…?

YoshiMan: He did! He left us behind! Why that -- I HOPE YOU’RE BIRTHDAY CAKE EXPLODES!!!

????: It doesn’t sound like our guest was comfortable down there! *The fakes hold their heads down in shame.* Pathetic… This only stalls preparations, and now I have to acquire more help!

The hooded figure had to cancel everything, and enlist in more help: by creating more fakes. Gears turned, steam exhausted, lights went off and one by one, more were made...

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw25copy

????: It would seem that my hospitality has been rejected. That yoshi is no longer a guest. I want all of you to search every inch of this building. Find him… and kill him.
Oh, and all of you better fulfill your duties. For if I don’t see results, I’ll slaughter everyone one of you before I even SEE the intruder. Understood?

BlooperKoopa19: Oh crap…

Drarin: …*Awakens.* Mmmm… What happened? I desire to know what has occurred in my unconscious state.

ChaosDX1: We’re all paintings. YoshiMan has until around midnight before his completely dries. And that lunatic up there just sick a bunch of his knock-offs to find and kill YoshiUnity.

Drarin: Oh no!

YoshiMan: I just want my hat back… I miss you, hat.

Meowth’sPal21: …

YoshiMan: … What? Am I forgetting something?

Meowth’sPal21: …*Sighs.*

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Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Vide
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Chapter 5

Fourswords64 and everyone began to grow tired of waiting around for YoshiUnity and the others to come back. But still they waited... They put a lot of planning into this prank, so they didn't want the effort to go to waste. It was getting late though. With so much candy left uneaten, D-Man was losing his patience faster than the others, and in seconds, it was clear that he had enough!

D-Man: Oh, that’s it man! I‘ve had enough, okay? Screw this!

Shigg: [Beep!]

FourSwords64: Yeah, come on, dude! Just a little longer. It’ll be worth it!

D-Man: Dude! Maybe they didn’t fall for it! YoshiMan and Smash probably screwed something up, everyone saw it and they all left out the back door or something! *Lifts his bag.* Look at my candy! I don’t like my candy uneaten!

Blaze: Well, we have been out here for a while…

D-Man: There you go! Time wasted! Not trying to be funny here, but… SCREW YOU GUYS! I’M GOING HO—

Smash: NO! No no no! DON’T YOU GO ANYWHERE!

D-Man: What the — Smash?! What are you doing here?! You’re supposed to be in the front yard! No wonder they didn’t fall for it!

Smash: Stop raging and listen! *Pants hard... then stops.* Alright, we need to go in that house, like pronto!

Foursword64: Uh, have you seen that house? I really hope you have a good reason why!

Smash: Because our friends are in trouble! That’s why! *Sighs…* Look! Okay, just look! I was there. Both me an-an-and YoshiMan. I got stupid… S-some… some uh, some weirdo in a cloak caught him… Turn him into a painting! …ARRRUGH! I can't put it into words!

Fourswords64: Whoa whoa whoa...! Calm down, dude! Maybe you’re just tired or something. So just chill, okay?

Smash: Chill?! I DON’T HAVE — *Sighs.* I don’t have time to chill! And I don’t have time to explain everything! Just help me save our friends!

R. Blaze Koopa: Oh, I see what’s going on here. Dude’s trying to pull a “double whammy” on us.

Smash: WHAT?!

R.Blaze Koopa: Yeah, I’m on to you, dude! You’re just trying to prank us after you helped us prank them. So you can be the big bad King of Pranks!

Smash: Blaze… I feel guilty now. I ran home while you guys were gone, my candy taste like garbage and I can’t go to sleep! If you guys think I’m lying or not, then fine! I’ll save everyone myself! *Runs towards the house.*

MarioGamer159: …You know what? I’m coming with you, Smash!

R. Blaze Koopa: You’re buying this, M.G.?

MarioGamer159: I dunno… Maybe I’m just too bored out of my mind to tell heads or tails at the moment. Plus looking at this bag of candy is driving me insane! These aren’t props, people! *Walks off.*

Fourswords64: *Looks at his bag of candy.* Hmm… I’m coming too, M.G. *Joins him.*

Shigg: [BEEP!] *Follows them.* [Click click click click…]

R. Blaze Koopa: Oh come on! …Well I’m coming too. But I’m coming along just to see the look of on your faces when he pranks all of you good! Coming, D-Man?

D-Man: *Looks at the house.* I reiterate: SCREW YOU GUYS! I’M GOING HO-- *R. Blaze Koopa grabs him.*

R. Blaze Koopa: Come on, will ya?! *Follows them, dragging D-Man.*

Everyone was finally able to catch up with Smash. They saw him trying to knock the door down, ramming his shoulder into it over and over again. He then tried to rattle the door knob, followed by excessive knocking. He grew tired, but refused to quit. His friends looked on from behind him. They were thinking that either Smash has lost his mind or that maybe his little act had some meaning. Everyone walked to him and told him that they wanted to talk.

MarioGamer159: Okay, start from the beginning this time. With English, please?

Smash: Guys… am I a good friend?

MarioGamer159: Yeah, of course! Why would you ask?

Smash: Heh, be honest with me… I’m no good… If I was… If I was, I wouldn’t have left YoshiMan to die in that very house.

Everything, even the very sound of the wind grew quiet with that remark. Smash’s tone combine with that last piece of info really brought a reality check into everyone’s eyes! He was serious as death, itself. He felt relieved that he finally told someone, but not enough for self-redemption.

Everyone just looked at him, trying to figure out what to say… R. Blaze Koopa went from being suspicious to playing denial.

R.Blaze: Okay man… T-This joke isn’t funny anymo—

Smash: IT IS NOT A ****ING JOKE, OKAY...?! OKAY?!!! I LEFT YOSHIMAN TO DIE IN THAT HOUSE BECAUSE I COULDN’T… *sigh and inhales…* I couldn’t step up and stop that mad man…

D-Man: What mad man?!

Smash: You heard the stories! Well, most of them are true… Mostly the ones that seem like something out of fiction…


Smash: It was either him or me! I ran in the middle of YoshiMan’s capture. As soon as that lunatic saw me, he went completely insane, trying to kill me because he thought I was trying to get in his business. I was able to escape because I was thrown out the door by accident!

Fourswords64: So where’s YoshiUnity, Drarin and the others?

Smash: Well... There’s no other exit than the main gate so… *Looks at the mansion.*

Shigg: …!

D-Man: …!

R. Blaze Koopa: …!

Fourswords64: …!

MarioGamer159: …!

Smash: I have to make this right! I’m getting in this house one way or the other and I’m busting them out of there!

Fourswords64: Smash… don’t let this eat you up man. If anything we all agreed to go through with this prank. We're all in this…

D-Man: I… I-I still can’t believe this, man! This… ALL this sounds so farfetched!

MarioGamer159: We’ll get them out! We just need to think out of the box since haunted doors never open by brute force in the stories…
(I wished this reminded me of a puzzle…) ...I got it! F.S. and I will get some equipment we had lying around outside the gate. Come on, man!

Fourswords64: Okay, dude!

Well, both Fourswords64 and MarioGamer159 left, and in a cartoonish instant, they returned with a multitude of supplies that could help them bust through. It was a shopping cart, filled with powerful fireworks at the bottom… Why they had this will remain an enigma. Why everyone actually decided to jump in it, thinking this was a good idea, was even more befuddling.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw26copy


YoshiUnity’s arms grew tired from climbing through the air vent. He found an opening and eased out, carefully and quietly. He then dusted himself off, looked both directions and tip-toed quickly through the halls. He needed to be quiet to stay alive, but also had to be quick. There was only a half-an-hour left to midnight!

As YoshiUnity walked through the halls, all the paintings hanging from the ceiling seemed grimmer. His doubt almost got the best of him, because for a moment, he could see everyone of his friends up there joining them. So he turned his attention away, but there were so many of the-- *CRASH!* YoshiUnity turned around quickly to see what made that noise! AND… it was just a painting.

YoshiUnity: Phew…! Scared me there! *Takes a closer look of the picture.* Ugh… ugly dude. *Tries to pick up the picture. It reduced to dust instantly.* Whoa! That’s some old paper! (Hmm... this doesn't seem good for everyone.) R.I.P., ugly dude. I better keep moving… …………… ………….. Hmm… So how am I going to turn everyone back to normal?


…………… Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank yoooooooou …………. …………………….

YoshiUnity: …? *Looks around.* Did some dude just thank me? (Hmm… I wonder. Could it have been…?) Errr, back to the task at hand. This nut job loves to talk about perfection. He wants a “perfect crowd” to watch him achieve what he wants… What is he trying to do? If I figure that out, I can save my friends!
And, it’s like my granddad always said, “When in doubt, read!” …Goodie. There should be a library in here somewhere… I mean, the dude sounds like he has read a book or two… hundred.

YoshiUnity wandered through the halls once more. He checks every door unlocked cautiously, as anyone of them could lead to a trap. Some rooms were hard to inspect because they were way too dark with no light source. Others were bright enough to see every single cobwebs dangling in the dusty corners.

There was another door that looked important. Its paint job was a unique shade of gray and it sported a peculiar padlock. YoshiUnity didn’t even try to open it. It would have been as waste of time to try and break it. So he presses onward until he reached the last hallway on the third floor. It was time to check the lower level...

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw27copy

YoshiUnity sigh in relief of being undetected. He hurries down the stairs before the fake could sniff him out. Once he reached the bottom, he hugs the walls to watch his back, strafing for as long as he could. All YoshiUnity could hear were creaking noise of his steps on the floorboards... He wanted to keep it that way.

Slowly sneaking through the hall, he went. Still ignoring the paintings over his head, he reached a rather large double door. Wiping the dust from the window, he peeked inside. YoshiUnity saw books and more books, almost inestimable! Obliviously, it was the library!
YoshiUnity turns the knobs slightly and eases the doors open. *CrrREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!*

These doors haven’t been opened for a long time. He walks in and slowly shuts the door. As he reached for the lights, a loud thud sounded from where he previously stood. He held his breath, refusing to make a sound, as a bright red light lit through the windows. After a few minutes, it faded and YoshiUnity was able to relax again.

He turned the lights on. They all went on row after row, revealing more and more books! YoshiUnity began to think that he might have a better chance just running back into the basement. But he snapped out if it and began to search.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw28copy

YoshiUnity felt as if he was wasting time! Architecture… Mathematics… Biographies…? Maps?! Nothing could give him a clue on a possible weak spot! All YoshiUnity needed was just a note or something! But how could he find one in this massive library?! ...

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw29copy

The journal was protected by an old glass dome. How odd for something as important as this to be guarded so poorly. Whatever was in it, that seem valuable in the past, didn’t seem that way now. So YoshiUnity lifted the dome and removed the book. He began to read it, hoping to find what he was looking for.

YoshiUnity: Alright… *Flips carefully through the pages…* Alright. This seems like a good place to start…

“Dear Journal,
Today will be beginning of a new life for me! I, Lord Arthur Nameless --”

YoshiUnity: (“Nameless”? That’s a pretty reluctant last name.)

“I, Lord Arthur Nameless, will astonish the minds of many with my lasted invention! After countless attempts of synchronizing and programming, I have created a device that would be able to create works of art in the blink of an eye! No need for hands or any other devices! All anyone would need to do was describe what they want, and the machine would do the rest! I have truly reached a breakthrough for my time! I just wish I knew what to name this contraption, but I decided to worry about that just before the unveil…

As you already know, I’m often mock for my attempts. Many have told me that my inventions would never catch on. That I was wasting my time… I find no intimidation in their words; only jealously. Those pee-ons would not know a brilliant device even if they were strapped to one! Not to say that I’m not trying to impress anyone though. For this may be my last chance for mother and father to see any value in me.

I have brought shame to the family name. Failure after failure — the pride of the Nameless family has always been about perfection! (It’s how the name came to be, because no other name was deem worthy enough.) For whatever we strive for, ANYTHING lesser was deemed as unacceptable. My parents are very strict by this, often resorting to violent methods for every time I failed. They have never smiled at me… They never told me that they loved me…”

YoshiUnity: Okay. As sad as this is, this doesn’t tell me anything on how to save my friends! (However... if this guy is who I think it is. I
better pay attention to the minor details.) *Skims a few pages.* Let’s try this out…

“…It’s has been years since I created that miserable failure of project. At the moment, mother and father refused to even acknowledge my presence… They hate me. No matter the effort, they couldn’t accept my determination alone. And now, even that escapes me… It was unarguably pathetic for me to believe that I would ever earn their respect!

Well I don’t need them! They’re dead and I’m not... I’ve move on, and I have wedded with a beautiful bride. And I’m currently fathering my wonderful daughter, Emily. She looks up to me as if I was a hero! I had never felt so proud — No. I have never felt so HAPPY, in my life. To be respected and loved…”

YoshiUnity: Errmm… Not helping! *Skips more pages…* Okay, there! This sounds pretty deep…

“Why…? Why must this be?! The happiness I once knew… My family, my life… It all faded away! It all started with the death of my wife. Stricken by a horrible disease... Forced to lie on her death bed with no cure attainable! All I could do was pray for her soul to have a safe journey as I cry tears of anguish. But then that disease would haunt me yet again. It wanted to try and take Emily away from me…
Why her? Why my daughter too?! She was the only one to truly support my cause! I can still remember when she brought that contraption back into my eyes. I lashed out at her, but she still believed in me. Emily believed that I could erase my past and start anew. She even assisted in perfecting the device! How could this innocent child be in danger of losing her life?

I refuse… I’m against this injustice! I will NOT let Emily be taken away from me! It is why I slaved for years to keep her well and to perfect a device that could save her. The results would be drastic… It could even be considered insane, but I didn’t care! She was all that matter to me now…

…At last, it was complete! The failed art project has been transformed into a machine that can convert any living organism into a painting! All I had to do was strap her on an elevating bed. It prints a picture that is transferred to my easel. All I have to do is paint, the laser switches on and scans any individuals onto a piece of paper. At this state they would be able to live, unbound by time! It was the best I could do… After I strapped her down, I kissed her on the forehead and told her that I love her… I meant it with every vein in my body.

Then I turned on the device… Her scream made me want to turn it off, but something in my mind was telling me that it was only for the best! Even with that, I began to shed tears as I saw her in mid transformation… It was a success for the most part. I held up the picture and I could tell that she was still alive, but… but… *tear smears…* It just wasn’t the same! I was holding a piece of paper! I felt lucky to be able to at least communicate with her until the paint dried, but it just wasn’t enough!

I kept her picture in here to remind myself to find way to bring her back once a cure was created. I’ll stay true to this goal, and I dare death to stop me!”

Just then, a picture fell into YoshiUnity’s lap. He picked it up… it was the picture of a little girl with the name “Emily” on the back. This must have been Nameless's daughter...

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw29acopy

It’s sad that she was captured in this sickly state. It was very brittle picture, yet not as bad as the picture from before, so he decided to stick it in the book again.

YoshiUnity: Hmm… that might be something. I can use this, but I’ll give this book one more glimpse. Maybe I can find something bigger. If not, then that will be it. *Skims a few more pages….*

“…This will be my final journal entry. Through the struggle of finding a cure for Emily, I came to a conclusion: it is humanly impossible. I’ve tried for so long… I cried for so many years… I could feel my sanity drift away! I could hear the voices of everyone who doubted me; mock me once again! Mother… Father… They frown upon me even in their graves! I’m sick of it… SICK OF IT ALL!!! I was beginning to regret it, but they deserved their fate!

It was then, that I improved my previous creation. It would now make me able… pure… perfect! And all it would do is rid me of my humanity – the true barrier that blocks one from perfection! I entered the process a man, and dealt with almost the most excruciating pain I ever felt… and then I left as a machine. With only brain and heart organic now, I can no longer tire, no longer feel weak! It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me!

Then, I was able to reach inspiration! Another device that could be ahead of its time… Through a process too long to explain I’ve created paint that could achieve physical form! ( I expect those with more organic limitations to feel rather inadequate with the calculations.) But with this, I could have brought that… that thing back… but I didn’t. Whatever organic emotion I had left in me prevented me from doing so. As if it was… wrong? Hopefully, overtime that flaw will correct itself.

As time moved on, I grew lonely… So I created assistants to keep me company. Machine, like me, and immune to any possibilities of the process backfiring. (My only regret was that the metal was weak as bone, but it would do for now.) I have achieved a feat more remarkable than anyone has ever dream. And it will only get better. For as of today, I am longer human... I am no longer Arthur Nameless… I am alive for only one purpose: total perfection of myself and for those deserving to witness it."

YoshiUnity: So that narrowed it down... That psycho is definitely this Nameless guy! He actually believes that being organic is imperfect due to their bodies and personalities! Well, at least he sounded like he would do anything for his daughter. If this picture is her, then I got something good on my side… I hope.

YoshiUnity took the journal and stuck it in his back pocket for now. He left the library slowly to not make any noise. Now out in the hall again, he had a choice to make: use the journal to help him save his friends or still search for the something else to help him out…

YoshiUnity: Dang, only twenty minutes left! *Sighs…* What am I going to do now?! *Inhale… exhale… INHALE… EXHALE…!* Why am I breathing so hard? …! I’m… *Gulp.* I’m not! *Feels a cold shiver run down his spine.* …*Inhales and exhales.* (Okay… 1… 2… 3!) *Turns around! …And sees nothing.* … *Sighs in relief.* Hmm… Letting fear get the best of me…

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw30copy

A fake was near… it was Blooperkoopa19(fake)! It hissed and screamed at YoshiUnity as it pounced hear him. YoshiUnity freaks out, slowly backing away from it, and then attempts to run off. But the copy caught him by the by leg, forcing him to try and crawl away. YoshiUnity was hoisted up, upside-down, swinging his body in any direction to let himself go free. The fake’s arm transformed into a rusty buzzsaw; and then he proceeded by swinging it in YoshiUnity’s direction. It swung low; missed. It swung high; missed again!

BlooperKoopa19(fake) became irate with these antics and then went for his leg. YoshiUnity swung his body and caught the blade by the handle before it could break the costume at the LAST moment. He was using every bit of his strength to stop it from succeeding. He had to think fast! So he swung his other arm and reached into the phony’s right arm. YoshiUnity took a deep breath and ripped a handful of wires right out! BlooperKoopa19(fake) weapon arm went limp and threw him across the hallway with the other.

This was the perfect opportunity to escape, so YoshiUnity did just that! He ran down the hall, made a left through another-- *ACK!* He now found himself being choked by long metallic cables. Gasping for air, he looked up and saw yet another phony friend; Lilboarder(fake).

The cables were extending from its mushroom cap. It made a loud revving sound by pulling the coils towards it. No matter how much YoshiUnity fought, he was eventually suspended in the air by his neck. The coils curled in tighter, choking him in a vice grip. YoshiUnity swung around, suspended his body, ANYTHING to stop the pain! The attempts only tired him quicker… He was starting to blackout. So he started to swinging his arm loosely, trying to grab anything to get free. He luck on his side, he was able to reach something important: the mushroom cap!

With what strength he had left, he hoisted his body up with a chin-up maneuver… Then FORCED himself down again, along with the cap. He kept repeating this maneuver until the cap shook loose enough to allow YoshiUnity to stand back on his feet. Then with one last jerk, he pulled the cap clean off, falling back on his face. But he didn’t stay down long as the fake Lilboarder was irate! It jump down and hissed at him. YoshiUnity didn’t see this though. He was long gone!

YoshiUnity: Oh man! Oh man! Find a place to hide. *Cough cough!* FIND A PLACE TO HIDE!! …? The library! My best bet for now! *Runs back through the halls. Reaches the library door…* YES!! *Ceiling buckles above him.*

Just then, YoshiUnity leaps, then rolls away from the door before that chunk of the ceiling could collapse on him. In the cloud of dust, stood YoshiMan(fake.), ready to tear him apart. YoshiUnity tries to retreat, but then all of a sudden, his legs were tied up by a thick steel coil! He tripped, and looked back as quickly as he could.

There stood Meowth’sPal21(fake), holding him down to reel him in once again. YoshiMan(fake) pulled his arms back through a massive punch, but YoshiUnity rolled to the side at the last minute. This only made YoshiMan(fake) even more furious. The robotic monster pulled his arm out of the flooring, then tried to club him with both hands; but missed again as YoshiUnity forced himself back. He tried to crawl away, but he wasn’t strong enough to stop the coil from pulling him in. The grin of Meowth’sPal21’s(fake) face grew with anticipation. She bare her metallic claws as her prey drew near. Excited from the thrill of the hunt! But not everyone agreed with her doing this.

Fake YoshiMan: Oh no! He’s mine! *Stomp on YoshiUnity’s chest.* You had your chance!

Fake M.P.: I wanted killed this organic earlier! This opportunity is too much to pass up!

YoshiUnity: …

Fake YoshiMan: Okay… *Picks YoshiUnity up. Pulls him back and extends the coil.* I have a better plan… Let’s share! I take half, and you take the other. Sounds good?

Fake M.P: Hmm… I like that. I want the part with the brain in it. It last much longer!

YoshiUnity: …!

YoshiMan(fake) threw YoshiUnity down on the floor again. The phony lifted his arm, with feathers sharp as knives. YoshiUnity saw this and through his legs above him, and over his head just before the blade came down. The only thing that was sliced was the cable; freeing YoshiUnity from the grasp. Once again, he got up, and ran through the hall. But before the fakes could give chase, he jumped through one of the holes in the ground to lose them.

Fake M.P.: *Hisses from rage.* Now we have to look for him all over again! Thanks a lot!

Fake YoshiMan: Hey, don’t blame me for your crappy coil! It not my fault that you’re about as durable as toilet paper! *Blooperkoopa19 and Lilboarder(fakes) shows up.* And where we’re you guys?!

Fake Blooper: That organic ripped the wires out of my arm!

Fake Lilboarder: And he tore my cap off! The jerk… All I tried to do was hang him like the meatbag that he is! What’s wrong with that?!

Fake M.P.: Okay, this is pathetic. It’s only one organic against us! Everyone needs to straighten up! It’s either his filthy head or ours!

???: I agree…

Fake YoshiMan: What the--?! Oh. It’s you.

???: I apologize for my absence. I was too busy… observing the performance within recent events.

Fake M.P.: Well don’t just sit there! Help us out!

???: I’m afraid that I can’t do that. For you all are obsolete!

Fake YoshiMan: … I dare you to call us obsolete again…

???: Oh, I’ll do better, sir… I’ll show you!

YoshiUnity landed, uncomfortably in the living room. Whatever pain he was in, he had to ignore it! He also couldn’t help but think it was that he now held a device that looked like Meowth’sPal21’s paw in his hands. He pressed the paw pad in the center, and the claws extended greatly! He pressed it again to make it retract.

YoshiUnity: Hmm… weird. Well, at least I lost them... Okay, I’m back in the living room, so I can use the secret entrance! Thank you! Okay now how do I use this thing again? Uhh… The poker by the fireplace… and what again...? Book! Yeah, this one! *Pulls on the poker.* Okay… how do I reach the book? … Okay, duh? I’m a yoshi! *Uses tongue to pull the book.* Alright… Well, here we g-- *ChaosDx1(fake) appears from the passage.* …!

Fake ChaosDX1: Heh heh… *Grabs YoshiUnity.* Now why bother saving your friends, huh? Kick your feet up and relax! It’s just such a wonderful day to die!

ChoasDX1(fake) then slams YoshiUnity down on the ground. He then picks him up and grins. In a quick second, ChaosDX1’s(Fake) torso opened and expanded; revealing artillery of active weapons. YoshiUnity tried to ease out of the grip, but he was held too tight! ChoasDX1(fake) enjoyed the sight, and decided to mock with him.

Fake ChaosDX1: Hey! We’re still friends, right?

YoshiUnity: You are NOT my friend…

Fake ChoasDX1: Aw, come on! Don’t be like that! Hey tell you what? Let’s hug it out, dude! A big ol’ bro hug!

YoshiUnity: …! *Pulls out the claw. Extends it.* (Can’t believe I’m doing this…!!!) *CRUNCH! Shoves it in ChoasDX1’s(fake) eye.*

Fake ChaosDX1: REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! *Swings his head in pain. Tries to pull it out but can’t.*

ChaosDX1(fake) was through playing around. The secret passage closed again, so YoshiUnity had to run right back up the stairs. With only the sound to use as his guide, the phony then followed. Was this a smart idea for YoshiUnity? He knew what waited for him upstairs, but didn’t seem to have a choice in the matter. In this position, he had to make it back to the library.

YoshiUnity had to be quick with ChaosDX1(fake) on his tail. He ran as quickly as he could to the destina– HE STOPPED! Something was around the corner, and he didn’t want to know what it was. So he hid in the room right next to him and shut the door. With the lock broken and nothing to barricade it with, YoshiUnity had to be quiet. He wouldn’t even let the darkness of the room phase his concentration. The footsteps grew louder… And this was odd. YoshiUnity could hear the rattling of… bones?

*CRASH! SMASH! BrrrRRRREAK!* Now YoshiUnity could hear the rage-filled screams of ChaosDX1(fake) sounding through the hallways, bulldozing everything in his path. The screams wouldn’t stop, now echoing in a set position not too far from the door; next to the rattling bones. Soon words were formed from the on-going rage.

Fake ChaosDX1: WHERE IS HE?! Where is—I can’t see… I CAN’T SEE! I’LL FIND HIM, AND WHEN I DO--

???: Calm down, obsolete.

ChaosDX1: What?! Who the HECK do you think you are?! *Pushes the individual out of his path.*I’m blind! I don’t have time to put up with this…

???: You’re very rude, Sir… Heh heh hehhehhehhehheh… Ahaaahahaha… YeeeeeAAAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Sound of bones snapping….THUD!*

Fake ChaosDX1: Hey what--?! W-what was that noise? *Was thrown down.* WHAT IS THIS?! *Arm is grabbed.* No... NO!

YoshiUnity slams the door. Machine or not, he didn’t want to see what would happen to the psychotic replica of his friend. Through the door, he could hear steel crunch, wires snap, but most of all, screams that sound throughout the hall. He covered both sides of his head just to make it go away and it barely help. The sense of pain still seeped through. And just like that, all became eerily quiet.

YoshiUnity knew that he couldn’t stay in there for long. This could be his best chance to escape or his worst by walking right into a trap. He had no choice if he wanted to save his friends. So he slowly… eased the door opened to peek at the situation. So far everything was clear… Then he opened it more and saw nothing… except for the fake paw he used against ChaosDX1(fake). He picked it up, knowing he might use it again, and began to creep through the halls once more.

YoshiUnity: Okay, I don’t know what happen, and I want to keep it that way! *Runs for the library. Trips on an object * (Ahh! I swear, I should just CRAWL around this place!) What’s this…? *Picks up a chunk of metal. Stands up.* Hmm… *Notices more scattered throughout the halls, drench in oil.* …These weren’t here before…

???: My apologies. Progression can be so messy at times! *YoshiUnity turns around.*

YoshiUnity …Drarin?

Drarin: Heeheeheehee…! Salutations, sir!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw31copy

YoshiUnity: …No. No, you’re not Drarin. Are you?

Fake Drarin: Obviously. You saw her painting along with all the others… *See YoshiUnity trying to run.* I wouldn’t run if I were you.

YoshiUnity: … *Stands still.* Whoa… Even your font is italicized…

Fake Drarin: I’ve been watching you, sir. Watching you… my allies… Studying any possible outcome that can give me get the upper hand. Machine or not, I’m like my allies: design to obey... and to kill when necessary. But I can’t compromise with my programming after witnessing the folly of the rest. You should be mere confetti right now, Sir. You should NOT be alive.
That’s what I thought at first… But then I witness the incompetence of the others. They were fools in the name of the Creator. I had to dispose of them… somewhat.

YoshiUnity: You destroyed them?

Fake Drarin: It doesn’t matter now… What matters, is how YOUR fate will be decided, sir. And I would like to assist you with one of your dilemmas! To help you find a way to save your friends! …? You’re not ecstatic. Why is that?

YoshiUnity: Because I don’t buy this…

Fake Drarin: You have a picture of Emily. You kept that so you could try to remind him of his past life. *YoshiUnity’s eye’s light up.* Oh, you do, I know. I saw you in the library. I could have tried to kill you at that point, but I wouldn’t have been successful. As advanced as I am designed, you’re organic joints are still faster than my metallic ones. You would have escaped…

YoshiUnity: So you cho-

Fake Drarin: It would be WISE to let me FINISH! *Lights go off... Turns back on.*… Anyway, I can see that you’re anxious, so I’ll just get to the point. Using Emily's picture is useless for that. The man in that story is dead, and all that revealing Emily to him would do is enrage him by reminding him of his past life... And even if he wanted to, the Creator couldn’t reverse the process by his own will. The only way you can revert your friends to normal is if you separate the main power source from the machine below…

YoshiUnity: So what’s the power source?

Fake Drarin: His brain and heart, the only remaining organic parts of his original design. If you’re able to destroy those, you can free them. My knowledge of all this is proof enough.

YoshiUnity: Well… How am I going to do that?! The dude almost killed me without even trying!

Fake Drarin: You can use his own machines against him. As you may have known from the journal, the Paint-Print machine can convert any living object into a painting, by emitting a laser from one object to another directly across from it… Well it does not have to be paper. It can actually convert or transport any object into anything! The effect on paper is what makes it paint.
There’s a room on the top floor that had a big lock on it. I removed that lock for you. You can go there and find the object best suited for the job. After that, we’ll meet again. *Sees YoshiUnity trying to sneak into the library.* I wouldn’t do that, sir. With only fifteen minutes for you, it would be wise to heed my instructions.

YoshiUnity: Why did you tell me all this…?

Fake Drarin: Isn’t it obvious, Sir? I wanted to help you *Lights out.* …so I can kill you. *Lights on. She disappears…*

YoshiUnity hated to admit it, but Drarin(fake) was right. He couldn’t hide forever because he was running out of time. So he had no choice… he followed her instructions, but kept the journal despite of what she said.

YoshiUnity made it back to the peculiar door; lock removed. Whatever lied behind it, could possibly save his friends? He took and deep breath, then turned the knob and opened the door. He was welcomed with a foul odor! Almost like if… someone died in here.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw32copy

YoshiUnity look annoyed and he felt like he wanted to throw up. Oh, who knows how long that body been lying there! Now what bothered YoshiUnity more was that besides the body on the death bed, there wasn’t really anything of significance in here... Oh no.

YoshiUnity: So… *Gulp.* Something in he-- Oh! Urk, oh lord! Something here! Anyth-- Man, that’s rank! *coughs.* Let me look for *cough* what could help me out here… *Looks in the closet.* …Nothing. *Looks in the bathroom.* …Nothing! (Okay, think YoshiUnity! She said that the there was something that could help me here! Something that can be used to encase the brain and the *Looks at corpse.* …heart. … … *Looks under the bed. Nothing. Looks at the corpse again.* Errrrrrrrmm… *Looks in the night stand. Nothing. Looks at corpse again.* Errrrrmmm…! Oh, forget it! I’ll wrap it in the bedsheets!

YoshiUnity held his breath. Slowly and unwillingly, he began to wrap the body up in the sheets. He wrapped another one around it because the smell still seeped through. He continued until it was covered in every sheet. He carefully lifted the corpse and made his way out of the door… Coughing, wheezing and complaining…


ChaosDX1, Meowth’sPal21, YoshiMan and everyone else were waiting in their frames, hoping that YoshiUnity would come through. Time was growing short and patience was growing thin, for some more than others… With nothing more to do but sit around and looking at depressing scenery, the group of friends, in time, began to converse.

ChaosDX1: Hmm… Sooooo… YoshiMan? Anything new? Hadn’t seen you for like, what was it, a month?

YoshiMan: Meh… busy. Drawing, writing, coloring... Supply and demand never sleeps, dude! This time of the year is usually one of my biggest yet! Ever had coffee on coffee?

ChaosDX1: Is that even possible?

YoshiMan: Yeah man. I figured it out in the mid of preparations. See, what you do is…

Meowth’sPal21: …What are you guys talking about?

ChaosDX1: Oh, nothing really. If anything, I’m just trying to start a conversation. Things are getting a little too dreary here.

Meowth’sPal21: Well, I wonder why? Maybe were about to dry, be stuck here forever and there’s nothing we can do about it?

ChaosDX1: Oh yeah, that.

BlooperKoopa19: Dude, don’t tell me you actually forgot about this?

ChaosDX1: Hmm… Yeah, kind of…

Drarin: I knew I had a bad feeling… I-I knew something terrible would come of this…

Lilboarder: Hmm… Did it get colder all of a sudden?

Meowth’sPal21: How could you forget, Chaos? Look at us! Look at yourself! This isn’t something to just brush off.

ChaosDX1: Look, I’m just trying to make the best of things.

Meowth’sPal21: What’s here to make the best of…? What-is-here to make the best of?! …I’m not doubting YoshiUnity or anything, but what can be done here?!

ChaosDX1: We can all chill out, sit down and enjoy what we have left.

YoshiMan: I want my hat…

ChaosDX1: To be honest with you, M.P., I’m scared! Yeah, pretty scared! So I’m trying to do the only thing I can do at the moment as a painting to help lighten up my mood: relax.

Meowth’sPal21: How can you relax?

ChaosDX1: You just have to accept the good and the bad. Then forget both of them and enjoy yourself with what you have.
This could be it for all of us. Nothing else witty to say… No more typing… No more anything. If you want this situation to haunt you then have fun in reality. I’ll stay here and enjoy my stay in fantasy land… But don't worry! I’ll come back once things are resolve for the better or worse…

Meowth’sPal21: …

BlooperKoopa19: Chaos… Somehow, someway… That all made sense… I think.


Meowth’sPal21: … I… I just want to go home.

YoshiMan: I want my hat…

Meowth’sPal21: I not trying to get on anyone’s case here… All of this is just too much to take in… This was supposed to be an awesome night tonight!

ChaosDX1: It may have not been an awesome night, but it certainly has been one hell of a night!

Meowth’sPal21: I only wanted everyone to enjoy themselves at the party… This was my first one and I wanted to make a lasting impression… *Sighs.* But whatever. Maybe you’re right, Chaos. Maybe I should just wait in see what happens… I’m only hurting myself here.

ChaosDX1: Good… YoshiUnity will pull through, M.P. Don’t worry abo--

Lilboarder: Seriously, guys! It’s feeling pretty chilly in here… Very chilly, in fact!

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Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Vide
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Chapter 6

Well, YoshiUnity ran through the halls as fast as he could. The extra weight of his new companion, a dead body, didn’t help at all! It may be been old and somewhat of a husk, but it still had some weight on it! And the smell… Oh, that smell! YoshiUnity’s mask just wasn’t cutting it!

YoshiUnity: *Pant… pant… pant… Stops for a bit.* Okay… *Gulp.* Okay, break time. *Puts the corpse down.* OFF… my crappily-designed shoulder! …Alright, this isn’t so bad! Just have to bring this down to the basement in like… *Checks watch.* twelve minutes?! (Great! Yeah, WONDER-FREAKING-FUL!) *Sighs, then picks up corpse.* Alright, Stumpy, let’s get going! *Starts walking through a familiar hall.*
Hmm… This is odd. All the scrap is gone. Well I guess this makes it easier to walk through here.

???: Hello, sir…

YoshiUnity: Oh no… (Her again!)

Fake Drarin: Salutaaaaaaaaaaaations…

YoshiUnity: …*Deep breath. Looks behind him! …Nothing.* Huh? I was expecting her to be behind me.

Fake Drarin: Actually, I’m in front of you.

YoshiUnity: WHOA! *Jumps back.* H-How did you--?!

Fake Drarin: I see you found the key to save your friends? Bravo for you, sir!

YoshiUnity: (Yeah, thanks…?) Look, I-I really appreciate your help. But you know what would be even BETTER? If you let me save my friends! Then we could be on their merry way. No ones gets killed! And we can all live happily ever after!

Fake Drarin: That would be beneficial for your situation; however, the same cannot be said for me. The Creator would be very upset if I go against his orders. Time is the greatest enemy of us all; you and me.

YoshiUnity: So you either kill me…

Fake Drarin: ...Or I am dismantled, yes. This plan was all mine, and I knew the consequences. But it was worth it to give you your disadvantage: more weight. *YoshiUnity looks at the corpse.* Yes, and if you try to hide, you’ll only waste more time. As the spider and the fly -- you fell into my trap!
And now… It is here, that our conversation ends. You have fulfilled your use, and now you must die!

YoshiUnity: I don't HAVE to die. I could just, uh -- Back off! I have a dead body and I WILL use it! *Does jabbing motions with the corpse.* (…I’m really pathetic sometimes.) *Drarin(fake) begins to laugh.*

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw33copy

YoshiUnity felt his throat drop after witnessing the transformation. Oil and pieces of steel was rushing through the opening as the legs bounced up and down. He looked at the library door, threw the body at the welcome mat and he then makes his way to the door…

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw34copy

YoshiUnity rolls out of the way, grabs the body and dives into the library. He then closes the door and locks it by tying the handles with the steel coil from the fake paw.

Fake Drarin: I have more time than you do, sir. The library will be more a coffin for you than a sanctuary! You're only outlet of liberation for you is to leave it and meet the inevitable!

YoshiUnity: ... *Slams on the door.* Dammit! ...Get off me! *Tosses the corpse aside, then sighs.* ....... *Check watch.* Ten minutes... Okay, what to do now? Stuck between a rock and a hard place, and I'm losing time! All I have on me are silly string, matches and my... *Notices his candy pail is missing.* Worst. Halloween. Ever! Okay, so that just leaves the silly string and matches... (Silly string... matches... silly string... matches...) I got nothi-- WAIT! My brain senses is tingling!

YoshiUnity just had a crazy idea to lure Drarin(fake) into a trap. He pulled out some of the silly string cans and began to spray it all throughout the halls. He sprayed until almost every inch of the ground was covered in the stuff. As can after can were emptied, he started to see more and more pieces of scrap metal scattered all over the ground. The pieces seemed oddly familiar...

YoshiUnity finally ran out of silly string. So he took all the cans and dumped them into the center of the room. He then proceeded by throwing all of the books on the ground. He didn't care what any of them were about, he knocked them all down. And just as he was done clearing as many as he could, he found a shocking discovery...

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw35copy


Fake Drarin: I've waited long enough... It's time for him to perish.

???: ...Assistant!

Fake Drarin: Sir, it’s you!

Nameless: Yes… I would like to have a word with you about your performance.

Fake Drarin: Yes! Yes, please! Tell me! Aren’t you pleased, Sir?

Nameless: Pleased? Honestly, I couldn’t have been more disappointed tonight.

Fake Drarin: I …I-I’m sorry?

Nameless: Our minds are linked, assistant! I’ve been watching everything… Couldn’t agree with your programming, could you?

Fake Drarin: I only said that… t-to help—

Nameless: You told him information, ACTUAL information, which could prove to be problematic towards my progress! I hope you have valid reason for this folly.

Fake Drarin: I… I-I… I did it for you, Sir!

Nameless: For me… funny. I would think that the best thing you could ever do for me, would be to follow your orders! You were to work with the others in order to search for and kill that intruder. All your flaws and strengths would balance out, forming a perfect unity. You were meant to tide the team together... To keep their egos from disrupting their duties… And you have failed me.

Fake Drarin: I-I… I…

Nameless: Wasted my time… *Pulls out a scythe.* Time that you don’t deserve…


YoshiUnity then traced the oil on as much of the floor as possible, but had to hurry! So he finished it off by dumping the scrap parts near one of the bookcases, and took one last book. He tore the pages, and laid them on a trail leading towards the wall, just outside of the door's reach. YoshiUnity sat down and took a deep breath, bringing the corpse near him again. Then he lit a match...

YoshiUnity: Okay... Let's do this, faker! *Inhales slowly...* I regret no -- OW! *Sucks his finger. Lights another match.* Ugh! Stupid little... Anyway, I regret nothing!

YoshiUnity then threw the match on the piece of paper near him. The flames followed the trail until it touched the silly string. Soon loud, and small, explosions echoed through the library, sending flames in every direction. The sparks landed on the oil, and spread even more. It was past YoshiUnity's cue to bail out.

He eased towards the door, ready to leave, removed the coil and pushed the door open quickly! ...Odd that nothing happened; was expecting Drarin(fake) to barge in. YoshiUnity cleared his throat, took a deep breath an-- Quickly ducked from an incoming object! Standing away from the explosions, he was able to make the object out as... Drarin(fake). Well some of her, at least. She wasn't moving, and all of her Spider legs were ripped clean off. *BOOM! BANG! PSSHHHHOOO!!* More explosions went off, so YoshiUnity left for the hallway and didn't look back.

He kept an eye out for any other possible threats, not knowing who or what could have destroyed that fake earlier. Everything was clear, which was good, because it became oblivious that he grew tired of constantly running and carrying the corpse. So he got an idea.

YoshiUnity: Just under seven minutes... Okay where is that -- AH! There's the air vent! *Runs towards it. Takes corpse off of shoulder.* There we...go! Man, I hope this doesn't smash you into a million pieces... *Shoves it in the vent.* In... you... go! *It falls in.* Phew! Good... Now for Yours Truly -- WHOA!

YoshiUnity, again, had to evade another object! I was a long robotic… spider leg. It was jammed into the air vent, preventing him to get through. He turned his head back to see what cause this; and felt like a trapped rat.

Nameless: It would seem that you were too evasive for my assistants to handle! I know all about the hints one of them gave you… and I made sure she received a proper punishment. *Holds up the scythe again...*

YoshiUnity: You… *Slowly pulls out the M.P.(fake) claw.*

Nameless: Well no need to thank me, Intruder… Your demise by my hand will satisfy me enough!

YoshiUnity was trapped like a rat and he had to think fast! With only the claw in hand, he stood his ground as Nameless charged at him, scythe at hand… both of them pulled their arms back then SHWING…! Both weapons were swung…

YoshiUnity just stood there… it all happened too fast… the claw was gone! Where could it be? It was just in his hand, and now it ended up… in Nameless’s shoulder. Nameless lowered himself as if he was possibly in pain! YoshiUnity couldn’t believe it! So he slowly… back up from Nameless not knowing what will happen next.

YoshiUnity: …

Nameless: …

YoshiUnity: (Maybe I should try and sneak pass him now…) *Attempts slowly.* (Eaaaaaasily…)

Nameless: I’m glad this distraction has been settled with… Hehhehheh… *Pulls the claw out and crushes it… Didn’t even yell from pain.*

YoshiUnity: …!

Nameless: Now, enough of this… *Hoist the scythe in the air.* Your head is mine, dinosaur!

Now what could YoshiUnity do?! He panicked and looked through his pockets to see if he could find anything... Anything that could stop Nameless! With nothing else at hand, he pulled out the only thing that might have had any chance in saving him and held it out like a shield. *Scythe slashes… through nothing.*

YoshiUnity was unscathed! He couldn’t believe it… again! Nameless did not deal the final blow! Instead, he just stared at the object YoshiUnity held out. It wasn’t familiar to him, yet it was.

Nameless: … That book… *Snatches it from YoshiUnity.* I… my… WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS?!

YoshiUnity: … *Nameless grabs him by the throat again.* ACK! The library! LIIIIIBRARY! * Is thrown down.*

Nameless: *Flips through the book.* It’s… It’s me. My own words! *Sees the picture of Emily.* …! Who is this… this girl? She… fills my mind with… NO! *Closes the book.* No, this isn’t right! *Holds his head.* These memories…! B-But I was always perfection! I couldn’t have been… organic? …You!

YoshiUnity: M-Me?

Nameless: You… You think you’re cunning with this trick, don’t you? Tricking me to believe that I could had once been one of your kind!

YoshiUnity: I’m not doing anything! That’s your daughter!


Nameless threw back his scythe, and swung at YoshiUnity, who dodges and rolls pass him. YoshiUnity thought he was free, but he only ran so far, to again find a tightening vice grip around his neck. Nameless adds more pressure, forcing YoshiUnity on his knees, then laughs from enjoyment. He may have YoshiUnity down, but something was even more off about him now.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw36copy

YoshiUnity was long gone, along with the journal he swiped during his disappearing act. He took any shortcut he could, to make it to the living room. He didn't even try to take the stairs; as he just jumped down from the second floor instead. Yes, it was painful, but he didn't care. He pulls the poker and used his tongue to pull the book again. The secret passage opened...

YoshiUnity: Okay, less than five minutes to go... (A corpse and a book... versus a scythe. Let's do this...) *Runs down the steps.* I'm coming, guys!

YoshiUnity runs down the stairs as fast as he could; almost tripping over most of the steps. On his descent, it was almost like the staircase would never end! He had to be careful as he almost slipped on someone’s doll with a bunch of severed mechanical arms, but he kept going!

He finally made it to the laboratory… Something doesn’t feel right about this. YoshiUnity couldn’t even put his finger on it, but something just… Hmmm…

YoshiUnity: Uh, didn’t get a little colder in here? Hmm… Oh snap! Guys! *Runs to the paintings.* Guys! I’m here! I got everything covered!

Meowth’sPal21: …

ChaosDX1: …

YoshiUnity: Come on… Say something!

YoshiMan: …

Drarin: …

YoshiUnity: Please…

Lilboarder: …

BlooperKoopa19: …

YoshiUnity: … No. No… *Falls on his knees.* I couldn’t save them. I-I’m too late! …I couldn’t save th-

Drarin: … ……… Cold…

YoshiUnity: …?

Drarin: It’s… so cold, sir… The temperature dropped considerably... It sped up the process for everyone here… We're still here, b-but can barely hold on…

YoshiUnity: Drarin! I-I thought I didn’t make it in time! I thought everyone was dead!

Drarin: It is as I told you, sir… Life isn’t what’s in jeopardy… Our freedom is…

YoshiUnity: I’ll put an end to this! I promise!

Drarin: Well, you need to hurry up, sir… This… isn’t… over yet…

YoshiUnity: Drarin…?


YoshiUnity: Drarin?! …*Sighs.* She’s out… Enough talk, I better get started. *Walks towards the platform mount.* Well… at least YoshiMan made himself comfortable…

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw37copy

YoshiUnity then climb the mount of the platform. He was amazed with how fast he reached the top of it, even though he had to catch his breath for a moment... With not enough time to rest, he began to examine the easel and paintbrush, to see how they worked.

YoshiUnity: Okay. So how does this work? Is there like some code I have to put in or someth-- *Paint with the paintbrush. Laser shoots from the bottom of the mount.* Oh, well, look at that! Now I just need that psycho, *Gulp.* and my mountain oysters, to show up in *Checks watch.* ...three minutes. Nice... Real nice.

So YoshiUnity had no choice but to wait for his inevitable double-edge sword: losing his friends or facing a perfection-obsessed psychopath. He twiddles his fingers in conflicting excitement; wanting to get this over with. All he had been going by was a half-game plan an -- CRASH!

Nameless: … *Lands on the platform. Flaming debris falls all-around them.* …

YoshiUnity: …! (Okay, journal... Don't fail me now.)

Nameless: … *Tilts his head.* I found my library coated in flames, and the slaughtered remains of my assistants... You only add more to your debt, intruder…

YoshiUnity: … *Slowly moves away by a few st--*

Nameless: THE BOOK!

YoshiUnity: W-What?

Nameless: I know you have it! *Forges his scythe again.* No organic could have made any of this! That book is farce and I must destroy it... Relinquish it! NOW!

YoshiUnity: (Man! Remembering his past must really knock that last screw loose!) …No.

As Nameless looked at YoshiUnity's eyes, he could only see the eyes of everyone who mock and sided against him, and yet he couldn’t. Thoughts he didn’t understand and couldn’t control. His rage began to eat him whole… And blinded by this, he tries to attack YoshiUnity with the scythe and misses! Nameless then throws it, but YoshiUnity hides behind the easel. The scythe swung around and made its way back to its wielder.

These mistakes… they only infuriated Nameless even more! His cloak was still engulf in flames but it never seemed to stray his attention… Until now.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw38copy

YoshiUnity had to think of something fast here. Nameless was out of control so he was running out of time! So he thoug-- *WHOOSH!* Nameless swings the blade again! YoshiUnity evades it but drops the paintbrush in the process. It slowly rolls over towards the edge of the platform. He dives for it, grabs it, and almost slides right off. In a last minute chance, YoshiUnity cross his arms on the edge of the platform in order to hold on.

This wasn’t the best position, as Nameless had him right where he needed him. With his blood red eye focused, he hoisted his blade, YoshiUnity had to think fast and did the only thing he could as the blade was swung it down! ..................... ... ..... And stopped. For its path was a photo held in YoshiUnity's hand.

Even in the perfect position, the photo made Nameless uncomfortable and he couldn’t attack! YoshiUnity was right! Not only was this picture actually Emily, but she was the last strand of humanity left in Nameless's mind! He loves her, yet wants to forget about her in order to achieve his idea of perfection. Why? All because couldn't cure her, and it reminds him of how he was seen as a failure by his everyone he knew.

YoshiUnity knew what he had to do… Emily’s predicament reminded him of what happened earlier with the painting of the ugly guy. Being trapped as a painting… It was a prison more than reward! It would be risky, but Emily had to be freed in order for YoshiUnity to save his friends… If he could cross his fingers at the moment, he would.

YoshiUnity: *Opens book, grabs picture, and drops the book onto the ground level.* (...He’s not doing anything! It’s definitely the picture! Okay, this may be you only chance, YoshiUnity. Don't screw it up!) *Holds the picture away from Nameless.*

Nameless: You wouldn't...You're insane!

YoshiUnity: You started it… *Balls up the picture. Drops it.*

The painting fell to the ground. Pieces of the paper ball crumbled off as it landed. Then it rolled closer to the flames slowly. Nameless saw this, it felt like it tore him up even more on the inside!

Nameless: …! No… *Backs up.* Ahhh... Errr... I… I’m so close to perfect-- Organics are a… a plaaaaaaaaague…

YoshiUnity: Face it… She’s your daughter and you love her. Of all the things you changed, not even your obsession could get rid of that.

Nameless: I-I… *Holds his head.* I’m not her father… I don’t have… have a... errrr... EMILYYYYYYYY!!!!! *Jumps from the platform to try and catch it. YoshiUnity climbs up afterwards.* I won't lose you... Not again! *Lands on the ground. Finds the photo and pulls it out the flames.* Emily! Emily, no! NO!

Nameless couldn't even think at the moment. He tried to put the flames out, but that only made the picture crumble faster. YoshiUnity couldn't believe that he actually felt a little sorry for Nameless. He had no choice knowing what just happened. All he could do was look away as Nameless screamed at what became a pile of ashes... YoshiUnity then took the paintbrush in hand and ran toward the easel...

Nameless then stare into the air. He wasn’t looking at the platform or anything like that, yet something caught his eye as he tried to reach out to it. And so it was true... Emily was the last piece of humanity left in Nameless’s mind.

Nameless: No... No... *Faces down. Ashes blow away.*... I couldn't save her again... And this time, she's gone… She really gone… All I wanted to do was have one piece of happiness in my life...
Emily, once I forgot about you, my ambitions became clear. It wasn’t just perfection I was after… I wanted to sit on my ever-rising throne, as I watch the world burn... Where those that knew of my ambitions would be able to witness my genius for eternity. With my two hands… I could have rewritten the very laws of physics!
I was judged… hated by everyone. I couldn’t save your mother but I had a chance to save you! But now that you're gone, I’m now down to earth again, and I can feel these very flames devour me whole... Don’t leave me here. Daddy misses you, sweetie... Hehhehhehheh...

YoshiUnity: (Come on… Just a little more...) *Wait for Nameless to line up near the bed. Starts drawing on the easel.* (Got it!)

Nameless: I even kept my inferior flesh body as a reminder of failure's true guise. Ignoring all these years… that it belong to me… Meehehhehhehhehheh… ahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhaahahahaa… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAA!!!!! EYAH!! AHH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA...! Oh, what's that?!

YoshiUnity: ...

Nameless: What's that, mother and father? I don't deserve her? ...Y-You, heh hehhehehheh, you think you can dictate my life even in your graves, do you? Heh heh... DO YOU?! You have no right! No power over me! For I have done more than any in our bloodline could have EVER hope to achieve! I have brought perfection into the world! You'll never be able to take my achievements from me! Heehee hehhehhehhehheh...! M-My dear parents -- my beloved family -- taking Emily was crossing the line. You're jealous... I LOVE YOU MOTHER! I LOVE YOU FATHER…! I hate you with every fiber of my being! May the worms continue to eat you whole...

Nameless continue to ramble on about how horrible his life was. It came to the point to where only he could understand anything that he said at that moment. YoshiUnity needed this break to finish drawing Nameless on the piece of paper. After half-a-minute passed, he was finished! Soon the gears began to turn and steam exhausted once again… … … *BANG!*

Nameless was now hit by his own laser! This only froze him in his position; the transfer would occur once YoshiUnity painted in the brain and heart. In fact, he already had the brain colored in. He felt confident now! Like he really was going to save his… friends?

Out of nowhere, YoshiUnity just had a sinking feeling in his stomach… The fire grew to the point where equipment began to explode in the laboratory. A couple wires fell from the ceiling, just missing YoshiUnity. Did this only made things a little more troublesome, or was it a sign that things weren’t over yet? Possibly the latter since Nameless began to laugh insanely again… then stopped abruptly!

Nameless: YOU! DINOSAUR! *Gets YoshiUnity’s attention.* You… Y-yes, you are now at the VERY center of my hate at the moment!

YoshiUnity: ...!

Nameless: For all you have done… I refuse to let you live…

Nameless snickered, then everything became eerily quiet… ... … Then out of nowhere, a familiar foe emerged from the flames: the giant robotic arms! They reached to the very ceiling of the laboratory and slammed down on the platform. It knocked YoshiUnity off of his feet. He tried to stand up again, but BAM! The hands began to slam the platform again continuously! *BAM! BAM! CLANK! BANG! BANG! BAM! BANG!!* It felt like an earthquake!

YoshiUnity drops onto his knees, then in a frog-like style, leaped for the easel and made it towards the base! All he had to do was stand up… *CLAMP!* No! At that second, the hands ceased their tantrum only to grab him and pull him away from the easel! YoshiUnity tried to resist, giving it EVERYTHING he had to stay within range! Paintbrush in hand, he was only a few feet away from saving his friends!

Nameless just stood there, with himself frozen in insanity, Emily gone and all of his work eroding in the flames... It was clear that he didn’t care about anything anymore! Not even perfection! So he stood there, laughing his hellish laugh.

Nameless: AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!! That’s it! Now crush him! Break him! Destroy that intruder for everything he destroyed within my walls!

YoshiUnity: So… close… have to reee-- *Is squeezed tighter.* URK… AaaaaaaaaaAAAAHHH!!! Errrr…!

Nameless: YES! I feel my pain dinosaur! Embrace every inch of the darkness that I had to suffer with!

YoshiUnity: Errrrr…! (Fight it, YoshiUnity!) *Grip tightens.* EEEAAAA…AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! (Don’t give up! You’re so close! Sooo… cloooooOOOOSE!!) *The arms pulls him away further.* NO! *Resists again. Pulls himself closer, only to be pulled back again.* ... I refuse to quit… Refuuuuuuuuuse to quit!

Nameless: … Heh heh… …………. No. In fact, no! Stop! Don’t squeeze him! Don’t pull him back anymore! *The arms ceased.* Hold him right there… Right at that very spot! Yeah… Yes, this is much better! Now everything ends! My dream is dead, my child is gone, and all of your friends, with every inch of my progress will reduce to ashes! And you... You’ll just slowly burn in the flames knowing that the only way towards victory was just fingertips from your grasp!
We'll all go out together in a burning glory! Under my roof, all will commence by my word! LET THE FLAMES DEVOUR US ALL!!! HEEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! EVEN FOR DEATH, I’M ALWAYS VICTORIOUS WITHIN MY DOMAIN!

It all came down to this! Nothing was stopping YoshiUnity but the strength of two giant robot hands… Too much was in stake for him to stop now! His friends were almost frozen, but he knew they were counting on him! The grip of the arms had never let up… The flames grew bigger… He needed an idea and fast!

YoshiUnity: (Think YoshiUnity, think! It may seem impossible but there has to be a way out of here… You promise yourself that you would make things right!)

Nameless: It’s hopeless… Hopeless for us all! You have no hope!

YoshiUnity: Come on, think...! Sometimes the answer is concealed by the obvious… Concealed by the obivious! ( Wait! …If it’s out of my reach… OH SNAP!!! How didn’t I see this earlier?!)

Nameless: It’s over… Hehhehhehhehheh… It’s all over!

YoshiUnity: No... No it isn’t! *Places the brush in his mouth.* (Hopefully this paint is non-toxic…) *Sticks his tongue out.*

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw38acopy

…He did it. With such an odd, yet natural, method for him, YoshiUnity was able to finish coloring in the picture of Nameless. It was as if this moment suddenly grew quiet… and then, BOOM! The laser fired at Nameless with full power!

The mechanical arms began to twist and swing all over the place. They threw YoshiUnity at the platform, and then continue to twist and contort in a wild fashion. They sped up until YoshiUnity had to take cover, and with a loud BANG, The arms exploded in small bits from top to bottom. They fell over as if they were tall trees in a fire.

Nameless refuse to go… To be bested by YoshiUnity, with one of his creations… In fact, at this very moment, another laser was fired at the corpse to continue the transfer. The procedure began to tear him apart. Wiring came lose… Gears fell off…

Nameless: Everything was supposed to end… A clean slate that no one could walk away from! You ruined it… YOU RUIN IT ALL! …………………………. Errrr… ERRRRRRRRR! I… won’t go…. I-I refuse… Ahhhhh… aaaaaaaaaaahhh… Not yet… Not. Yet…!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw39copy

Nameless's heart and brain began to pulse violently and painfully. And since his organs were being transferred to a corpse than paper, the compatibility was something to be questioned since the corpse wasn't strong enough to support them. So the results... would not be pleasant.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw40copy
Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw41copy-1

Nameless… was dead. Finally resting in the depths he once tried to escape. YoshiUnity felt relieved. He lay down, exhausted, and sighed in relief... Then got up! He couldn't just lie there; he had to see his friends! He slid down the mount and ran to see if everything worked. He stepped past the remains of the corpse, holding in the urge to gag from the horrid smell, to see what has happened.

He could now see them. Everyone was still frozen. YoshiUnity was hoping with everything that he given, that he didn't mess anything up! That everyone was alright...

YoshiUnity: Guys...? Guys?! Gu-- Oh man, that's rank! UGH! *Kicks the corpse dust aside.* Ugh... Much better... Hmm... (Come on, guys! Glow! Sparkle! Do something so I know this worked!) ….. ………………………………. … ………………………………. Please…? …….. …. *Pictures starts to glow for a bit.* Oh man, let this be it! *Removes the pictures from the wire.*

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw42copy
Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw43copy

YoshiUnity: Guys?! Ah, finally! You're okay!

BlooperKoopa19: Yeah, define "okay."

ChaosDX1: Spur... in the fox burrow... The pain!

Lilboarder: Sorry, dude. *Pulls it out.*

ChaosDX1: YeeeeeOUCH!

Drarin: Where are my legs?

YoshiMan: Oh man, I can see! *Breathes in.* I can breathe *Swings arms.* ...and move! *Pats head.* Oh. Right... I miss my hat...

Drarin: Here you go, sir. *Hands him his hat.*

YoshiMan: My hat! GIMME GIMMEH GIMMEH GIMMAH GIMMIEASMLAKALSMLADmlsanmlsaknmsl!!! *Snatches it. Places it on his head.* Oh, baby I missed you! *Hugs his head.* Never taking you off again!

Drarin: I'm happy for you, YoshiMan. Now would you be so kind to assist me in locating my legs?

YoshiMan: Hathathathathat-Hatty-hathathathathathathathat...

Drarin: ...

ChaosDX1: Here you go, Drarin. *Gives them to her.*

Drarin: Thanks! *Snaps her legs back in her joints.*.

Lilboarder: Okay, hugs and happiness all-around. But can we get out of here, now?

Meowth'sPal21: Yes, and need I remind everyone that this place is on fire? *A support beams falls.* And is falling apart?!

YoshiUnity: Oh the fire! Yeah that was all me! I totally torch the library earlier!

Meowth'sPal21: ...What?! Well, whatever. Do you have a plan with this?

YoshiUnity: Plan?

Meowth’sPal21: With the fire… That can KILL us?!

YoshiUnity: …*Gulp.* ……………………….. What fire?

Everyone else: …

YoshiUnity: Okay okay! I was… kiiiiiiind of thinking as I went! But with Nameless dead, all these little tricks and do-dads should be off now. So we should leave! Like, now!

Everyone ran towards the passageway as fast as they could. The vibrations grew, forcing everyone to stop in their tracks. Everything shook harder and faster, and then slowly, the passageway began to cave in! Everyone jumps back, to avoid the debris.

YoshiUnity: ...! *It stops.* ...Okay, it seems to be over. *It starts again.* Aw crap! Everyone, keep your heads down!

*End of Chapter.*
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Chapter 7

It would seem that the worst wasn’t over yet. Even though everyone was freed from their painting prisons, they were now in the position of being buried within the mansion’s collapsing structure. It was unknown of what could possibly happen, even though all the outcomes didn't seem all that positive. So they took cover to protect themselves.

The tremors build gradually... Then slowly died back down… This was the perfect time for everyone to check for injuries, and to think of a way out!

YoshiUnity: Alright, everyone good? *Everyone nods.* Good. Nothing broken... Aw man! The passageway is sealed off! Crap! Okay, let’s see if we can maybe… *Everyone tries to move some of the debris aside.... No luck.*

YoshiMan: …Yeah, we ain't going through there...

Meowth'sPal21: So we'll just look elsewhere! Let's look around and we'll get out in no time!

Lilboarder: Hey, over here...! *Everyone runs towards him.* The ceiling opens right up there. And some of the support beams are busted from the walls so we can climb up.

Meowth'sPal21: L-Let's look elsewhere! Just look around and we'll get out of here in no time! (Yeah...)

YoshiUnity: That’s were Nameless dropped through. So it won’t take us to the living room exactly. Probably the second floor, I bet. Who knows, maybe we can't find a window to break through.

YoshiMan: No chance. All the windows that I checked are either barred up or jammed! And all of them almost as strong as the wall. We'd only waste time.

YoshiUnity: Alright... Hey Drarin, can you fly up there and see how it looks?

Drarin: No problem, YoshiUnity.

BlooperKoopa19: I’ll come with you. *Hides in his shell.*

Drarin: Okay.*Picks him up, and takes flight.*

Drarin flew upward, as careful as she could. Even with time being a factor, she had to be cautious as debris and flames rained from the ceiling. This was her chance to show what a great flier she was as she dodges every threat in her path. BlooperKoopa19 didn’t bode to well with the constant yawing and barrel rolls though.

BlooperKoopa19: Ugh, Drarin? *Hiccups.* D-Drarin? How much farther is it?

Drarin: Not too much longer, Blooper. Please refrain from vomiting in your shell!

BlooperKoopa19: No – Urp! *Holds it in.* No promises…

Drarin: …! Blooper, please make that promise because there’s a huge chunk of ceiling FALLING TOWARDS US!

Drarin had no choice but to slow down and pull up to avoid the chunk. Drarin felt like she was flying in a jet, evading an extremely large missile. She kept going, and going annnnnnnnnnd… JUST evaded it; barely missing BlooperKooper19’s underbelly! Now nothing was in Drarin’s way to reach the top!

Her friends were in awe of her skills, but came back into focus after barely evading the huge chunk of debris themselves…

Drarin: Almost there… annnnnnnnnd… *Makes it through with BlooperKoopa19.* We made it!

BlooperKoopa19: *Emerges from his shell.* Yeah, aweso-- Urk! Hold that thought! *Turns away from the hole…* Urk… Ack…! *Vomits on the floor.* ……………… Ahem! Ack! *Coughs then clears his throat.* … Okay, I’m good!

Drarin: …I see... Anyway, all clear, everyone!

YoshiUnity: Thanks guys! Okay, M.P., you're up first!

Meowth'sPal21: Me? Why me?! You go first! I-I'll go last.

YoshiUnity: Look, I'm only saying that because you seem a little jumpy. But if you want to be last, then that's you. I mean, if you slip, you won't have anyone to try and catch you. So --

Meowth'sPal21: MOVE OVER! *Nervously climbs up.*

YoshiMan: Don't worry! Just pretend it's like the small tree in your front yard.

Meowth'sPal21: Not helping, YoshiMan!

Meowth'sPal21 climbs up the support beams slowly, yet agile. She had her claws extended, out of being somewhat nervous. With only a few more steps to go, she blot out in thought and decided to take a leap of faith for the opening! SHE MISSED -- but BlooperKoopa19 caught her and pulled her up. She gave him hug and sat by herself for a moment.

Meowth’sPal21: Oh man! Phew!

BlooperKoopa19: Uh, M.P.? Careful don’t step th--

Meowth’sPal21: I’m glad that’s over! After that, I think I’m good too go for the rest of the escape...! Is something on your mind, Blooper?

BlooperKoopa19: Yeah… you just stepped in my puke.

Meowth’sPal21: … *Lifts her foot and see it.* ………………. *Groans.* My favorite flip-flops…

Soon followed Lilboarder, then YoshiUnity and YoshiMan... ChaosDX1 was the last one to climb up. As his name applies, he climbed up slowly, not really phased by the shaking. ChaosDX1 wanted to make sure everyone made it up safely; however, he had to speed up as the shaking grew more vicious again.

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw44copy

YoshiUnity may have caught ChaosDX1 by the arm, but he was too exhausted to actually pull him up. In fact, he almost slid in the hole with him! So, everyone decided to lend a hand and help pull both him and ChaosDX1 up. So everyone made it! Even though they were all tired, this wasn’t the time to relax. They had to keep moving!

YoshiUnity, whether he wanted to or not, had to take lead since he was more familiar with the hallways than anyone else in the group. Everyone ran or flew as fast as they could to avoid the incoming debris. Any hallways that had pictures hanging from the ceiling became even more of an hazard; forcing everyone to cover their heads and run lightly on the floor.

As the sprint continued, YoshiUnity grew more aware his surroundings. Understanding that the living room isn’t that for off. Everyone kept the pace going, hoping that no roadblocks would get in their way.

YoshiUnity: Okay, it shouldn’t be much further! *BOOM!*

BlooperKoopa19: What the hell was that?!

YoshiMan: Ignore it! *BANG!* Just keep moving!

YoshiUnity: *BANG!* … *Rumble… Rumble… CRASH!* CRAP! *Stops at the three intersection of the hallways.* Aww! It WOULD split here!

Meowth’sPal21: Well, which way?!

YoshiUnity: Uh… uh… Uhhhhhhhh…

Drarin: Sir, please!

YoshiUnity: I’m thinking…! Uh… Erm…*Nervously smacks his head.* Left! Go left! *Rumble… Rumble… CRAAAAAAAAAAASH!!! The left detour completely caves in, leaving nothing but a pit of flames!* …Right! Go right!

No one had time for questions as they all went with the right detour. More breaks became apparent… *Rumble! Crash! BANG! BOOM!* The mansion continue to fall apart! Lilboarder could have sworn he saw one of the support beams began to buckle and crack! Again, time was NOT on their side!


Smash, Fourswords64 and everyone else were stumped on what do to now. They tried everything physically and conveniently possible. Time continued and they grew more tired. If there was nothing else left to go on, it would seem that giving up would be the only option left. Yet, with what was at stake, they refused to quit and continue their efforts to save their friends.

Fourswords64: Okay, what are we going to try next?

Smash: I have an idea… How about we just try ramming th—

MarioGamer159: We tried everything! The shopping cart! The freaking catapult, WHICH I RENTED!!

R.Blaze Koopa: It was also cool when we all went nuts and just unloaded on the house! Explosives! Explosives everywhere! Heck I even used my fire abilities, M.G. used thunder and Smash even went Yami Smash for a bit.

Smash: Yeah, but how abo--

D-Man: Probably would have worked if Yami Smash didn’t think the effort was pointless and went back into Smash’s mind. Too bad we can’t do that again! It would have made one awesome picture or a drawing of sorts!
But we’re getting a little sidetracked... What else can we possibly do to bust in there?

Smash: Well, we tried everything but—

Fourswords64: Maybe if we—


Smash: So do I have your attention now or what?!

Fourswords64: Geez man! What was that?! If you want our attention, just ask us!

Smash: … How about we try the obvious idea? Let’s bust the freaking door down!

MarioGamer159: Didn’t you already try that?

Smash: Yeah! Just me! But if we all do it together, then we might have a chance!

R. Blaze Koopa: How can that even work? We went nuts on the house!

Smash: Yeah, but how many attempts were actually on the freaking door?

R. Blaze Koopa: …

MarioGamer159: I need to lay off the horror movies…

Smash: Okay, we can do this! We can get them out, I mean, yeah, this house has taking everything we through at it, but maybe the weak spot is a little more obvious?

Fourswords64: (Well, why not? We tried everything else…) Let’s do it!

Shigg: [BEEP!]

Everyone was in agreement on what to do. Pranks are always fun to pull, but they were never the kind of people to forget what was more important. Even if this wouldn’t have worked I doubt that Smash and the others would ever quit.

Speaking of which, YoshiUnity and the others were still running through the halls, avoiding as many hazards as they could. It was a long hallway, but they had to keep going! Glass shattering, wood and flooring breaking… It was like a cartoon, but scarier.

Meowth’sPal21: YoshiUnity! Are you sure this is the right path?!

YoshiUnity: Definitely! Look ahead, you can see the chandeliers!

Lilboarder: Oh, THANK YOU! *BOOM!* EEP! We better shake a leg, people!

YoshiUnity: Almost… *THUD! BANG!* Almoooooost… *SNAP! BOOM!* There it is!

ChaosDX1: Alright! We're in the living room!

Meowth'sPal21: And there's the door! But how are we going to opening it?

YoshiUnity: Going to ram it down! That's how!

Drarin: No progress was made from that earlier, sir!

YoshiUnity: Yeah, but this place is coming down! I think we can take whatever lock is on it!

BlooperKoopa19: I hope you're right, man.

YoshiMan: Why do you all keep stopping to talk like this?! Let’s break for the stair! *Everyone runs towards the left stai— CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!!! It collapses before they could get to it.*

Lilboarder: Go for the other one! Go go go! *They dash towards the other st— CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!!! That one collapses as well!*

YoshiUnity: Okay, screw it! Just jump down! *Everyone jumps down without any order as the tremors grew more violent!* Alright, let’s do this! Altogether, on three!

MarioGamer159: Arrgh, no luck! That’s the third time we did that!

Smash: Okay, this time, give it ALL you got! That house looks like it will collapse at any moment so don't hold back!

B.Blaze Koopa: I don't hold back, man!

Fourswords64: Okay!

D-Man: Let's do it!

MarioGamer159: Okay, on "three"... One...


YoshiUnity: Two...


Shigg: [RING-ING-ING-ING!!!]



Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw45copy

YoshiUnity: This wasn't supposed to happen!


Smash: Ow... Everyone alright? Ohhh… Ow. *Leans on the door. It opens.* Oh snap, we did it! WE DID IT! Now let’s get in there an-- *THWACK!!!*

Before Smash could finish his statement, the door was swung right into his face! YoshiUnity, YoshiMan and everyone else ran out as fast as they could, not seeing everyone that was outside the house trying to save them. They all fell down, but got up just in time to get away from the house.

The mansion started to sway a bit. Soon, the roof caved in, then most of the third and second floors. After that...

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw46copy

The house collapse to the ground. Not a trace of it seems memorable anymore, not even the flames lasted through the fall.

ChaosDX1: Well, that's was a Halloween to remember!

Meowth'sPal21: I really don't want to, though.

Drarin: Agreed.

Smash: Guys, you're okay! *Sighs from relief.* Oh, that's a load off my back!

YoshiMan: Ahem...!

Smash: YoshiMan! Uh, hey… sorry about the--

YoshiMan: Nah, don't worry about it, dude. It's as much of my fault for even going in there… But hey! Next time, I'll just punch you or double-cake you on your birthday! Sounds good?

Smash: ... No, that... I have to tell you, that sounds awful. Anyway, uh, sorry about the prank guys. We didn't expect things to go this far.

BlooperKoopa19: Don't worry. We're out of there and that's all that matters.

Lilboarder: Oh the things we have to tell you guys! The things we seen and experience in there!


Lilboarder: YoshiUnity? Are you okay?

Fourswords64: You're not upset about the prank, are you?

YoshiUnity: ...What, no. No, not at all! I’m fine. Just —


…………… Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank yoooooooou …………. …………………….

YoshiUnity: (Huh? Did I hear a little girl say “Thank you”? Why would I… Hey, wait a minute!)

Fourswords64: Lolwut? YoshiUnity? Dude? You still with us?

YoshiUnity: *Snickers.* Yeah, I’m good. Just been wondering about something…

Drarin: What would that be, sir?

YoshiUnity: Uhh… (Come on… Think YoshiUnity, think! …Ooh!) Oh i-it’s just that I’ve been, uh, wondering about earlier. How was it that we pulled a U-turn to enter the house when we chose to walk away from it?

Drarin: Hmm… That is something to ponder abo—EEK! *Falls on her butt.* Oww…

YoshiUnity: Are you okay, Drarin?

Drarin: Ermm… I am well, thanks. I guess I slipped on something… Hmm… *Stands up and moves her foot on it, back and forth.* That’s odd… a revolving disk? *Moves it again.* It’s pretty big… Big enough for all of us to stand on. …!

Meowth’sPal21: That weirdo probably used that to trick us into the house!

ChaosDX1: And we couldn’t see anything because of the fog so…

YoshiUnity: Wow… (It may be best for them not to know what I’m really thinking about… It’s been a long night.)

Meowth'sPal21: Well, I guess that’s our answer then! I'll admit, YoshiUnity. I was pretty furious from before, what with you pulling us into this situation. But whether it was with skills or dumb luck, you were able to make it up by saving us! I think that I can speak for all of us that we are very thankful for what you did.

Drarin: Agreed! *Everyone else agrees, as well.*

YoshiUnity: Well, uh… Thanks. I... uh… *Clears throat.* I can't accept all the thanks with this. MG and the others saved my life.

MarioGamer159: Huh? What did we do?

YoshiUnity: Well, I don't know exactly, but I distinctly remember seeing you flying into a window. Dude, your face was literally smeared on the thing. If it wasn't for that moment, the story would have ended right there.

MarioGamer159: Well... heh. Imagine that...

Foursword64: I guess the catapult was useful after all!

YoshiUnity: The what?

MarioGamer159: Don't ask...

Meowth’sPal21: Well, that's all done and over! Now, we can at least get that party underway!

Lilboarder: Yeah!

YoshiUnity: Huh? But it's not even Halloween anymore.

Meowth'sPal21: So? After this, I could still go for a party to loosen up!

BlooperKoopa19: Oh yeah, party time! I'm going to shove my face pull of so much candy, that I -- Aw crap! Our candy!

Lilboarder: What?! *Checks for his pail like the rest of his group, sans YoshiMan.* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

YoshiUnity: Yeah, I guess we all left them in the house... Well, that's that for that haul. (Even though it wasn't much.)

Meowth'sPal21: Aw... Well, it doesn't matter! We still have plenty of candy at my place! So it's nothing big.

YoshiUnity: I guess. But we did waste a lot of time Trick-or-treatin’ then, since we come up empty-handed.

Drarin: I'm sorry... Forgive me.

YoshiUnity: What? Drarin, don't blame that on yourself. I still had fun, in an odd way. Well… Let's go, guys. That party won't start itself!

Fourswords64: Hey, wait a minute, guys!

YoshiUnity: Huh? What is it?

Fourswords64, MarioGamer159, D-Man, Blaze and Shigg didn't understand everything that has happened to the others, but they knew what they wanted to do about it! They took their big bags of candy from behind them and swung them to the front.

Lilboarder: So… What do you guys want?

MarioGamer159: A deal's a deal. Half of our candy is yours now, dudes.

Meowth'sPal21: What?! W-Why? Wasn’t it just a prank bet?

Fourswords64: Yeah, but we changed our minds. You guys went through A LOT more than we planned!

R. Blaze Koopa: A prank is one thing, but you went through -- uh -- whatever you went through! And you almost got killed! Honestly, living up to the bet is the least we can do.

YoshiUnity: Dudes...

D-Man: Aww, don't make this all soft and stuff! You guys deserve it, end of story! (My candy... I think I'm going to cry.)

Shigg: [Beep!]

Smash: I'll add my share to this tomorrow. What about you, YoshiMan?

YoshiMan: *Belches.* ...There's your answer! *Everyone laughs.*

YoshiUnity: Well, thanks guys, this means a lot!

Fourswords64: Don't worry about it. Anyway, you guys need help with the party? I mean, we don't have anything else to do.

Meowth'sPal21: Well, you guys are already invited; but the more, the merrier!

MarioGamer159: Good! We’ll have this party up and running in no time!

YoshiUnity: Then let's stop talking and let's go and get-- ...?! What are you doing here?!

Gr33n: ...

YoshiUnity: ...Are you going to say anything or what?

Gr33n: Well, I… heard you guys talking and whatnot… So I wanted to, uh, apologize for the shoes. So sorry... I'm sorry about the, uh, shoes.

Meowth'sPal21: Oh, you're going to have to do better than that, Gr33n.

ChaosDX1: Yeah, you're lucky we didn't call the cops on you!

Gr33n: Look, I was wrong, okay?! I know that! I mean... LiTE was supposed to come over and he never did. He never called or told me anything and it kind of pissed me off!

Drarin: So then you assault us with shoes?

Gr33n: Yeah, I know… It was stupid… And also -- uh -- can I go to your party?

YoshiUnity: …!

Meowth'sPal21: What?! Do you really think--

YoshiUnity: In fact, yes. Yes, you can!

Everyone else: WHAT?!

Meowth'sPal21: You're doing it again, YoshiUnity! Why should he even be allowed to go without everyone’s permis-- *YoshiUnity whispers in her ear.*...! Ohhhhh... On second thought, I agree too. *They both whisper the info into everyone's ear.*

Drarin: Marvelous...

ChaosDX1: Oh goody!

BlooperKoopa19 and Lilboarder: Muhahahahahahahahahahahaha...! *Twiddles their fingers.*

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw47copy



Drarin - Sackboy
YoshiMan -ChickenMan

YoshiMan: Hey, Drarin! What are you up to?

Drarin: It's nothing much... I'm just trying to bob for apples, sir.

YoshiMan: Oh. Why do you seem a little hesitant?

Drarin: Well... It's mostly because I'm a parabones and well... Sometimes I fear that my head is a little loose sometimes... It might fall off and I prefer for no one to laugh at me...

YoshiMan: Oh, don't worry about that. I think it'll stay on just fine, Drarin. Go ahead! Give it a shot!

Drarin: I don't know...

YoshiMan: Okay, I have an idea. How about I do this with you? That way if your head falls off, I'll have a soggy mask. Fair?

Drarin: *Laughs a little.* Okay, YoshiMan. It's fair... * Both get ready...* But promise you won't laugh!

YoshiMan: And... GO! *He bobs first; Drarin sighs but follows.* ... *YoshiMan lifts his head out.* Darn it, couldn't get one! Oh well. Any luck, Drarin? *Drarin lifts herself up...* Uhhhh... *Snickers... Snickers some more.*

Drarin: ...

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw48copy


Fourswords - Link
MG - Old Snake
Shiggs - Mr. Game and Watch

MarioGamer159: (Do do... De do dee do dee. Do do... De do dee do dee. Do do... De do dee do dee. I am IN. A. BOX!)

Shigg: [BEEP!]

Fourswords64: Dude! Calm down!!


MarioGamer159: *Sighs...* Not again...

Fourswords64: It was just a game! Don't take it so personally just because I beat your Mr. Game and Watch with Link!

Shiggs: [CLICK! EENK! EENK!]

Foursword64: Oh crap! OH CRAP!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw49copy

MarioGamer159: ... (Do do... De do dee do dee. Do do... De do dee do dee. Do do... De do dee do dee. I'm still IN. A. BOX!)


R.Blaze – Rambo
Smash - Guybrush Threepwood
D-Man - Cartman

D-Man: C'mon, Smash! Not another ghost story!

R. Blaze Koopa: Yeah, man. No offense, but they kind of suck.

Smash: Oh come on! I saw you jump, Blaze!

R. Blaze Koopa: I sneezed!

D-Man: *Sighs.* I going to see if they're still playing Brawl...

Smash: Wait wait wait! Okay, I guarantee that this one will be scary!

D-Man: ...*Sigh.* Really, Smash? ...Okay.

R. Blaze Koopa: Yeah, let's hear it.

Smash: Okay, here we go... *Breathes in and out...* Ooooooooooooooooo...

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw50copy

Smash: *Sees R.Blaze Koopa and D-Man staring in his direction, frighten...* Uh, guys...

R. Blaze Koopa: ...!

D-Man: ...!

Smash: (Wow... I didn't even have to tell them the story! I'm good at this!)


BlooperKoopa19 - Chef
Lilboarder - Cowboy

Lilboarder: Alright! Pinata time!

BlooperKoopa19: About time! I love smashing these things open!

Lilboarder: Uh, why do you have a crowbar?

BlooperKoopa19: To smash this pinata wide open! Look at it, it's begging for the crowbar!

Lilboarder: ...Okay, whatever. Put on this blindfold. *Blooper takes it an puts it on.*

BlooperKoopa19: I'm ready! *Does a few practice swings.*

Lilboarder: Hey, watch it! *Hoist the pinata up...* Okay, it's ready! Go for it, du-- *It's too heavy. The pinata falls and hoists Lilboarder up.*

BlooperKoopa19: Okay!

Lilboarder: No, dude! Wait! WAIT!

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw51copy

BlooperKoopa19: BANZAI!!! *THWACK...! Thud.* ...Hey Lilboarder, you should hold it a little higher. I swung low, and still got it! ...I know I at least cracked it though!


Gr33n - Tommy Wiseau
ChaosDX1 - Pirate(My version.)
Meowth'sPal21 - Samurai Pizza Cat
YoshiUnity - Deadpool

ChaosDX1: Okay, M.P.! You got it! Just one more!

YoshiUnity: Okay, here you go! *Tosses shoe... Meowth'sPal21 misses.* Aww...!

ChaosDX1: You almost had him!

Meowth'sPal21: Darn it...! Oh well! You're up, YoshiUnity!

YoshiUnity: Awesome! *Grabs the baseball bat.* By the way, M.P., awesome party!

ChaosDX1: Ditto!

Meowth'sPal21: Heh, thanks!

Gr33n: Come on, guys. I said I was sorry! Please!

YoshiUnity: Oh no no no, dude! The agreement was that everyone, whom you threw a shoe at, would get a turn in this.

Meowth'sPal21: So get comfortable because we still have some more turns to go!

ChaosDX1: I got my foam hook and everything! *Drinks soda.*

Gr33n: ... *Sighs.*

YoshiUnity: So relax... and BATTER UP! Toss me one, M.P.! *Meowth'sPal21 throws him a shoe.*

Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Hw52copy

YoshiUnity: Aw man! Just missed him!

ChaosDX1: Eh, don't worry, dude! You still have 3 more turns to go!

Gr33n: ( ...Why me?)


“If you want my opinion, imperfection itself was never meant to be a weakness… It only makes each and every one of us who we are. How we use it will determine if it is a strength or not.”



[big]Extra Stuff: This all only info that tells you everything behind the scenes.

[/big]Honorable Mention. (These were guys that were interested in being apart of the story; however, they responded a little too late. I use their names in the stories.)


This started from conversation I had with Meowth'sPal21 on YoshiMan's Art topic, during his preparation for Horrorween. We were talking about possibly starting our own Halloween stories. My idea and eagerness wouldn't go away so I had to make this!

This has nothing to do with The Other Side.


Besides 9 and Coraline. I was inspired by the following:

Epic Mickey - To make some of the enemies robot version of you guys. Plus, I had to add a creepy vibe in a setting that seems odd for these characters

No More Heroes - To add as much characteristic moments as possible. For whatever flaw there was, I would not let up on the atmosphere. Also, to have a lot of clever dark humor in it, with some normal and some juvenile.

Dead Space - Mostly for the action scene. When the characters tried to fight for their lives, they were literally meant to seem like they were fighting for their lives! I wanted to describe every detail of it.

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horrors - Some dark humor along with some goofy moments that seem kind of out of place.

Monster House - It's in a scary house. Next!

Sonic Colors - This came once I began to update. I wanted to do a better job with the writing. I actually made a good amount of changes as I updated each chapter. Didn't quite nail it, but lesson are learned.

MadWorld - To try and mix goofy and dark moments. Plus the Black and white artstyle.

Sin City - Same with MadWorld. But to use other colors when needed.

Phoenix Wright - Make the characters deep as possible, and make each likeable their own special way. This was the biggest reminder to make the script serious, yet humorous.

And much more that I can't remember!


I wanted to portray everyone's character the best way I possibly could. (I didn't want it to seem much different unless it was a costume gimmick or just for the goofiness of it.) Like with Drarin's quotes being italicized. I also look at some of the post you guys made on here carefully so I could try and see what works.

In the pre-plans: Bowser81889, Dixie, Bakuuda, LiTE and Seal were all supposed to have parts in the story. However, I had to cut them out because they never signed up. Bowser81889 was going to have Lilboarder's role. Dixie would have had R. Blaze's role. Bakuuda would have had D-Man's role. Seal would have had Gr33n's. LiTE would have had Smash's. All the roles were altered to fit the newly selected characters better.

If Dixie was in the story, she would have special quotes like Drarin. All of her quotes would have had smileys.

If Seal was in, he would have had a running gag. To where I repeatedly posted a picture of his character staring at the reader saying " I AM Seal!"

Nameless's name came from a thought that I had about anonymous authors... "Nameless Authors" ... "Arthur Nameless." I also wanted him to seem like the combination of Doctor Doom, Owlman(Opposite Batman for those unfamiliar.) and Megatron. Which is why he's classy, yet insane and fierce.

I mostly drew whatever scene I felt like drawing... If I thought it would be portrayed better as a drawing, or... If I just thought it was cool. Rolling Eyes

I loved using costume gimmicks! My character was able to break the fourth wall because of the DeadPool costume. D-Man was kind of a jerk because he was in a Cartman costume. Shigg acted completely like an Game and Watch character. MarioGamer159 had the red "!" and pulled the Nikita missile launcher and box out of nowhere. So on and so forth...

There were supposed to be more costume gimmicks in the story. In the scene where Drarin was chased by Fake ChaosDX1, She was actually going to get away, leaped in areas of the hallway a la Little Big Planet. At the end, she would do a goofy sackboy pose. I cut it because it was too much to draw.

Meowth'sPal21 was supposed to say, "What would I do for a cannon about now...?" Left that out because... I forgot. XP

Making more...

I want to make more! I have so many story ideas that it's crazy! However, it depends on you guys. Do you want to me make more? If so I will!

I'll have to start early though! So expect me to ask you guys something around August or late July, if I go with it.

Not all of the stories will star my character as the main protagonist. Some will give your characters the main spotlight!

I may not use as many pictures next time. This story had 54 drawings! That's a lot!

And one last thing...

Thank you everyone... If it wasn't for you guys, this story wouldn't have been as awesome as it was. Also, I really appreciate your patience, honesty and respect for this story. I'm still working on the Other Side, but this was something that I'm glad to have done on the side. You all made it worth the effort and time. I'll try my best to be more prompt next time though. Razz

That's it!




HAPPY NEW YE-- eeee...


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Copy pasta!

Well, I hope you copy pasta'd.

Anyways, this is a real cool story dude and it's a very nice read.

Can't wait to be in the second one! duuuur
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Tales at Twelve: The Perfectionist Vide
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