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 The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery)

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The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Vide
PostSubject: The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery)   The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 02, 2011 10:50 am

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Ntba-2

My deviantart page: yoshiunity.deviantart.com

Nothing for now...

New Update!

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) SorcerersLawlogocopy

These is everyone confirmed to have a role in the story! Thanks for looking into these updates... I'm still working as hard as I can to finish this story. Too make it the best it can be. This isn't as easy of a story to set up as the last one. I have even more respect for Shu Takumi, the Director and Writer of the Ace Attorney series and Ghost Trick, than I already had.

Again, I'm not sure if I'll make it in time for Halloween, but it WILL be finished. Much sooner than it took me with the last one, I'll guarantee you that.

Everyone who signed up.:

Kirby_Sandro - D-Man(How cool is that?! Very Happy ) LiTE - LiTE-DaRK(Like Two-Face, but his idea.)

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Kirbylite

Here are the final two character updates for Sorcerer's Law. Kirby_Sandro costume idea was just all kinds of awesome. To be a best friend for Halloween is just something that you can't help but to appreciate.

With this, I could have just made him a Kirby with a D-Man cap. (My version of D-Man.) But why stop there? I decided to give him the cap, sneakers, a fake nose and hair. I wanted to add as much on him as possible, and I think it came out great.

LiTE... Oh LiTE... May your love for the Batman franchise continue to give me ideas on how to handle your character. LiTE came up with the idea of being LiTE-DaRK from famous Batman villain Harvey Dent, A.K.A. "Two-Face". When he told me that, the Arkham City character design immediately came into mind.

The LiTE side looks like... well, LiTE! But the DaRK side resembles the TrueUnity design I gave him earlier, but more tattered. And on his face, you can see what seem to be stitches.. Fake? I don't know. Once you see how LiTE acts in this story, that will be the last thing on your mind.

Drarin - Ness(Earthbound/Mother series) Lilboarder - Noki(Mario Series)

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Drarinlilboarder

Drarin... if only you were here to see this... This one's for you. I know who much Drarin liked the characters from the Earthbound/Mother franchise. So I decided to give her character a Ness costume. This isn't the first time I design her character in this outfit so it was very easy to work with.

Lilboarder's costume was a tough one. In fact, he was originally going to have a more summery outfit with flip-flops and whatnot. But I went with this since I'm actually more comfortable drawing shoes then bare feet. So yeah, he's a street clothes version of a Noki.

Smash - Phoenix Wright(Ace Attorney Series) MarioGamer159 - Godot(Ace Attorney Series)

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Smashmg

THIS WAS A COINCIDENCE! I repeat, "THIS WAS A COINCIDENCE!"... An awesome one though. Razz

Smash is dressed as Phoenix Wright. I made sure everyone was a close towards Phoenix's design as he told me... OBJECTION! There's a contradiction with this statement! He actually told me to keep the hair somewhat puffy like his afro, as I did.

You want to know another coincidence? I was drinking some coffee when working on MG's costume. He's dressed as Godot, one of the best characters of the entire Ace Attorney series. Not doubt he's drinking blend #107 in this "I flip tables" coffee mug. (I had to add that on there...Razz) And that mask. Honestly, that was the best part on working on this costume. And it wasn't as hard as I though it would be.

YoshiMan - ChickenMan(His idea) FSMK - Marty McFly(Back to the Future)

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Ymfsmk

He's ChickenMan! If you're not familiar with this costume, you're not from around these parts! *Loads shotgun.* Every since last year, I'd say that I became really used to drawing ChickenMan. He's basically the same as I draw him last year, but with a zipper added on the front. I've also remember that I had the numbers painted on the outfit, but never did that in the previous story. That will take affect this time.

FSMK was originally going to be Apollo Justice of the Ace Attorney series, but he changed his mind to Marty McFly from Back to the Future. Which is still a great choice. It's Back to the FREAKIN' Future! In fact, he even drew his version of what his costume should look like. I would have added the guitar into this, but I had to cut it out, so I won't have that much to work with when drawing the scenes.

D-Man - Sissel(Ghost Trick) Seal - Paper Bag Ghost(His idea)

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Dmanseal

Note to self: Buy Ghost when you have enough freaking money! Seriously... Anyway, this is D-Man as Sissel. I really enjoyed working on this one, and working on making sure it stays true to the design. The main challenge was making the costume work with D-Man's character design. But I got it to work.

Seal literally wanted his to purposely fail at being scary... I think... He only wanted me to scrap a picture of an 8-bit ghost on his character's face, but I decided to add more: gloves, boots, clothes and a trash can lid taped to his stomach... FEAR HIM! :U

Bowser81889 - Skater(His idea) R.Blaze - Dorian(The Mask)

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Bowserblaze

These two are reusing there intended ideas from last year. Now I could have followed what was provided... but nah.

Yeah, I decided to get a little fancy with Bowser's character pose. Plus, I went nuts with his clothes. The skateboard is nice, but my favorite part was the flame decal on his wool cap. Also, you can't see it, but he has tattoos on his arms... they'll be visible in the story whenever possible.

I'm not going lie. I haven't seen The Mask or read the comic book in years... Like when I was 10. So I almost drew blaze as the main protagonist, when really, he wanted to be the villian. So I change a few features overall and there you go. got to say. I love the crazy look I gave him. And he clings up well in a suit.

Gr33n - Soldier(Team Fortress 2) Foursword64 - Paper FS(Like Paper Mario, but his idea)

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Gr33nfs

*Add your favorite Soldier quote... go ahead.* Gr33n's favorite class from TF2. My original plan was to fulfill his original request with the costume design, but for the sake for drawing scenes, I had to simplify him to a common soldier design. I'm glad he was cool with it. That's good, amen.

I LOVE left field costumes! Like Shigg's Mr. Game and Watch costume from last year, Foursword64 take almost drastic change in appearance in a way that seems impossible. Why is he a paper version of himself? Just 'cause. All I know is that it's awesome!

YoshiUnity - Sherlock Holmes(Sherlock Holmes Series)

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Sheryoshiunity

It's me as Sherlock Holmes... No stupid hat... No "Elementary, my dear Watson."... I'm the movie/original interpretation of the character. A smartass who smokes a lot and has a keen sense of perception. That's all I prefer it. Damn that hair... It's odd adding that much hair on a Yoshi, but I had to do it.

Meowth'sPal21 - Mieu(Tales of the Abyss) ChaosDX1 - Engineer(Team Fortress 2)

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Mpchaos

Meowth'sPal21 is Mieu was challenging. Mostly because of the ears and the ring. The ears were rectified by the her character wearing a hood. It was odd just adding them on her head. The ring is a prop, that I originally wanted to be a hula-hoop she carries. I changed it to this so it would be less of a hassle to draw. Overall I'm proud of the results.

Choas is the Engineer with a Gunslinger tool. (Insert your favorite Engineer line here... Go ahead.) The design, like TF2 is simple but awesome. His character was perfect for the Engineer costume. Also his guitar is destroyed... He knows why. Razz

BlooperKoopa19 - Chip(Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers) Shigg - The Warden(SuperJail!)

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Bloopshigg

Blooper and Shigg both gave me sketches to work with for their designs. I use them for the most part, but I also added a little more.

Blooper costume originally had the hat, jacket and whip. I added the furry pants, bushy tail and ear pasties on the hat to make him look more like Chip. Making a koopa look like a chipmunk was difficult, but I think I did well.

Shiggs' was easy. I just followed the design he gave me front and back. The only thing I added was his tail. (He must of forgot it in his drawing. Razz) I also shrunk his hair a bit.

Vanilla the Rabbit - Sonic 20th Anniversary

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Vanilla203copy

Finally the collaboration was finished so I can post this on other sites now! (A rule I made for myself.) Anyway, I've said a while back that I was working on a collab with some friends on a Sonic fan site I go on. I knew I was busy with other stuff but couldn't resist. Now, I did sign up late, so not a lot of characters were really available when I signed up. Otherwise, you would have seen Knuckles, Silver and Blaze on here too. But in stead, I drew Vanilla the Rabbit and Shade the Echidna.

For those who don't know, Vanilla is Cream's mother... And for those who don't know who Cream is, look it up. I'm not explaining that. I think Vanilla is a nice character mostly because of how nice she is, often being very polite and motherly to almost anyone she trust. Plus, she loves to cook, thus the cakes. Of course, I had to make things a little humorous here, so I made it to where one of the layers fell on her head, as she tries to keep her cool.

Funny things about those cakes... They seem to resemble different levels from past Sonic titles! Can you guess which ones are represented?

Shade the Echidna - Sonic 20th Anniversary

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Shade1q2copy

Have you played Sonic Chronicles? Chances are, you probably didn't. Also, if you did, you either loved it or hated it. Me, I loved it for everything that did right, even though some of it was very half-assed. Anyway, I like Shade. Most because how serious and efficient she is and all the knowledge she had about her gadgets and clan's history. Some people say she was sort of bland, but I totally didn't see it.

Anyway, decided to draw her doing something unintentionally funny, so it would work for her. No matter how advanced a gadget is, it will malfunction sooner or later. Consequence? Burning present for Sonic. But no biggie, right? Shade is only an former lieutenant from a highly advance civilization, what could possibly be of any value in that gift?

Oh yeah, I gave her a background so you can see the effects better in any situation.

Click here to see the collab - https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img35/3017/collabfinalphase.png

Egg Hammer - Quite Steampunk'd

The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Steamegghammercopy

Hmm... Quite. I drew this for a special Sonic Fan fic called Sonic: Age of Steam. The author wanted anyone interested to draw a steampunk version of their favorite Badnik. While I'm currently contemplating how the draw Coconuts in this style, I decided to work on Egg Hammer.

I think it turn out fine. Also, heh! Top hat and monocle. Awesome, right? ...Quite.



Alright! My entry for the Starbucks Frappuccino remix contest is finished! I've been working on this for a good while!

Well, the theme of the contest was to "make a frappuccino" with a creative spin of happiness. Smile This was awesome!

As you can see, I went with an retro 8-bit artstyle, since one of my favorite hobbies is video gaming. (I always had a soft spot for the good ol' days.) I made sure to also add as much color in this as I possibly could, and give the 8-bit artstyle a bit of an modern flare.(With how the shading and foreground/background are handled.)

Now I didn't ignore the true meaning of the contest; happiness. Happiness is filled in this entry. It was always the main theme of it. See, what I believe true happiness is, is to love one's live the way they always wanted to. For me, it's all about succeeding in my goals, yet living my life as free as I can.

That's why you see the hills in the cup. They represent "family." Because no matter what, family matters. The character holding the 1-up is wearing an UNLABELED working outfit, as I want to work in a successful job someday. (The coffee is a 1up because I freakin' LOVE coffee, and it seems to make since with the contest.) You can also see that the character is somewhat of the main character; as in a videogame.

The clouds in the cup, and the blue mountains represent some of my favorite hobbies: video games, art, soccer, technology and music. Reaching high altitude because I like them so much.

Combining all of this, and that's what makes me happy. To enjoy myself and succeed in my life. As the controller points out at the bottom, it's the "Game of Life."

The Circadian - Click here for better view -> http://yoshiunity.deviantart.com/art/The-Circadian-197933577


Phew! Finally finished this thing just in time! Been working on this for a week... Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that everything sync'd up with the rules.

So many ideas went through my head for the contest, but I decided to mix it up with a time themed level; The Circadian! It's almost Father Time-esque in a way. It's a level that's all about the platforming experience. There's also some optional pathways and methods for extra stuff, so it won't feel so linear.

One thing that stuck out about the contest was how the judges will judge the entries. More noticeably, how fun it looks and how creative we use the textures given. They wanted the texture used creatively, well give them what they want! Very Happy Everything with structure in this picture was made with the textures! The hourglasses, the calender wallpaper, pipes, all of it. Counting the burn, dodge, painting edging and fog effects. Textures basically makes around 85-90% of the picture.

Keeping my fingers crossed!


Previous Update



Phew...! This took a while, but the deadline was tonight on the spot so I to add as much I could and finish it. For those who didn't know, Capcom was holding a contest Online for fans to draw a picture for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Since I'm hyping this game to high heaven, I decided make an entry with some of my favorite, CONFIRMED, Marvel and Capcom characters. [Iron Man, Spider-man, Deadpool, Ammy, Tron Bonne and Viewitful Joe.]

Of course, I wanted it to look cool, but like the game, I wanted it to be a little silly at moments. Plus, like the game, I didn't want to alter the characters too much from their original designs. Just enough to work with my style. So Joe still has his big head, Tron is still anime-faced and I had to give Ammy low flames since she sitting on the couch, owning Deadpool. XP

MK-Action Chef

Almost forgot about this... And that deadline's pretty close so let's do this.


When I read the guidelines, one thing that stood out in my eyes was that MK likes to cook. So I made his character a Chef... an "Action Chef" if you will. Which is why I gave him an action pose, with the spatula and self-cooking frying pan. (Action... flambe?) The apron is the comedy relief for the character. I didn't really have much time to color it, but I just shaded in the shadows a bit.

Enjoy, amigo.

[big]The choices were all random. Names chosen from a hat.

Alt - This character already has a different costume.

Possible Alt - This character may or may not have another costume.[/big]

Halloween Costumes Part 1/5


YoshiUnity – Deadpool (Marvel Comics)-Heh heh. This was the idea that started the entire idea. I was interested in drawing my character as Deadpool for a long time now. The character is just so darn hilarious! I didn’t even know about him until early last year! XP For those who don’t know about Deadpool, he’s a mercenary/layback dude.. His skills and attitude can only be described as a mix of Wolverine(Can’t die.), Deathstroke(Lots of weapons, and kind of picky.) and the Joker(Cuckoo!). How insane is Deadpool? Well, he’s able to break the fourth wall a lot, leaving other characters baffled. (Which is why my character tore his name from the background, and is why he’s also criticizing my art skills… Geez, he’s letting the outfit go to his head. O_o) I tried adding in the pupils, but it didn’t look right. It’s cool. That’s how Deadpool’s mask always looked.

Bowser81889 – Thor (Marvel Comics)- Now this was a costume that I didn’t really think too deep about. It was more of a lingering thought. I don’t know if Bowser81889 even likes Thor… But I went with it. I really like the results! I went with the “Reborn” outfit, because I thought it looks better. Also, since he’s not actually Thor, he can’t control lighting and… that happened… How, I don’t know! That hammer is not even Mjöllnir! But… you can sort of see his skeleton if you look close! Here you go, buddy!

Mr.Nintendork A.K.A. – Phoenix Wright(Ace Attorney Series)- Objection…! No idea why I did that! Anyway, when Mr.Nintendork was selected, I thought his character would be a perfect fit for Phoenix Wright. Sure, the body proportions are off, because of how I draw him. But even with that I still thought it would work. I don’t even know if he likes the Ace Attorney Series. But it works for his character and I hope he likes it… And yes, I used the actual “Objection” picture for this. It seem right to do so.

Simpson_Luver A.K.A – Mercedes(Odin Sphere)- Sadly, I have never played Odin Sphere. But I saw the game on Youtube, and it seemed like I was missing a gem! If that wasn’t a sleeper hit, I don’t know what is! Well, S.L. has played it and she loves this game. And in my recent memory, Mercedes, the Fairy Princess to Queen, was her favorite character. She even drew some awesome pictures of her! So since her named was shown, I felt like Mercedes was the perfect choice for her. Plus, I decided to add the crossbow in there as well. I was originally going to excluded to save time.

Sparklez A.K.A -Raine(Tales of Symphonia)- Eh, like I said… Sparklez emotions would seem more anime-like than others… XP Now, while I haven’t talked to her as much as I use to, I knew that she really like Raine from Tales of Symphonia. It’s an awesome game so this was an awesome choice for her character. Like in the game, Raine loves artifacts! Bonkers for them! So I added that into the picture. XD

Purple-Pikmin – The Hulk(Marvel Comics)- SPOILER ALERT! Purple-Pikmin’s character is huge! So I was only looking for a character big enough for his character to resemble. So Hulk seems like the best choice! It work pretty good, and I made the flower look wilted purposely... Radiation and what not. Hey, it was either this or him as Zangief. I’m not ready to see a buff pikmin with chest hair.

Halloween Costumes Part 2/5


(Alt.)Blooperkoopa19 – Freddy Krueger(Nightmare on Elm Street)- BlooperKoopa19 had his character as Jason last year. It was an awesome outfit too! Going from that, I though Blooper was a fan of classic horror films, so I decided to give him a Freddy Outfit this time. Man… It seems like he’s really into the character huh?

(Possible alt.)Meowth’sPal21 – Amaterasu(Okami)- A meowth.. as Amaterasu?! Ironic yes, but it works! I was glad to see that MP likes Okami, which is an excellent game! When her name was chosen, this was the first idea to jump into my head. And of course, Ammy is a wolf. So I decided to give MP’s character an outfit that better resemble Ammy, like all the fur around the neck and such. Some body paint here and there and presto!

Arbok X – Goofy(Mickey Mouse)- This dude loooooooooves him some Disney! XD Whether it’s the awesome classics or the new… GOOD stuff, he’s Disney down to the bone. Now originally, I was going to make him a Mickey outfit, but no matter how I did it, it just didn’t seem to work. So I settle for Goofy. Now I don’t know if he even likes Goofy, but he pose idea what too good to pass up!

Bowserjrfan A.K.A – A Zombie Cheerleader – I had her as a Vampire last year. This year, I decided to make her a Zombie. (Mostly because I’m getting a little SICK of vampires! Yeah they’re awesome at some points but there’s too many movies base on them!)Yes, she’s also a cheerleader, but I question one thing… How the butcher Knife got slammed in her head like that… Oh it’s a costume, duh! XD

YoshiMan – ChickenMan – Here’s his annual ChickenMan costume…! Eating chicken...? Wow, cannibalism… It wasn’t this funny since I made two Kirbys eat each other in Smash bros.[/dark humor] I decided to change his character eye color to Hazel, since he doesn’t really give his character an eye color. Anyway, I couldn’t just have his character standing still, he HAD to be doing something goofy at the moment… Too bad that goofy thing was right in front of…

Hen – Jessie(Pokemon) – Hen likes Pokemon, so I begin to think of a character she could be. Since my knowledge of the franchise is limited. Jessie seemed like the best choice since I gave Hen’s character red hair. Yeah, some of the characters were made to look like they were aware of other characters. With the ChickenMan idea, Hen was perfect to stand next to him… Ready to freak out! Team Rocket will be ready to blast off again!

Halloween Costumes Part 3/5


Mr.LuigiFreak101 – The Spy(TF2) – Whoa… I haven’t drawn his character for a long time! Glad his name came up. The first idea for him was to be Mr.L… That would have been redundant. So I look at some of the games he likes to play, and he likes TF2. I was never sure of what character he used, but thanks to another character on here, I decided to make him a Spy. You’re probably wondering why his cloaking mask is on a stick. I thought it would look weird if it was on his face, and didn’t think much of him actually holding it. But hey, with that mask, he won’t need both arms to do damage. And you can only see his pupils since he’s wearing a different mask.

B-Plushi – The Scout(TF2) – B-Plushi loves using the Scout, so when I pull his name out of the hat, I knew exactly who to use for his costume. (Well… It was either this or Peach. Peach would have taken more time.) I’m still questioning some of the coloring choices, since I haven’t been on TF2 in a while. But I’m happy with the results. Now, B-Plushi’s eyes may be closed, but he can still see you! (He has Brock-vision!) The long nails came from the old idea I had for his character… I was originally going to make his character a Dragon, but saw his illustration and went with that for the most part… No dragon tail for you!

TTL A.K.A. – Red Shirt(Star Trek)- Dude, I not even a Trekkie, and even I know that Red shirts are destined to die. (Nameless ones at least.) Sorry, True but I couldn’t resist. XP But hey, the shirt cause your phazer to fire the wrong way, not you! Razz …but it’s not like it’s a real phazer, right? …Right?!

Iridestris – Aang(Avatar: The Last Airbender)- Think of an idea for Iri was a little hard. I had a lot of ideas for her character. Link… A Monster hunter character… But Aang shined through. Being a big fan of Avatar, I was glad that she loves the franchise as well. Her character just needs to handle the glider a little better. XP Also, I was originally going to make her character bald for this. But I decided to stick with a bald cap. You can her her hair kind of sneaking out of it.

Vitz – Chell(Portal)- Wow, Vitz was another one that I haven’t drew in a while. This is really good! I’ll get use to using more of the characters! Anyway, I think Vitz likes the Orange Box, but was never sure if she liked Portal itself. Hopefully she does, because I already had two TF2 character and didn’t want to add another one. Gears of War would have also been a good choice as well. But I chose Portal because I wanted to use the portal gun in a funny way. I don’t know about anyone else, but I made constant Bugs Bunny jokes in the game. As you can see here…

Marimbamonkey14 – GLaDOS(Portal)- Now this was all Marimbamonkey14. She already had this costume made for Otakon a while back. Yeah, I changed a few things, but for the most part, this is still all her… Since I gave her character a tail, I made that look like an extension plug. XP

Halloween Costumes Part 4/5


(Possible alt.)Fourswords64 – Pizza! – It’s a curse! Fourswords must always be food! ALWAYS FOR HALLOWEEN!!! Muhahahahahahaha!!! …Hmm, for those how don’t know. For the past three year, YoshiMan gave Fourswords a food costume. It was pretty darn hilarious! …So I decided to keep the tradition alive, sort of. XP He’s Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza?!

(Possible alt.)Bakuuda – A mime – Bakuuda’s costumes were never for big name things. She had a cow and a thief costume last time. So I decided to keep it simple as well and give her a mime outfit. I think it works well, but this was still something out of the blue… Hey! She’s leaning on something! How does she do that?!

(Possible Alt.)Saru-Dixie – The Bridal Assassin – I… don’t know what to say here… All I knew was with Saru-Dixie, it had to be something “Out there”. So I was watching, some horror movies on the Chiller channel, and saw a killer in a bride’s dress. (No…! Not the Bride of Chucky!) So this was the “Out there” that I was looking for… and this is how it came to be! Sword held low, handcuffs, and a lovely bouquet of roses and grenades. (Where her butcher knife went to?O_o Oh well, it’s nothing important.) Anyway, you can see that I’ve done some work to make her seem insane. She looks a little paler, and her eye makeup is running from tears of joy and anger. I’ve also parted her eyes a bit. It works way better like that in my style.

(Alt.)Drarin – Ness (Earthbound/Mother) – It doesn’t take a genius to see that Drarin loves Earthbound! I knew it as soon as I played against her in Brawl. (She’s very good by the way!) Anyway, I gave her a Ness outfit! It was tricky to work with using her Dry Bones character, so I improvised a little. Her shell is painted brown to resemble the backpack, and the straps are tucked in it. Plus, all for hair is tucked in her hat, to make her look more like a boy. Heh… I wanted her to do something funny, so she’s making toast, using her P.K. thunder. Yeah, it’s just a costume… or is it? O_o

(Alt.)Smash – Scott Pilgrim (Same-named comic series) – Aw man! I really thought he was going to be Scott pilgrim this year… Oh well. Razz I still enjoyed making this, since I love the movie to death! He’s also a fan of the series, so this was a no-brainer for me. I gave him the shirt he has in the movie, but I let Smash keep his hairstyle. I thought it looks cool… Hey 1-UP! Plus, this was the first time I ever drew his character! I think I did pretty well with it. Smile

(Possible Alt.)Gannon1998 – Capt. Price (The Modern Warfare Series) – Wow… I HAD to make Ganniz Capt. Price. He loves Modern Warfare to death, and since giving him a Mohawk didn’t seem right, adding Price’s epic Beardstache seem to work so much better! I tried to follow the outfit the best way I could. I even gave him the Ranger shoutgun… It was one of the easiest weapons to draw for me. Smile This is also the first time I drew Ganniz. I think I did well with it as well. Razz

Halloween Costumes Part 5/5


(Alt.)R.Blaze Koopa – Rambo(Same-named series) – Okay. The dude’s character is jacked! He is ripped! Plus, all of his drawing has a Badass flare about them. So I thought of something with more of an action movie flare. Rambo was the first action hero protagonist to come into mind. Dude is locked and loaded and ready for action! Now I didn’t know he was even going to give himself a costume this year, but I’m still glad how this came out. Very Happy It makes me want to fire ammo like wildfire screaming my head off.

Bowser166 – The Terminator (Same-named series) – Aww man, I can hear that theme song now. XD Bowser166 is also a dude of action just like his big bro. (Fun Fact: After finishing his bro. I was going to make him look like one of the dudes from Contra. An awesome match, but I eventually liked this more.) Anyway, I made him all battle-scarred. And of course, a big chunk of his face is removed! (Movie make-up.) And he’s character huge guns! Can’t wait to see what Bowser166 thinks of this. And once he sees it, I know one thing… He’ll be back.XD

(Possible Alt.)ChaosDX1 – Capt.ChaosDX1 – ChaosDX1 LOVES Pirates! His character is one… I think. Anyway, every since his costume last year, I always wanted to see my spin on it. And these are the results! The hat, goggles and boots were my favorite parts. (You can tell by the hat and goggles, that I enjoy this… easy secret message. Razz) And that hook… hopefully he remembers that he has that. Anyway, ChaosDX1… YOU ARE A PIRATE!!! Yar! Har! Fidelity dee!XD

LitoNico – Ezio (Assassin’s Creed Series) – I’ll admit, I was a little nervous once LitoNico’s name came up. Mostly because I want his actually form to be hidden. I wanted as much covered as possible. The guy from Prototype came to mind, but left in an instant. Why? Because Assassin’s Creed backslapped me in the head. That was perfect for him. And I chose Ezio’s design… I wanted him to keep all of his fingers. And I couldn’t add too much…! Razz The design for these games are nuts! There’s detail on the detail! So I went with a basic design. Looks great to me.

Mega10 – A program (TRON Series) – It’s been a while for Mega10’s character! Not only did I draw her again, but I made her character resemble her design a little more. You can still see it in the TRON Outfit. Anyway, I went with a TRON Legacy design instead of the classic. Looks better in my opinion. She’s not a main character as well, just a program of her own. I was going to add some lights on her tail, but I thought she had enough as it is.

CrazyCougar – Jessie(Toy Story Series) – I’m glad CrazyCougar likes Toy Story, because her character gave me a huge roadblock of what to do with her. I was going to make her character just a regular cowgirl, but Jessie suddenly sprung into my head thankfully. Her character’s figure kind of works well with it. Razz You can actually see some of her hair peeking out from underneath the Yarn wig. Hopefully she can still hear well with that wig and hat over her cat ears. XP

Big Cargo Remake


Well, it's finally finished. I finally had to time to actually finished this remake.

Looking at the first picture. It didn't catch the steampunk look as much as I wanted it to. So I couldn't resist going back over it from top to bottom. It's very... orange and there are a lot of obvious brush tool strokes in this... just as I wanted.

While proportions are important sometimes, I decided to kind of throw that out of the window this time... No completely, but somewhat. Sort of like how I always draw anyway.

And even with the bigger landscape, I decided to add some actual steam. Can't really have steampunk without steam, right? XP

Anyway, hope you guys like it.

Mr.Nintendork TOS




GoddessZelda TOS


Neodaft_boy TOS


HackerHater62 TOS


Super YoshiUnity-O


Epic YoshiUnity



Dorit Katrina1185

DaRK Assailant


YoshiUnity Man and YoshiMan


YoshiUnity Man


Hedgehogs and Pigs




Atomic Bowser81889






Aqueous Blooperkoopa19


Metit Meowth'sPal21


The Other Side Characters:

Purple-Pikmin TOS


Marimbamonkey14 TOS




*New Challenger approaches!*





SuperSquirrel1 (TOS)

Iridestris (TOS)












YoshiUnity (TOS)



We're in the Dark




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The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Vide
PostSubject: Re: The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery)   The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 02, 2011 10:51 am


Yes, they're back! I wasn't thinking on making these DA exclusive, but hey, why not add them here as well. Believe me, I have BIG plans for these!

Portrait rules! DON'T SKIP THIS!!!!

Portraits are NOT requested! I make them out of respect! Don't kiss up to me either!

Don't give me any ideas unless I ask for them. LET ME GO NUTS!!!

Don't state anything purposely crass about them.

If you have a portrait, tell me when you use them. I would love to see them used by others!

"Omega YoshiUnity"

Know my power... As I have become one with the UnityBrush! This is what is known as my "True Unity". We all have talents, emotion, personality, and strength. Well this mode allows one the combine all those aspects together, and achieve true strength! Now this is not only for me, for every portriat will recieve one. When, well... the order is random, and these are pretty rare. So don't expect another one soon. However I might make two at a time, or three, or whatever.

Not all of the True Unity portraits are transformations. Some are powerful attacks, some are status changers, mind games, and much much more! Keep your eyes open!

True Unity: "Omega YoshiUnity" - The paint of the Unitybrush overtakes the body, turning from green to blue. The power glow causes the body to change to a dark purple and glow energy from the eyes, back of the head, and paint on the Hands and feet. The normal outfit changes to a more powerful armor with a odd crack in it. Why is that? does the armor hide something from within?

This mode... I am aware of who I am. Using punches, kicks, and standard energy blast attacks are all that I have. But There longer I fight, the stronger I become. The Intention of the Underdog still burns within me. Oh yeah, it allows me to fly.

Yoshiunity (Warrior)


Like the new outfit? Like the Unitybrush? Cool. Because it's my whole new look. Yep, thought I should retire my old look, to something a little more me. The old one seem a little rushed, now this one looks more original. And has way more style. The smybol is just a mark, nothing like Prince.

Unitybrush: "Warrior's Intention" I beileve that I came over the Underdog style, now I'm in the warrior class. This side-sword Unitybrush may have and odd hilt, but provides good defense as well as offense. The reach has increase, along with accuracy.


The Character: I've design my character in this way because I wanted to improved my "Fury Yoshi" Pic. I've planned this for a great amount of time, but never went to it. SO I decided to used this as my own character in a Nsider portrait.

Unitybrush: It is called the "Underdog's Intention". I was always a very determine person. I always hated the phrases "I give up" or "I never can't or will.". It's why I kept trying to improve my art even when I was said to be an average artist multiple times, and never gave up after losing 12 contests in a row before I actucally won. I may not be a underdog now, but I still have the attitude of one. It's why the Unitybrush an average brush with "keyblade" like square around the grip.

Jacksparrow 124


Character: Remember JackSparrow124? He's my best bud for Over a decade. We are basically like brothers; we respect each other, argue at times, and we always have each others back at rough times. He may not be the best artist around, but with a friendship that we have, how can I not make one for him? The design is strictly a phyiscal apperance Geno (Super Mario RPG), his favorite Mario character of all time, mixed with the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Unitybrush: The "Captain's Cross" is a small sword Unitybrush. Best used in close range, once might say. However, this sword is a little bit different from others, for it can be used as a boomerang in Jack's hand. With a flick of the wrist, it's thrown, but immediately comes flying back! How's that for a sword trick!

Jack's has been my best bust for many years. More years than we can remember. He methods of sloving issues can seem a little too extreme, and he can be a little stubborn at times. But the funny thing is that he has the "House" effect to where he's right at times. He's never under bad influence, and is very headstrong. There were times where he help me out of some sticky issues, and visa versa.

Why we have such a strong friendsship, well from what I just said, I always was able to tell him anything, I mean anything and he'll tell me what I need to hear, good or bad. So to my best bud for many years, it'll be a hard road in the future. But hey, I beileve we'll be best bud even after the day we die.



Character: Well many of you already know my tale of Christina: "Lost but not forgotten". It's stand true today, and as it will in the future.

My character design for her was strictly angelic. What a better way to make a portrait for a true angel? Now you may be wondering why the outlining seems undone Well for some reason, outling her wings and hair with marker just seemed to throw it off, so I only used a pen.

Unitybrush: The "Sacred Whip" Unitybrush is one that seems invisible to the naked eye. Is it there, or not? Since it sacred, it's only meant to punish evil, under no point of time must it harm the innocent.

I can't say I knew Christina for very long. But when I did, she wasn't down about her dilemma. Nor did she care that the cancer would kill her, because she beileve that she could fight it. Beside the sad stuff, she had a very strong personality, and was a thrill to talk to. She love to crack a good joke as well. It's why I put the sadness behind me. She'd probably slap the mope off of me if she was around.

She she much of an artist? She said she was okay, but not great. Too bad I've never got to she what she could do. But, as I kept telling her, "If you can draw on a piece of paper, and draw because you want to under you own influence. It'll alway be good." She said that that was an amazing tip, cheesy, but really amazing. XD So this is one for a friend not here anymore, but in my mind forever.

(Series 1)
Moriko 71416
The Character: Now with Moriko, I wanted to do something a little different. I know she is a Zelda fan, but I remeber that she once asked someone a request for a fairy drawing. So I decided to use this for the portriat.

Unitybrush: It is called the "Healing Colors". Moriko's art is very good, and has a very calm and relaxing tone with her art. Seriously, if you were in a very bad mood, just look at her art an you'll feel a little better. I made her Unitybrush to multiple rings because it's like her art; Unique and makes you feel great.

Bowser81889 (retro.)
The Character: A lot of people was expecting this to be a bowser pic. Well, the reason why I decided to make this one into a koopa is because making koopa seems to give it more of it's own character than just making another bowser clone. Why a koopa? well since bowser is generally a koopa, this was the closest thing I could do.

Unitybrush: It is called the "Expanding Talent". Bowser81889's art may not be the best on here, but when it comes to how many ways he can make art, that is where he really shines at! He practices in art types from pencil, crayon, paper, computer and etc. Also not just by how many styles, but how many ideas he has! His name on here maybe Bowser, but when it comes to art he shows no character favoritism! He try to make art out of ANY character or idea he can think of! That's the reason why his unitybrush is so huge! Plus the brush part of the brush is meant to be able to switch place on the handle.

The New Bowser81889

I could resist anymore! The idea of doing this has been bugging me forever!

Every sinc Bowser made two avatar Characters, Koopser and Reign, that idea of combining them to create a new character for him would not go away. I had to draw it!

So now I'll present to you... Bowser81889: The HedgeKoopa!

I combined traits from both of his avatar characters, and added my own spin of it. I added the hat so that is hair would look right. Plus, I kept the "B" on his Shirt instead of the "18". Just to make it easier for me. XD

Now for his skills. Well... he's part Koopa and (Sonic-like)Hedgehog. So he's fast, and spin dash and homing attack in his shell. Now he's still a koopa. So he has control over fire and is immune to it. Smile

Now his arm tattoos, one represents blue fire and another stands for red fire. He's shoots a different fireball from whatever tattooed arm it comes from. He can also combine them as well. Also his tattoos stand for more than just that. I'll share that for another time. XD But he still has the same unitybrush. (Not drawn.)

Simpson luver (Usernamenotfound)
The Character: With SL picture. I wanted to see if I could sort of her character in a way that it would look like her and my art combined. As for how the character looks, one of her pictures that she did that I thought was cool was the "Mummy dress" one. So I also base her character sort of after that. Also I watch a lot of terminator, AVP, and Blade:trinity at that moment. As for the yellow, that's a dead givaway!

Unitybrush: It is called the "Inside Cannon". Everyone should make art because they like to. SL shows it greatly! Her art is awesome because she works in a pace that doesn't have her trying to jump a great leap and show off to every one. It's more like. "She makes the art, she takes her time with it,she improves with it, she approves of it, other approves! You dont? who cares!" She works at it for her approval, and that is what an artist should do! that why her Unitybrush is like an arm cannon. it's apart of her, and when it fires and hits a target, it's because she did it with her skills.

The Character: Now I don't really know how this happen, but I think it was inspired from Arbok's "waiting picture" with TTL riding a tumbleweed. It gave me the idea to go ahead and go with a cowboy theme. Yes his arms are not through the sleeves!

Unitybrush: It is called "Rapidfire". Have you seen this guy's art? Have you? Seriously it explain itself! Now with his art, the name for the Unitybrush isn't called "Rapidfire" Because he makes art fast. It's name that because his art will have you coming back multiple times! You find yourself looking at his gallery repeatedly just to ask yourself "How does he do that?". To why his Unitybrush is shaped liked a machine gun. "For every bullet one can shoot, you'll visit his gallery!"

(Series 2)
Purple Pikmin
The Character: Well, I remebered when Purple made a picture of a purple pikmin with sunglasses. I decided to used that in order to give this character a starting jump! The jersey was because he plays on a football team.

Unitybrush: It is called the "Strength of Wisdom". Purple art his very good, but he doesn't just makes the art by simply just making it and placing on here. He thinks about it long and hard. What can he do to improve it? What kind of style should it be? He constantly thinks of ways to make his art the best way he can. Also he is very intellegent by just thought! That's why he has the unity brush in his flower stalk than in his arms.

Blasttyrant (Mericuan)
The Character: Well just to be clever. I used the "Blast" part of his name to help me out. I also wanted to make a portrait that his sort of unique in a way that it'll still make since. Thus the bombs! You'll see what I mean! Plus he is very hysterical, but does know when it's time to be serious. Thus is why his character looks likes a jester.

Unitybrush: It is called the "Bombcast". Blast is a very impressive artist who is constantly leaves an impression everytime he updates his gallery. Infact he had that impact as soon as he posted his first work on here! and he always used the art programs or tools that are consider old, but he can make a liar out of ya! Now his unity brush can't make colors on it's own like the other brushes. Instead he throws the bombs, and used their expolsion as color to paint.

The Character: SuperSquirrel1's character is pretty much inspired by the style of Metal gear solid. He a fan of the series like I am. Plus Since his name has Squirrel in it, and I always wanted to draw a cool squirrel, I drew his character as one.

Unitybrush: It is called the "AK-Nutty7". Supersquirrel1 is really great art and is improving in many ways. But as a soldier on the field, he makes sure that everyone of his conrads are doing the best they can as well. See SuperSquirrel1's art isn't the best artist here by skills. He'll tell ya that. But when it comes to knowledge on what to improve on. He is one of the best in that. Infact comments he gave to me actually helped me out with future work! His brush is made like that for that main reason! You'll always have to reload a gun and shoot it, but it takes knowledge to know how to used it! Know what I mean?

The Character: Sparklez's character is base off of her anime style. Plus like me, she likes anime! That's some great taste! I've gave her character that same anime charm. More of the tokyo girl style than that serious girl style.

Unitybrush: It is called "Happi ". Sparklez can do a lot on her own in art. It's obivous just look at her gallery! But beside that. She has very good friend support. As her friends, we sort of do what we can to aid in her art. Even though she doesn't really need the support, she is always open to it and is respectful when recieving it. by doing this she improves, and makes art faster and better everytime. Computer or in drawing. Plus she aids is giving advice as well. Her relationship with her friends, and how she uses it why her paintbrush resembles one of those little happy anime characters that always aid the main character, Her Unitybrush is a much as a friend as a tool for art. Plus it talks to her and aids her in her art.

(Series 3)
Arbok X
Character: This is basically Arbok X's design, except with a little bit of changes here and there. The additions were inspired by Bleach, and I think Kingdom Hearts. I seriously enjoyed making this portriat, and I can't wait to see Arbok X's textbox when he sees this!

Unitybrush: This one is known as the "King Cobra". As a king cobra, it's big and can strike very fast! Arbok X's character always had a big sword with him. Fitting, because his skills in computer is something to behold. The brush is also huge because of his ability to make art, sprite, hand, computer or etc.; in a very quick rate.

Character: As you can see, I just went absolutely insane with her character. Many ideas came up: Geisha, monk, Trinity blood, Legend of Zelda, it goes on. So I place them all together and it resulted this. I find it very creative and out in left field in a great way.

Unitybrush: This is known as the " Might of the Goddess". A Goddess is strong in power and wisdom. It's a huge double-sided brush not because of range, but skill. GZ's skill is absolutely amazing! You'll see her art ans swear it's computer art, but she'll show you straight up that it was made by hands. Which won MANY awards on Nsider!

Also GZ's is very smart on and off the artistic field! You can talk with her and have a very intelligent conversation. She has help many artist improve as well. I'm one of them, and I'm proud of it.

Character: This was another creation that I went nuts on. I made her mostly red, for RMT's art skills. More on that in the unitybrush section! Also the design was 100 percent from my imagination. Her character seems tough, because RMT works extremely hard in her work.

Unitybrush: The "Blendful Bow" is able to shoot arrows made from the paint covered string. Precision and detail, Her skills are A-number freaking-1 in this field. You can see that she puts a gallon of effort in all her work. There not something that can be made overnight! I'll tell you that!

Here bow does seem odd, doesn't it? Well it's not for striking like the others but blending colors, releasing with the arrows. Did I hit the nail on the head?

Character: Star*Shock is respectful but mostly silent. Quietly and proud, LIKE A NINJA! The inspiration was for on fire starter picture she made. The first one had to be redone, because I accidently gave her a boy portriat. My bad, SS. But I say that I fixed it. lol

Unitybrush: "Ember Stroke" A ninja strike quiet an swiftly, but this one can burn stuff! Her art skills are ver strong in both mediums of computer and hand. The blue fire is the hottest type of fire there is. It'll leave as mark, as the work of Star shocks in your mind! Beileve me, they're unforgettable!

(Series 4)

Character: Sassen's character, like Aidunno, was inspired buy character from Killer 7; However, it's "Con Smith" this time. Because Sassen is very wacky, but in a cool way. And her art is something you should see to beileve. I made her character blind as well, thus the wool hat over the eyes.

Unitybrush: Sassen's art stays at left field and camps out there, I love that! Creativity is what I look for mostly in art! The "Sloppy gun" Unitybrush deilvers with that.

This brush is a little odd. It shoots paint constantly. It's ammo is imaginationm and, Sassen can't stop hers because it constantly flows. Yeah, it'll spill on her, but with that brush, the paint is never wasted. Used paint is reusable! So she can constantly reuse the same paint, as long as her imagination flows. That gun will never run out of ammo.



Character: Litonico's has many. MANY memorable artworks! They're 3-freaking-D for geez sakes! But out of all of his work, everyone knew him by the Pirahna Plant. I didn't want to make his portriat into one, so I made a design with the plant as a focus! I made the design this way because Lit's is a guy, who does talk to ya, but he won't mind staying a little silent everynow and then. Thus the hood.

Unitybrush: Where's his Unitybrush?! Oh yeah, that's right! The pirahna plant IS his unitybrush! "Pipe" Piranha comes from the pipe on lit's back. Lit is an expert on 3D art, so it's why I gave him a living brush! Because his 3D art looks as if it's almost alive!

Plus, he knows it takes a lot of practice to make 3D art. You want any tips, he's all ears. And don't mind Pipe's drooling problem.



Character: Katrina is someone with a relaxed personality. She's always willing to lend a helping hand, and LOVES Animal Crossing. So that where my Idea came from. I use Kat's basic AC character drawing, gave it a more detail outfit, and made it look a little more realistic. As AC is very calm and mellow, so is Kat!

UnityBrush: The "Fluttering Parasol" is a unique Unitybrush. It's not only used for painting, but can be use for gliding! As Kat's art, it's more than it seems. You see the picture, and you feel calm, almost like you're floating!

This brush can make anyone glide, but for Kat... Well she can do the Mary Poppins and fly! She makes the excellent art in the first place, so it seems fair. She has excellent skills with detail, yet she draws with her own style. Those two things work for me! Off art, she's very supportive, and I can tell she has alot of experience in life so you can ask and tell her anything! And she doesn't charge you any Bells! EAT THAT TOM NOOK!!! ... AND YOU TOO RESEITTI!!!



Character: What can I say? Aidunno is a cool and layback guy who make art, and has pride in it. He also has many avatars, but one of my favorites was the Megaman-Fox. With this idea, I threw away A LOT of the metal, and kept the arm cannon, and he does have an arm in there.

The rest of the design was inspired by a character named "Coyote Smith" from Killer 7. That where the akward shooting pose came from. How this came with Aidunno's megaman-fox avatar... Ai dunno. *Drum shot*

Unitybrush: The "Iron claw" is a strong gun Unitybrush. It holds so much not from the will, but from actual rounds; thus the shoulder pad. Aidunno is an artist that you can't help but admire with keeping up a good job in detail and idea to make art on WHATEVER he feels at the moment. A birthday present, filling time, important project, dinner last night, etc.

Doing this, Aidunno has a million ideas and concepts, everytime he reloads!

(Series 5)



Character: Crystalfairy's Character design was inspired by her name. I tried real hard to have her look like she was made of ice, thus all the blue. Also I gave her somewhat of a silent expression on her face, because she's normally a silent person.

Unitybrush: Her "Frost Wings" are apart of her, and her life. If they melt than she goes too. Not to worry, Even though she made of ice, she could last in hotter areas longer than an iceberg.

Crystalfairy12 is a wonderful artist, and is just as respectful to boot. Her skills won her many awards on Nsider, and they were well deserve. As Ice, her art look peaceful even when it was meant to be intense. What i'm saying now is only a mere compliment compare to what many said once thay saw what she could do. ^__^



Character: Iridestris' portriat was originally supposed to be a princess made the "Danny Phantom" art style. But when I saw her recent work. Art Meme and Little Green Wars, I scratch it and remade it combining those two works. Just added a nose an extra finger.

Unitybrush: Kicks are stronger than punches, So Iri's "Grudge Boots" should pack a wallop! A different Unitybrush, the paint is release under the sole of her boots. So when she kicks, Art and physical strength combined!

Iri is a strong artist, VERY skilled in both hand and computer art. Her atyle is wide ranged from realistic, cartoony, Pixar (cartoony/realistic); you name it! Like kicks, her art takes planning and patience. Can't go kicking like she having a seizure, now can she?!



Character: This was made orginally with Nintendork's avatar in mind. But I decided to add more, with a kingdom Hearts like style. Mostly it's just his avatar: the shiny hair, black shirt, blue pants.

Unitybrush: The "Spider module" is perfect for him. It's capable peforming any task that he thinks of and increases his capabilites, via the control implanted around his spine. It's removable, like the extra arms for Doc Octopus.... Ow.

Nintendork at first seem like "kid up an coming" from is work on Nsider, but there's more to him once you see his work on other sites. Computer Art or hand drawn, he knows more than you think he knows! Don't ever count him out!



Character: At frist, I said that I was only going to make one only yoshi character: me. Then that idea soon change when I saw Yoshiman at work. I use his hysterical avatar for this. *Note for everyone not famiiar of me or Yoshiman. His Yoshi has blue eyes and unchipped scales on the back of his head. While mine has brown eyes, and have chipped scales.*

Unitybrush: The "Sketch and Color" nunchuck Unitybrush benefits for both coloring and sketching. Use with speed and reflex, makes this an effective Unitybrush.

Yoshiman is an skilled sketch artist, making an impressive lineup of Hysterical cartoons, portraits, and fan art in short time. He'll color at times as well, but his legions of friends and fans come mostly for the amazing toons... snd too make request! lol

As for him hitting himself in the head... He's funny man! He's freaking funny!

(Series 6)



The Character: The Design was strictly inspired from Bleach and Soul Cailbur. Also Thumper 001 seems like the kind of guy who very honorable.

Unitybrush: The "Wasp Naginata" is a long ranged Double-sided Unitybrush capable of protecting Thumper from long distances. It take skills to accomplish this in a way of precision, but he makes it look so easy! The small brush is for coloring the lines, while the big brush is for coloring.

Thumper is always focus on his work. His is pushed to go the extra mile constantly by his ideals and dream. He won't stop until his work meets his expectations EXACTLY or EXCELLING. I respect the about him, the drive to keep going!



Character: Tai is a fan of Sylux for MPH. I made this before for him way back as a best bud valentines days card. I added a little more to give him more attitude.

Unitybrush: The "Tai Spark" Unitybrushes contain an 100% electricfying charge! He's an unlimited power source from within! As Stylux has an powerful "Shock Coil", it grabs with precision and never lets go. As with Tai's art.

Tai has some serious precision skills! I mean look at his art. He's like a printing machine! The detail is amazing with showing realism and/or caters towards the style he goes for.

Also he's very supportive! When your down, he'll bring you up! When your not, he'll still charge you up!



This is Jennie! If anyone see her, please tell me.

Character: I know Jennie is a big fan of Fire Emblem, but I went with a "Secert Rings" theme. Why? I don't know? I Probably because of her name. Jennie... genie... Jennie... genie.

Unitybrush: The "Dswift Lamp" is an special Unitybrush. Every can carry their Unitybrush, but what about living in them? Jennie can, along with coming out to wield it.

Jennie's art is very detail and spirited. From what I remember, her art of characters an misc. seemed like they could just jump out can greet you, or send you drifting on a whimsical ride. Even when there undone, It's always great to see what she can do.

Also she respectful and is always willing to help people out. When I was frist getting started, she provided me with a little advice here and there. She'd be glad to help anyone. Just don't ask for three wishes, because that's a load of crap.



This is Golberry! Anyone anyone see her, please tell me!

Character: Golberry Yugasa (I think I spelled it right.) character was my favorite so I decided to work with that one. As for what animal it is, I don't know, but it looks cool.

Unitybrush: The "Unlimited Tool" may just look like an giant Utility knife, but it's way more than that! Look at all those unitybrushes in it! There's probably more hidden in it for many other situations!

Golberry it an excellent computer artist. What amazes me is how fast she makes the art. It's like she has all the tools prepared as soon as she plans it. Seriously, she really quick as an computer artist. Just as fast an handdrawn artist!

Speaking of which, she's a good hand drawn artist as well using style over reality, my favorite method!

Golberry is a very friendly and respectful person. Not to mention, she's very supportive! I still remember when she made me a birthday sig! It was amazing an very thoughful.

(Series 7)



Character: Do you remember Nemonine? I definetely do! His art is amazing, as much as he was an enigma to me. Which is what I used in his design. His face is completely covered in a fencing mask, with the number nine painted on it. Resembling a doll of some sort. Just who was Nemonine?

Unitybrush: The " Two by Force" unitybrushes are one of those that can only be held correectly by the user. Nine's massive hands allows him to wield them like mere sticks. His legs, seeming small in size, gives him great speed, but it be open to easy tripping. Just who is Nemonine?

Nemonine is a artist with an unbeileveably creative eye. Who needs realism with this guy. His art his detail and is a style completely of his own! Just with his hands, he could creative art real and unreal. Just who was he?



This is Ewan. If anyone see him. Please tell me.

Character: Ewan's symbol was the Mario "?" block. I saw that as a pretty cool symbol! So I decided to make his portriat using it. But how, by making it as a robot! This is a robot with plenty of surprises. I honestly I wanted to add more... and more... I couldn't stop. This this an portrait that may have many "updates".

Unitybrush: The " Guardian Claw" is a extermely large claw containing enough strength to crush solid steel like a paper ball. It also doubles as shelid and a very affective melee weapon. Sadly However, as big as it is, it a little unreilable when handling small stuff.

Ewan is an artist that does excellent work with color and shading with hand drawn and computer. Most of his focus goes on the main object of the picture. Drawing the outline maybe a little obstactle, but not much. Nothing an upgrade can't fixed.



Character: Hackerhater62 character was inspired strictly from the name. I kept with the computer master look and made it so it seems that he was one with technology. I could have probably made the jeans a little more baggy though. Kinda hurts looking at that.

Unitybrush: The "Databank" is a portable super computer HH62 carries on his back.It transfer any requested data towards anypart of his body, preferably his brain. So yes, the computer is IN his back (Ow!), but it's also removeable(OWWW!!!!!). Painful as it seems, that super computer has been modified countless times and can tranfer data in the blink of an eye. No Pop-ups or spam either because it contains a firewall as big as the Great Wall of China!

HH62 is an artist that is always willing to try something new, and is a great lineartist. Now his lineart is special due to his style and speed. He doesn't go for traditional but for a style of his own. Also, if he choose, He'll color them in real quick, all done in post haste!



Character: LuigiFreak is of course, a fan of Luigi. However I didn't want to make him into a Luigi clone, so used the Koopa avatar that Yoshiman made for him, and added a detailed Mr.L attire on him.

Unitybrush: The "Cracked Shell Compartment(C.S.C.)" isn't the brush, but what he keeps them in. There are countless numbers of Unitybrushes, all small in size but plentiful, in his cracked shell. From sheer trust in his skills, he's always able to pull the right one out at the right time.

MrLF101 is a great computer artist that may not be the best from the ground up, but he as the tools at his grasp to take work and make it into something unbeilevable. From this, he's assisted many people online with banners, sigs, and etc. just because he wants to. At times, you don't even have to ask him, we'll make you something on the spot! For that, I beileve that it as an honor to make this.

(Series Cool


Character: What do ya get when you cross a very heavy bear with a Gears of War outfit? A Bear in a Gears of War Outfit! *drum shot* lol At first, I was going to just draw him in a pair of pants. Yeah that's his orginal look, but I refused to just leave it at that. So I remember that he had a gears of War version for the Bear Avatar. BINGO!

Unitybrush: The "Grenades of War" his an exploding Unitybrush! When the four brushes shoot up, it's time to throw it! An like all Grenades, It's hit or miss! However Fbb's ready for mistake with his heavy armor. They're pretty big, and he only only collects three? So what happens when he runs out. Well... They respond right back on his armor! Reloaded, recharged, then chuck'em again!

Fbb's art is an marvel on it's own. It's near a grafitti style, but not meant to be. Almost as if the colors and deep outlines exploded with contact on the paper. Making very effective work. And this guy, always believe that he can do better, and he analyzes his mistakes! He doesn't make the same on next time! See his work! It's a real treat!

B-Plushi (Dragonbluu888)


Character: This design was inspired from B-plushi's (Dragonbluu888 ) work "I should tell you...". I believe the character on the right was him. I thought the design was cool, and I seriously had to use it! I have to wing the lower half of his body. I beileve I nailed it pretty good.

Unitybrush: The "Dragon Claws" take EXTEREME precision and movement to master. B-plushi's can also shoot lasers from the mechanical nails that can be switched from Smiper Guidance to Violent powerful claws. They cover his entire forearms and will take time to charge up after a while, so he's mindful when using them.. Plus, they have a good reach so watch out!

B-plushi's one laid back dude who's real fun to talk to. But when he's not talking, he's drawing! And man, this guy can draw! His sketch an computer art are always something to behold. The funny thing is that he always beilef that he's off by something or slacking off in his work. Look at his work and tell me if you find any reeeeeeeally noticaeable errors! It's like finding hay in a needlestack!



Character: For Marimbamonkey14. I was about to completely wing her character. However, I was able to catch her avatar. So I decided to combined her avatar, and my idea together. A human monkey hybrid with a Marimba belt! Marimba - monkey, get it? Yeah, I know her hair is defying grativty. I couldn't get the it right any other way than that. Pinapple not included... yet.

Unitybrush: The "North and South" Unitybrushes are magnetic Unitybrushes. With her given monkey aglity, Mari can use these in many ways! Combine N(red) and S(Blue) and they repel! She can force this action to charge up her melee attacks! And Let's not forget about the Marimba belt, which can be removed and use as a whip! FTW!

Mari is very skill with art. She's an all around artist with amazing knowledge on many mediums in the book. Amzing thing with at is that she'll combine one medium with another and BOOM! New medium created! She gave me a couple of pointers to ponder as well. On Nsider and anywhere I know her, Mari is very respected and was look at as one of the best Nsider artists for winning many awards for her work.

Character: At frist, I was planning on using a version where he look like a human Raichu hybrid. However I saw that Neodaft made a cool looking avatar calling the "Tairu Panda". I just had to put my spin on it!



Unitybrush: The "Thunder Staff" a very thin and lengthy Unitybrush. It size allow Neo to move it swiftly and with great distance. With the power of thunder, allows it to charge up over time. This version, I added protected armor on his left arm. This method is used as a shield, buying enough time to make an effective strike that may leave one stunned.

Neodaft's art is amazing in many ways. His computer art is always effective because he always seem to deliver art, effectively, in many different styles.Not to mention that he always haves an great mind about it. He isn't cocky, and he always beileves that he can do better. Even when his art leaves us stunned!

(Series 9)



Character: What I can say? This portrait was made from "scratch"! *drumshot*. I bsically used Hen's purple cucco, and gave her a whole new look outfit, even hair!

The tie was just random. I remember on of hen's picture where she had a red tie.

Unitybrush: The "Metal Cucco" is a big Thick Unitybrush that usually takes two hands to wield. Hen is strong and skill enough to use it with only one wing! The motion of it is similar to Arbok X's, but the axe beak at the tip play as a more effective bettering ram.

Hen is a great artist who's always willing to learn as much as she can to improve her work. She's always accepting. and is always supportive. Working well in hand drawn and computer art, Hen's always open to give her advice as well.

Not to mention that she has a strong mind, and I'll always look up when things are down. No matter how deep trouble can be.

Crazy Cougar


Character: Due to CC's art style. I couldn't help but to give her character a more, "adorable" look. Also, I decided to make another hybrid character as well. Human and cougar. The claws are gloves, everything else are the real deal.

Unitybrush: The "Golden paw" is a very different Unitybrush. at frost sight It can seemed to be an average pole Unitybrush. but when it's time to get to work, Look out! The brush severs into four! Civing a bigger range, but sorta scarfices in strength. But with CC's cat-like agility... Can this brush be more useful than just striking?

CC's is probably one of the most friendliest people a know on the internet. But don't let that fool ya! She can be pretty fierce when she needs to be. Her art skills are wonderful and detailed. Not to mention that they always give you a happy feeling that cheers you up! And she's still tries her best to study as many techiques as she can.

She's always wonderful in art. but soon, with all those lesson's and studying. she'll be immearsurable!



Character: Straight Up, many can tell that this is Belbell's "Teen Toady" Design. I just made that anntenna thing into the Unitybrush, and gave her Character more of a Kingdom Hearts look. Hey, it's one of her favorite series.

Unitybrush: As you can tell. BB can't strike so well with her Unityhbrush. Why does she need to anyway? The "Magical Hat" is a morphing Unitybrush! Place the bursh in the Hat and BLAMMO!!! It's a sword! A Keyblade?... and machine gun? A CANNON?!!! A HOUSE???!!! HOLY COW!!! It's it temporary?! Oh, it is. Hey, it still packs a punch while it last.

Belbell is an excellent cartoonist an sketch artist with a lot of ideals. She's very headstrong and doesn't mind a good joke (Shoot she mostly makes them. ). She has many friends and fans who look her work and awaits that next update. I'm one of them and proud of it.



Character: The character Design is all "Erin", BjF's avatar character. I just gave her a new look, and eyes. I couldn't get the beedy eyes to look right. They kept disappearing under the paint.

Unitybrush: The "Magic Brush v 2.0" is the new brush created from the design of Bowser jr's Magic Brush. It works the same, but just like It work in Super Mario Sunshine. This brush can make a mess, and works better with agility. It's also effective on the enviroment.

Bjf is a great supporter, friend, and comic artist. Like i told her, "Her skill show that comics that are always 'fine-tune' to work the best in entertainment." Here jokes are effective and will always keep you, and many of her other friends and fans laughing like crazy!

She's gradually getting better in drawing. But it isn't the main quality in my opinion.

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The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Vide
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Series 11 (Series 10 is at DA)

Character: Well. As far as character design go. Dixie had her design all ready for me to work on. I only changed a few things that would allow her to her her own identity even more from the Nintendo character Dixie than her original design had. I decided the changed her beret to were the button is on the side and she has rings on all of her left hand fingers. My favorite was working on the shoes, making them seem more comfortable for her thumb feet. They're loose and manuverable like strong gloves.

Unitybrush: The "Barrel Axe" is another strength unitybrush. It's double edged and requires a lot of strength to wield. Dixie can use it very well, but like all axe-wielders, it can't be swung as quickly as a sword. So she need to think before swinging. However she doesn't have to swing all the time. Notice the funny looking handle. Well this melee Unitybrush is also a gun Unitybrush. So it's well rounded. Too bad it's doesn't shoot rounds any faster. In fact it's slower because it shoot explosives.

Dixie has made art before. However she hasn't really post them around much. So I can't really say much about her skills. Now, one thing I can say about her is that she does have imagnation.She gave me some pretty creative ideas for this. I would really appreciate it if she post more of her work on here and put some of the imagination and creativity into what she makes. SHe keeps at it overtime, she can make great things.


Character; I've only seen a few of Gep's drawing that represented himself. Not full body drawing either. So I took that design and work form there.now. The eyes and the legs were a nightmare to work with, so I went with a sunglasses look and basic stance. I gave him a battle scared shirts, plus his has... wires and circuits? Yep, he's a cyborg. Razz

Unitybrush: The "Code Breakers" Unitybrushes are more compliated than they sound. Sure he can throw punches and they leave bruises, but they much charge in order to feel the force of the Unitybrush themselves. So it's more of a defensive Unitybrush than offensive. I mean they are big enough to cover himself. Not to mention that they his arms stretch. So charging or not, he can hold his own.

Gep is very imginative and crazy in a good way. Not only he sketches whatever his on his mind, he's very animated about it. Speaking of his animated personality, just sit down have a chat with this guy. You'll have a blast with him. And even though he's silly, he's very aware to what goes on. So he knows when to be silly and when to be serious.


Character: Mega has a impresive line of characters that were obivously inspired from the Mega Man universe. Even though see already has one under the name Mega, representing her I believe, I wanted to give her a portrait that resemble her more than a character she created. The outfit is similar to her Mega character, but i gave it more ninja like qualities (the pose is similar to sheik's brawl pose.) and kinda gave it a look similar to the Mega Man: Battle Network style characters. Overall, I'm pleased with the results, hope she approves. Razz

Unitybrush: The "Mega Katars" are excellent dual Unitybrushes. With her character having a ninja like fighting style, she can strike at any moment. Now swinging these around aren't enough to deal damage. Her Unitybrushes are can retract into her gaunlets. This can leave a nasty surprise when throws a punch too short to make contact. XP Not to mention that they can conduct electricity and shoot electric projectiles. But she must let them charge to have proper effect. Conbined it with the scarfs emerging from her back, with can react and turn into a jetpack, she seems ready for anything.

Mega has created many characters, in many species, and many senarios. So her imagination is wide an is very impressive. She's even created species of her own. In her mind, the skies aren't even the limit. Not only her skills with anime style drawing is amazing, but she's very layback and you can talk to her about anything. From a simple" what's up?" to "The Zetraloids are on my lawn again! XB". Overall, she an excellent person to get to know and have a blast with. Not to mention she like to mess with your haed sometimes. XP


Character: Well, to get started. One of my favorite character designs that Xygo made has the "Bard" picture with her... and that Treble Clef. XP From that I wanted to give her character more traits to the physical appearance. The limbs in Xygo's work are always skinny, so her character was made to move flexible and agile. Somewhat like Spider-man. I also gave her a cloak that splits three ways: down the front and the sides. So it is very comfortable to be agile in. Also, it can be said that her character still resembles her art style a little, like the shape of the head for example.. I just added anime eyes to add my spin to it.

Unitybrush: The "Mind Marionette" Unitybrush is very clever in the element of surprise. The strings that are attached to the Unotybrush can stretch nearly endlessly in any direction. This can be used to set up traps or to immbolize enemies by binding them. A clever trick his that the strings can come from Xygo's gloves and anklets as well.

Now if the tip of the strings were to hit somebody, the individual would become numb and under Xygo's control, a puppet if you will. This move only numbs people, it's not mind control. So they are aware to what they are doing while Xygo controls them. And if they do break free, Xygo can always use her marionette sticks as Melee Unitybrushes. Plus the bars retract and can be easily place on her back for better traveling.

Now Xygo art skills are very special. I like it that she always keeps true to her style no matter what game, memory or whatever she's thinking about. That tells me that she's proud of it and she should be. When you see her art, you will remember it. It's almost like her style can can double as her signature. As for the art style itself, her work is very detail, and somewhat reminds me of a storybook.

Xygo loves to sneak around when looking at topics. She may not post a comment all the time, but she see your art everytime if she approves of it. She just prefers to be sneaky. So she loves to play around in character, which is awesome in my opinion. It always gives you something interesting to talk about. Not to mention she's very nice. If you're looking for something that even Google can't make any easier, Xygo will help you pretty quickly. Smile

(Series 12)


Character: It's about time, eh Blooper? XD To get things started off, I used Blooper's newest Jersey design. His shoes are like his orginal design as well, but just with a little tweaking. It changed up his jeans, to a cool pair of shorts. Since his name is BLOOPERkoopa19, I had to has a blooper somewhere. Razz So there it is, right on his leg, along with a small ocean design.

UnityBrush: The "Piston Knuckle" Unitybrush is a weapons that gives out powerful blast in strong smalls burst. With every punch, the strength is increase in triple. Now to add a cool spin to it. He can't charge up the power, nor shoot energy blast. But if he charges them up, he can increase the speed. So he can an average punch speed, to a 100 crack fist insanity!

BlooperKoopa19 is a great artist that always does his best to improve his work overtime. He doesn't want to look at his eariler work, because he sometimes can't beileve how much his skills have grown. They continue to grow as he continue to focus on his strength as an artist, and to work around his weaknesses.

Also, I know I say this alot. But BlooperKoopa19 has made me very proud. I still remember when he told me that I inspired him to become dedicated as an artist. That's get's me everytime I think about it. As he shows me his work, I always tell him that I'm proud of what he does. He keeps on going and he doesn't let nothing change his mind, when it comes to him and his artistic mind. I see great things in him.

Character: What did I tell you Bloogoo? If I was to ever make a portrait of you, the possiblitites would be unbeileveable. I was right dude!XP I use Bloo's standard blob character, but then I went all out crazy with adding a ton of weapons to him. He's a blob! I couldn't decided what to give him! So I went with "D: All of the above." So he can morph any weapon that he wants.(Which is why those weapons seem to be covered in goo but they're not.) Plus the bandana is cool!

Unitybrush: It's "RAM-Bloogoo"! He can use the two unitybrushes inside of him and morph them into any weapon he wants. Cool, huh? Now even though he can do this, it's doesn't make him Mr. Almight Doominator. XP He can morph into multiple weapons, but he can only use the two that have the unitybrush. The rest are just bluffs. Certain weapons, like that nuke, will require both brushes. That aside, this can make for some very effective mind games!

Bloogoo has extremely big plans in mind. He's a cool sketch artist that wants to expand his skill in different ideals. Anything thing that he can put his bloo gooey hands on, if he can use it to make art out of it. He'll do it.

He's definetely a great person to talk too. There were many times to where I would talk with him through PM. It's never and old converstaion with him. He's a funny little guy, with big plans. Not to mention that he also has a big comic project going on with a lot of Nsider. If that isn't a sign that he has big ideas, I don't know what is. Smile *looks at the picture.* DON'T MESS WITH THE GOO!!!

LiTE Gladiator

Character: For Lite, I tried to mimic his style as much as I could. I also was happy to give him an action pose. I just hope I didn't make his ears too big. XP Even though his character is a little short, I gave him a little more height.

Unitybrush: The "Roulette Shield" is a VERY tricky Unitybrush. It's main purpose is too block attacks, as shields do. But with Lite's skills, it can be thrown like a frisbee, as an attack, and came back to him like a boomerang. Not to mention it big enough to be a battering ram, doubling his speed in the process.

But where it becomes tricky, lies in it's special skill. The center of the shield is a high-tech reflector. Once a attack hits it, it'll display a random message, and redirect. The effect depends on what message comes up.

Owned! = redirected
U Suck! = 2x redirected
Brb = Charges the shield's natural strength until the power-up gives out.
XD = All of Lite's wounds heal
***?! = The damage goes through the shield and hits Lite.
F.U.!!! = The power of this redirection his so strong, that it'll equals the the strength of... Well, let's just say that Lite would be FIRIN' HEH LAZORZ!!! (Shoop da whoop doesn't appear.) Razz

Lite is not only a cool dude, but he is a artist with skills in many different art fields. He sketch artist, computer artist, animator, and possibly more that I don't know. But all of his work is either cool, funny or all of the above. Not to mention that it's obvious that he works his butt off with every picture and it shows.

Felldoh Fighter

Character: I use Felldoh's original design, along with YoshiMan's coloring design. I just change the shirt and pants color from gray to black. The flame design on the pants seem to fit very well with the color scheme. I also wanted him to seem more of a martial artist, so I gave him classical shoes that they wear. And because he's furry, I tried to have him look as furry as possible. Smile

Unitybrush: The "Nature Katana" Are two unitybrushes made to be use with calmness and precision. Only one who his one with nature can wield them. Kinda makes it easier of Felldoh, I mean he's a squirrel. XD He uses the brushes as if they were one brush, also with they were an extension of his own arms. Moving one with nature, push and pull.

Felldoh is a great and and a great person. He always fun to chat with and has some of the funniest post I have ever read. XD He's a great sketch artist that'll draw whatever his on his mind. For a friend, for fun and a fallen one. He'd definetely a great friend that you would want to have when you are melancholy and can't bring yourself up. Felldoh is honest, but he's also layback and calm in whatever situations is in front of him.

(Series 13)

Lil Boarder


Character: For LilBoarder, I used his Star Toad avatar character, and added more of a anime look to him; similar to the look of Toadsilwraith’s character. I have added hair and gave him red sneakers. Plus his has longer sleeves.

Unitybrush: The “Shooting Stars” are shuriken Unitybrushes. Really good for possible sneak attacks, navigation and long range attacks. Each Shooting Star can glow and explode simply from LilBoarder’s thoughts. And since Unitybrushes are made from the soul, they regenerate underneath his sleeves whenever he’s done. The only downfall to this is that he can only use five at a time before that regenerate.

Lilboarder is a young and very enthusiastic artist. He loves his work and constantly makes more until he tires himself out. You can not help but be proud of that. I’m also honored that he approves of my skills and ask me for advice, and besides chatting about art, we talk about everyday fun stuff as friends should.

The Farmboy


Character: I used to his farmer character and changed a few things on him. Added a little more detail in his boots and gave him overalls. Plus I gave him bigger eyes instead of his dot-eyes.

Unitybrush: The “Gyro-Rake” is a lot more useful that it seems. While it can be use like a standard rake, it has a rotation mechanism that allows Farmboy to dig through any surface. This is good for evasive and sneak maneuvers. He can also use it to reflect projectiles.

The Farmboy loves to make jokes, and as farmer is known for, he’s a hard worker. If there was one word to describe him, it would be diligent. He’s focus on what he wants to do and doesn’t stray away. Now, when it I time to relax, he’s layback and is an awesome person to talk to.



Character: I wanted to make something completely orginal for BurningBarrager. He has made a lot of characters, but I never knew if he had one to represent himself. So I decided to hook him up with this design. The fun part about this was definitely the hair. I couldn’t decide whether to go with a short cut or spiky style. So I went with both. Also, he and I agree that there’s nothing wrong with pink, so I use that as the main color, due to most of his main characters have a pink color representation and some of favorite characters do as well.

Unitybrush: This is another book Unitybrush. The “Ace of Hearts” are dart Unitybrushes that receive their power from the book he reads. He reads from the book to conger up the darts, but the effect of the darts depends from what is read. This can lead from exploding, healing, growing, multiplying, null and etc.

Burning and I go back every since the first Nsider. We would chat about art and stories. He has a very imaginative mind and could make very enjoyable story very quickly! Not to mention that he’s an honest Joe. When you do something good or bad, he’ll be straight up honest with you as it is in all fairness. I can’t help but respect that.



Character: I did not know Lisa that well. I have got to understand her a little more and I found out that she’s a pretty big Halo fan. So I decided to base her character off of Cortana. Her main colors are pink and blue instead of purple and blue. Plus I gave her a long ponytail with signals traveling up and down it.

Unitybrush: The “Signal Reciever” is a Unitybrush that sit at the tip of her ponytail. It receives sound and data and transmit it throughout her body, allow to use the energy for communication and for defense.

From what I remember from talking with LisaDaTimberWolf a while back, she’s a very enthusiastic person and just wants to enjoy her with whatever she sets her mind to. Not to mention that she is a amazing artist, delivering a style of her own. I can’t really describe it, but it amazing; manageable for style and realism.

She’s very busy, this is true, but aren’t we all? If you ever have time to open a conversation with her, I highly approve of it. You be happy and have a few good laughs.

(Series 14)



Character: I used Dsinger’s avatar character. Like Lilboarder, I gave him long sleeves, a turtleneck in fact. He’s wearing that red beret that that he drew a while back; I though it was pretty cool. Not to mention that I have him armed to the teeth.

Unitybrush: The “Countless Kunais” are great for long range and short range combat, They’re big enough for knife fights, but light enough to be thrown. What makes them countless is that Dsinger regains them when he uses half of them. As you can tell, he has plenty to spare though.

Dsinger is a dude that is layback and loves to travel. Life is an adventure, and he’s living through it. He loves to draw from his experience, telling stories of his life and experiences. Sometime, a simple illustration of a hat would have a pretty good background tale for us to listen to.



Character: Vega’s character is definitely another fairy character; however, the only difference with her from others is that her character is the size of a football. So yeah, she’s has the typical fairy height. I went crazy with the green of this character, because I was thinking about nature when designing this. It kind of fits when designing a fairy, I guess. I also gave her a gem her forehead, it kind of function like a third eye.

Unitybrush: The “Petal Wand” is a spellcaster Unitybrush. It’s basically simple, Vega mentions magical words and magic happens. The possibilities are endless with this Unitybrush, and because she’s small, she can be a little sneakier than others.

Vega is one of the nicest people I’ve met online. She only draws, draws for others and doesn’t ask for anything else to return. And with her skills, she leaves everyone with dropped jaws, because she’s very skilled in both hand and computer art. She’s able to show that MSPanit isn’t as obsolete as many think it is. I couldn’t help but make a portrait for her!


Character: Now I went more casual approach with designing Vitz’s characters. Shirt, jacket around the waist, outdoor slippers and etc. I couldn’t really think of anything that over the top for her. So I used her DA ID, minus the Koi, of course.

Unitybrush: The “Speed Saber” Unitybrush, as it name describes, is one of the fastest brushes in the book. It is flat enough to react quick and wide enough to defend with. Using this as an extension of the arm equals to be one big lethal weapon.

Like TimberWolf, I didn’t really know Vitz that well on Nsider. I would comment on her art and that’s about it; however, I had more time to know her on DA and she’s a great person to talk with. She has a hilarious personality and likes to speak her mind. She is also a very skill artist with hand drawn and computer art. I’m still amazed that she can draw computer art with the mouse! It’s a lot harder than it looks, but Vitz makes it look so easy!



Character: Now I was thinking about going with a casual approach with DeadPhoenX but I had to rethink it after viewing some of his character illustrations. I had to add something a little different in there. So I gave him a tunic underneath his shirt, as well as giving him some knight shinguards.

Unitybrush: The “Phoenix Talon” is an Unitybrush that is meant to be used with quick burst of attacks, it is wielded ‘reverse grip’ style. It has the length of a standard broadsword. And as its name implies, it give DeadPhoenX special aerial skill, allowing him to float for a while as long as he swinging it.

I knew DeadPhoenX for a while. At first, it was just for being an artist, and then it grew into a pretty good friendship. I view his art and I really admire his skills. One thing that rally gets me with his art, is that I see sort of the same tactic that I use, “When you lack in one area, you blow the crap out the one you’re excel at.” PhoenX lights up with this by adding so much detail in his pictures that its jaw dropping.

(Series 15)

Meowth’s Pal21


Character: I have to say, I really enjoyed working on MP21’s character. Her character originally wore nothing more than sleeves and socks with the toeless socks. I gave her an outfit that works well with those and gave her toeless boots instead of socks. I also gave her a few more piercing and painted her claws. She still has no thumbs, but her paws are jointed she can use then as fingers and thumb or all fingers. She still has her coin, but it slicked back underneath the hat.

Unitybrush: The “Claw Kusari gama” is a very stealthy Unitybrush where both the weight and the sickle can be used with Unitybrush power. The chain itself can be used has a weapon and is retractable. It can span up to twenty feet at the fullest, doubling as a grappling hook.

Meowth’s Pal21 is a very good artist who loves to draw about anything on her mind. It can be something that makes her laugh or had grained on her nerves. She’s also very free spirited, as she does what she wants, speaks what she wants and that a great trait to have. She does have her hysterical moments as well, but it’s mostly express within her artworks.

Fuzzy Resuke


Character: I’ve seen Fuzzy latest outfit design and decided to work with that. I can’t say that I really added that much, but few minor details. The circle on the shirt is a little bit thinner. Plus I added a few stripes here and there.

Unitybrush: The “Mini-breaker” is a mini-gun Unitybrush. As a mini-gun… you just don’t want to be on the other end of the thing. Period. There’s a lot of power with this weapon, but hard to move with it. So when aiming it, make sure the target is in sight!

I’m aware of Fuzzy’s skill as an artist. It’s definitely one of a cartoonist. Not to mention that he works on his pictures at a very quick pace. Each picture is made very well an also has funny jokes behind them. And Fuzzy is a funny guy to begin with. He’s supportive and is also very straightforward to begin with.



Character: I used her “Kewda” avatar character. I slick her hair back a little. Also, I gave her two volcanoes on her back, there small enough for her to stand up right. Plus I gave her hoof-shaped sneakers.

Unitybrush: The “Flare Rapier” is another sword Unitybrush, but has the bristle at the tip of it. As a rapier, it’s great for parrying and striking with its tip. This rapier is thick enough for horizontal attacks, but it’s still favor for thrusts. The flames become active whenever Bakuuda holds the grip, and becomes fiercer with her intensity.

Bakuuda is a very respectable person. While she does like to enjoy herself, she’s very logical, thinking before she acts, even when she acts completely in left field at times. Her art is done very well and she draws just to enjoy herself. This is the best approach with art in my opinion.



Character: I never knew of Magnus-M8 to have a character of this own, so I went with a original approach to it. Since Magnus-M8 is very analytical, I thought a detective would ft his character perfectly. Detectives are observant and ready to act; I’d say it was a perfect match. As for all the green, I notice the Magnus-M8 loves using a lot of green in his pictures. Possibly his favorite color? I’m not sure, but it’s the first color to come to my mind when I made this character:

Unitybrush: The “Magnus Revolver” is a handy weapon. Not only is it bigger than most revolvers, it’s just as handy to use any of the smaller ones for quick shooting and reloading. The only problem with this Unitybrush? Magnus-M8 may have infinite ammo like everyone else, but he actually has to reload his gun. Now this may seem like a big deal, but it really is not. Revolvers excel in reloading, so with quick enough hands, this handicapped is non-existent.

I have known Magnus-M8 to be very observant to his actions. He always think before he acts, even if it to let of some steam. He always looks into things than dance around them.
Plus, he’s an all around respectful guy and interesting to talk to. His artstyle is definitely that of a very lush amine style. One way or another, his work is very lively and jumps at you with detail from character expression to backgrounds.

(Series 16)



Character: If there are two things that I know about Bowser166’s character, is that he’s portrayed as a though and funny dude. So for his character, I gave him an outfit resembling a style similar to a 1950’s- 1960’s Greaser. You know, like the Fonz from Happy Days. He has a plain white shirt, an up-collar leather jacket, slick shoes and a comb for… well, combing his hair back.

Unitybrush: The “ Matchbox Dreamer G” Unitybrush that is a combination of both painter and literature unitybrush style. Bowser166 can write and read from the book in order for it to have an effect on his fighting style, but also notice that the actual Unitybrush resemble an actual blade-like weapon. It means that he can actually use the Matchbox Dreamer G without using the book if he wishes; however, it’s recommended for more power.
Bowser166 is an all-round funny, ‘in your face’ kind of guy. He may like to be a tough dude at times, but he does become very respectful when it’s needed. Now bower166 does draw, but he mostly writes literature nowadays. Both have a joy to view. Now he does question his skill as an artist, but all I say about that is that he should keep trying until he reaches that standard that he wants. But honestly, I like his art the way it is now.



Character: I remember talking with Rhyme27 about possible design for her character. There were a lot of things that she like and couldn’t stand. I don’t exactly remember everything that was mentioned, so I decided to use her new design and work with that. I didn’t change much; I just gave her a small under shirt, biker gloves and a new knapsack. I really wanted to include a skull in there somewhere. XP

UnityBrush: The “Rhythm Blaster” is another odd Unitybrush. Not exactly, one that can be used as a melee weapon … unless on purpose. This one uses the power of sound from its massive speakers to blast away threats… or deafen them, whichever comes first and then the other. One drawback about this unitybrush is that it takes a while it get everything working. It requires a CD. Whatever music play cause a certain attack or ability boost. Once the song is over, the Rhythm Blaster does nothing. So deciding what to play is crucial.

Rhyme is a very determine person that draw because she enjoys it. Whether others like her style or not, she doesn’t let the situation get under her skin. She’s very appreciative to advice and will occasionally try it out on her own. If it becomes to tedious for her, she’ll drop it and try a different approach, which is good! Making art shouldn’t feel like a hassle. It’s Art! It’s what you want to do!



Character: I didn’t really change much on ChoasDX1’s character design. I just gave him a more detailed hat and a shoulder strap to go with his belt. I’ve also changed his shirt a little bit.

UnityBursh: The “Fanfastic Cleaver” is a quick and swift double-edged unitybrush. Like a standard sword, it works best as an extension of the arm than just swinging it around. (Just because Toon Link can do it, doesn’t mean you can! XP ) You might have also notice the chain sticking out of the hilt. Well, if ChoasDX1 wants to, he can grab on to that and swing the blade around.
I’ve only knew ChoasDX1 for a little while, but I have to say that this guy has a lot of character and is downright spunky. At most of the time, he’s layback and understanding, other times, he’s down right goofy! His art style changes from a cartoony one to a more realistic one. That is something to respect, considering that I’m only a fantasy artist. I commend his decision to switch it up and work on whatever he wants.



Character: Salutations! Drarin has many characters but I decided to go with her ParaBones character. If anything, I made her character look a little more feminine by figure and letting her hair out of her hat. Plus, being undead, I’ve added a spider and cobwebs on her shirt. It doesn’t bite her… there’s nothing left to bite! XP

UnityBrush: The “Conjunction Bone” Unitybrush may look like an average bone, but it’s not. It works like a standard brush, but its length can be lengthen or shorten by whatever bone she chooses to add to it or take away from it. Like in the picture, she’s holding her arm which is holding her unitybrush. If she wanted to, she could use that as a boomerang, instead of just waving. Now for the funny part, say that there is a friend near her. She could use all of her bones to form a one big unitybrush and have the friend wield her as a weapon! How about that for creative?

Drarin is an amazing artist. One that is very anxious to use her ideas for comics and stories. Her style is amazing and she’s very polite about it. In fact, she’s a very polite person all around, minding her manners and respecting the judgment of others. With all of this, all I see that she needs to improve is her confidence. There are moments where she does question herself as an artist, but I just don’t see why. You at her work and you’ll see what I mean.

(Series 17)



Character: Now, D-man’s character is basically Mario without the mustache. I could have drawn him with the overalls and all, but I wanted to add a different spin to that. So I gave him a brand new outfit, shirt, jeans, a new hat and boots. Plus, his hair is a little spikier.

UnityBrush: The “Item Equalizer” is a Unitybrush that takes both skill and luck. Now he can wield the brush like a normal weapon but that’s not where the main focus set in. The decider on this weapon is the item box hanging from his pants. Whenever he needs it he can hit the block and a standard Mario themed item will pop out. Affecting his unitybrush in different ways… Speed boost from mushroom, fireballs from a fireflower.... It goes on and on…

D-man is a proud man and should be. His comics and characters always provide a since of hilarity that will keep you entertained and coming back for more. Like most of my friends he has a ‘in your face’ attitude that is to be respected. Hey he respects the personalities of others so I give it thumbs up.



Character: Of course, when it comes to character portraits, I use my anime toad design for Toad base characters. Toadbro is no exception to the tradition. I gave him black hair and a button up jacket. Everything else is basically the same.

Unitybrush: The “Hang Infinity” is an awesome Unitybrush. I mean look at it! It’s a freaking hoverboard! Toadbro can attack with this by using the magnetic pulses of the brush and the board. Whether launching the brushes like projectiles or performing tricks for attacks! How awesome is that?!

I’ve seen what Toadbro can do and even I didn’t know him for long, I seen how much this guy has improved. His style is both cartoony and surreal. (YES! …YES! O_o) I can see that the style is more of an awesome modern fashion that isn’t trying too hard. It’s really matches his personality which is a good thing!



Character: Cool it’s the first time that I drew a kremling! I can’t say that I change anything from FS64’s design. If anything, his sunglasses are silmer, gloves are added and I gave him more muscles. He is a kremling after all! Razz

UnityBrush: The “Crocodile Rock” is a powerful Unitybrush. While it’s very strong, it doesn’t have as much reach as most unitybrushes. So it does take some critical thinking to wield it. Be warned! This weapon makes a loud thud whenever it hits, so plug your ears!

Fourswords64 is being far one of the goofiest dudes I’ve ever met on the internet! EVER! I can tell you this, I’ve laugh more from his antics than most of anything I see in my community nowadays. Now while funny, he also mindful and understanding. Plus, he has a nice paper-like artstyle with his art. Not Paper Mario like, but in his own merit. Everything seems flat, but it works for him.



Character: He’s actually quite sane. Razz Nutcase’s character design was originally one that resemble the Mario overall design closely. I decided to move away from that and give him a t-shirt, jeans and a new hat. Everything else is the same.

UnityBrush: The “Thunder Hammer” is another powerful hammer Unitybrush. It’s a standard hammer that can charge its strength and release. It must be swung with its head facing face first. Swinging it the other way can cause Nutcase to lose his grip.

I’ve knew nutcase for a while now. He’s very fun going and appreciative. I also helped me out with my old fan fic and I respect that. Now, he’s a good artist, providing his own character going through many hilarious and goofy scenarios. Whether comic or literature, it provides a great deal of entertainment that I highly recommend one to check out.

(Series 18)

R Blaze Koopa


Character: If his strikes you as a little familiar, that’s because his character design is similar to that of his brother, Bowser166. As brother, I decided to give him a similar Greaser appearance. The main differences are that he has sunglasses, black jeans, boots and he’s chewing on a toothpick. His character also seem to be a little bigger than his brother, but I gave him more muscle.

UnityBrush: The “Matchbox Dreamer R” … wait, what? …Anyway, the unitybrush works the exact same way as his brother does. One main difference is that it’s a little heaiver. Now, here a treat! Say if Blaze and his brother were fighting as a team. The power of their Unitybrushes would be in sync PERFECTLY! They would be able to react correctly even when they are unaware of what moves to use. Plus, they can use their books to strength each other! Now that’s brotherly love!

From what I've seen, Blaze is cool dude that only wants to enjoy himself whatever he wants to do. Smile It's fun to have a conversation with him and it's fun two video games with him as well. He's an excellent artist, with his work usually portrait action or how tough his character is. All and all, everything a blast to check out.



Character: Well… At first, I wanted to give Newb a somewhat, librarian look. Then I had all of these ideas and came flying at me left and left and… Well, it provide a more colorful and wacky outfit. A wacky librarian with bleached hair. Razz

Unitybrush: The “Numeric Lore” is the Literature unitybrush that requires three books to operate. Whatever is written in those books…? Only Newb knows, and she won’t tell! But whenever she reads a book, the number on her dress changes and so does her skills. What happens with each book? Again, only she knows! Because each book holds many skills! Around hundreds of them, yet she can only use one skill at a time. Razz

Newb is a very kind, intelligent and respectful person. She helped a great deal with telling me the right and wrong of my old fan fic. Listening to her help me accept positive and negative feedback a lot easier. She handles art very well, but her main strength rest in the literary arts. Her fan fics and stories were some of the most appreciated on the old Nsider and new. If you ever have the time to check them out, I highly recommend it.



Character: I wanted to drift away from the serious or random appearances a bit and work on one that seems a little happier than some. This is that example. Excluding the gloves, Professorcalculus800 has a school boy/Mario Bros. like appearance. Even with a gun, it’s doesn’t seem like the standard ‘ALRIGHT! GET SOME!’ direction that I go for.

Unitybrush: The “Mach Lazer” is a gun unitybrush that’s perfect for sniping. While it takes a while to recharge, each shot is lighting fast and is resistance to wind. So whatever he has his sights on, it’s as good as dead.

Professorcalculus800 is an awesome person to know. He’s always up for a good conversation, and he an all-around nice guy. He’s a good artist as well, having plenty of characters that go through many different funny scenarios. Now one thing, that I definitely give him props for that the ability to use the mouse for his art. No tablet whatsoever. Honestly, anyone who does that and actually does a great job with it gets props from me.



Character: His character, as tiny as ever. His character hasn’t changed all that much in my version of him. I changed his sneakers little and added a pocket of his shirt. Plus, I made his shorts a little thicker.

Unitybrush: The ‘Focus Phazer” is a Unitybrush that require as much a lot of focus when using it. It’s size can increase and decrease, length or widen, however Neo wants it to. But he must say focused! Whenever he doesn’t … well, THAT can happen.

Neotornado is a fun-loving guy who loves attention. He tries his best as an artist. When drawing, sprite art or literature, he keeps going as long as he enjoys the results. Neo his also not above asking for assistance from anyone. So you can bet if he’s troubled, he’ll tell you. Which is good; understanding ones limitless is a smart move to have. Now even with those limits, he’ll still continue to try until he gets the results he wants. Respect for that!

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The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Vide
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Portriat Settings

These are one of the surprises I had planned for everyone. Portriat settings are special pictures made with the my portriats in a special scenery. The scenery adds more depth and explanation towards the portiats, and sometimes they don't. Just something more to give to everyone as a thank you..

The Imagineer


This is the Imagineer, this may look familiar. It's the unfinished ship drawing. You've only began to see this airship!

Scrap Canyon


This is Scrap Canyon. The first of many Portriat settings to be made.(Yoshiunity)

The Setting: Scrap Canyon is an field filled with rusted metal and debris. It may look a little depressing, but at times it's a great place to clear your head.

Wii Will Play

Well it's old, but I still love it!(Yoshiunity, Bowser81889, Usernamenotfound, Moriko71416, Thefalselegend)


The Last Yard Cemetery


As You can tell, I went for a darker tone in this than norm. I thought it'll fit the scenery. I used my version of SL, her version, and her Green Blankie (With my added spin on it). SL told me that she like Pictures with darker tones, I'm sure this won't dissapoint.(Usernamenotfound)

Setting: The Last Yard Cemetery... where all life goes to die. If one lives on from this place, they may not live long. The land, housing the souls of the dead and the damned, erodes the goodness in the souls and feeds the darkness.
Giving it form.

Soon, It'll be over. As your own darkness from within may bring your demise!

Bowser81889's Domain


"Bowser81889's Domain" is where our good friend crashes for the day. This was inspired from his pictures like "Representing Jersey" with him in his layback pose. I though it was cool, so why not draw it? Yes, he also has a new outfit. The style is purposely abstract. I felt like going back to my roots a bit.

And as you guess it, the name was inspired from the name of his art gallery.

Setting: It's a room with a good view of the nearby city. There's a good amount of swag in here, care to guess where they come from? Also what's cooler than having orginal poster hanging in your room? Practing fire techinques! He may not look like the Koopa King, but still he has that fire flowing threw him and in his controls.

To All My Friends


Thank you for your support and respect. I could never ask for more. For this support, I want to give back so much, but of course due to time and money always remaining an issue,I can't. XP So I use my feelings, and painted this picture for all my friends. This is a gift to everyone! Old and new friends. Friends I've knew on Nsider, Peach Paradise, real life, etc.!

In the picture, JackSparrow124(elf), Christina, and I(Santa) are giving gifts to everyone for the holidays. Also read what it saids on the moon. I hope it doesn't sound too soft. Yes, I used Gimp for the snow, and words. And yes, The "we, our, and us" is mean't more than me, but to everyone always exchanging respect to everyone.

I know I'm a great person XP, but everyone of ya'll deserve some praise for being strong, amazing, creative, and supportive as well. So Happy Holidays form Yoshiunity to you! And to the future, may it be long one.

The Other Side- Big Cargo

Finally, another picture update! Well, here's another enviroment for my fan fic. The Big Cargo Train Depot.

As you expect from a train deport. It looks big, busy and located somewhere away from anywhere else. It's very humid in the area. So the deeper you look in the picture, the blurier it seems.

Everything is huge here. Each train can carry cargo heavier than 10 of our modern trains, and travel 1.5 times faster. Thus the name: Big Cargo. And like said before. I'm using the monotone color scheme. I felt that orange was perfect for a desert setting... Duh.

Happy Holidays!
Hey. It's the holidays! I had to make time for a quick Holiday picture!

So to all my friends, I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Or a happy... any other holiday you celebrate. XP And if you don't celebrate holidays at all, even still, stay golden. Smile

Omega YoshiUnity
Yeah, I decided to go ahead and redo the TrueUnity Portraits. I wanted to make them worth there rare value. XP So I'll be making them in his manner for now on. I need more computer practive anyway.

The paint of the Unitybrush overtakes the body, changing from green to blue. The power of time and space causes the body to change to a dark purple and glow energy from the eyes, back of the head, and paint on the Hands and feet. The normal outfit changes to a more powerful armor with a odd crack in it. Why is that? does the armor hide something from within?

This mode... I am aware of who I am. Using punches, kicks, and standard energy blast attacks are all that I have. But there longer I fight, the stronger I become. The Power of time and space burns within me. Oh yeah, it allows me to fly.

Faster than a bean burrito washed down in laxative. More powerful than a bunch of guys on steroids. Able to leap… and trip over the tallest peak in a single bound. It’s YoshiMan-Man! Once he uses combines with the power of the Unitybrush, YoshiMan becomes and crime fighting superhero! He has increase speed, strength, the whole heroic nine yards! Plus, he has a utility belt that the make "Adam West" Batman take notice.

Not to mention, he also have some of his own moves. Like the one you see at the top panel. I call it, the "Eighteen Punch". This move is an example of YoshiMan-Man's skill to attack eighteen times at once! Yeah, THAT fast! Believe me, the Eighteen Punch is the least of one’s worries! Razz

And yeah, this was inspired from the YoshiMan-Man comic YoshiMan made a while back. Hey, it’s one of my favorites. Oh yeah, this is a late birthday gift for YoshiMan, so happy late b-day dude!

Erin, also known as Bowserjrfan/lover(DA) has military inheritance in her blood. She knows what dangers waiting for her on the battlefield and I wish her the best once that time comes. That drive of hers is the inspiration in the TrueUnity from, Cameo-Erin.

At this state, Erin can becomes a lot stronger, agile, and focus. The suit that she's wearing is a very advanced bio-tech suit that may seem bright, but can automatically blend in to Erin's surroundings due to her concentration. Her focus is her best weapon, for once she is in her TrueUnity state, Erin is a whole new person. Erin will only think about achieving the mission at hand, nothing else. The suit also increases her defense and endurance. It causes her body to withstand the weight of ten tanks. Plus, her headband uses the same technology, give allow her head to have the same amount of defense.

Now she doesn't carry any weapons whatsoever, but why need to? Erin can focus her mind and download any weapon onto her hands instantly. So she'll be always ready, always alert. The perfect soldier.

Atomic Bowser81889
Recently, I gave Bowser81889's character a redesign. The Hedgekoopa has many unique features, but one I usually would bring up was the tattoos on his arms. Not only did they symbolize what hand show which flame, but they also gave a clue towards his TrueUnity. Apart, the flames are strong but average, but together, it's the fire that actually burn within the soul.

Atomic Bowser81889 takes his fire abilities to a whole new level. By combining the two flames with the fire of his very soul, His entire body is engulf in an eternal flame. Near allies, he'll keep his flame at a safe temperature, but near full blast, Atomic Bowser81889 can reach (You seen this coming.XP) OVER 9000 degrees!!!! He's like a miniature star!

He was definitely one of the faster runners, but now he becomes one of the fastest flyers. Plus anything, and I mean ANYTHING fire can do, he can do and then some. Ever seen fire morph into different shapes? Like animals, weapons, and etc.? I thought not.

YoshiUnity-Paint scratch


I decided to experiment with the tablet some more. I'm been trying to find a way to bring my style to this device. Now I think I have a winner here.

I decided to add a new twist towards it by using multiple versions of the watercolor brush tool. As you can see, some of the brush strokes are still very visible. Well, that's actually intended.

They're not so visible to were it look sloppy, thank you blur tool.

Yeah, this will be the art style for the pictures in the fan fic. I may redo that old scene I shown on here a while back

The Other Side W.I.P.- Big Cargo

This is a W.I.P. for another enviroment for "The Other Side"- Big Cargo. The place will be mostly orange, or desert, and and will have a gigantic futuristic trains transporting Cargo to many locations. Smile

It's still in early development.

Oh yeah, all vehicles in the story will hover. No wheels.

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The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Vide
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Nintendo Art

Super Smash Bros. Brawl















No More Heroes



Elite Beat Agents

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The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Vide
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The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Vide
PostSubject: Re: The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery)   The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 02, 2011 10:56 am


Werewolf YoshiUnity

Eh. I decided to add this one a little earlier than on my b-day.

Yes, its my avatar character as a werewolf. It was a quick attempt, but I enjoyed every bit of it. Very Happy

The design was inspired from the "Sonic the WereHog" design from Sonic Unleashed. I have the giant hands, with claws, bigger than my head. XP But noticeable differences is that I have pants, torn like crazy, and my shoes are gone.

There are still some Yoshi qualities present. Three fingers and toes, giant nose, saddle shell, white chest area and the spikes on the back of my head are now long streaks of fur. Plus, I'm still green, just furry.

I might draw more pictures of this for the season, but I haven't decided. And this has nothing to do with my fan fic.

Fun Fact 1: I was planning on making a MeMe from this, but I seen less purpose of it when people would make halloween versions of their characters anyway.

Fun Fact 2: I can actually howl veeeery similar as a Wolf. Bark as well.

Head Meme
Here's my Head Meme! Quick work but good.

Sometimes I need a wake up call when doing things I need to do, a BIG Wake up call.

Even though that's true. I mean... OW! How come everyone else's avatar only use their real-life selves as stools and I get a F@*King chair in the head?! XP

It's comic I made for Yoshiman's birthday. My first comic, and maaaaaaybe my last. It's begin with everyone trying to barge in his house, but Yoshiman tries to hold the door until Yoshigirl comes back with the supplies. He's a little stressed out, but I when came I in... I really didn't help out much.Razz
5 pages! and sorry for the pictures running off the image. I hate my scanner!






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The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Vide
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YoshiUnity Fan Art. (Art not made by me but by others with me in it.)

PM me the links or just post the links on here. I'll put them here. Smile




Felldoh Fighter



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The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Vide
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The Other Side

Stare down TOS (Sketch.)


It's just a quick sketch that I decided to make. Again, I apologize for the long wait, so I decided to make this as a nice quick treat for everyone.

It's nothing more than a stare down between My character and one of the No-More Minion-classes. Yes, that is a type of minion, not even classified as a boss. Big, isn't it?

Also, it may be very detail in the sketch, but as far as the minions go, I won't really make them look that much detailed in the scenes. I'll still make them look either as goofy and/or menacing as I can.

The Other Side-Highway City


Well. This was a little a little sooner than I thought. XP Well, here's the first enivorment pictures for The Other Side.

This is Highway city. A vast Metropolis with buildings larger than most real world skyscrapers, and a road layout as insane as F-Zero. There aren't any upside down roads, but the zip and turns are plenty.

Still staying true to the Monocolor scheme. And yes, this looks a lot diffrent than that sneak peek picture I shown in the chatroom and N2 a while back. That giant Traffic light wasn't there before. XP

As for that big glowing structure in the background... Well... Wait and see.

The Other Side- scene Preview
Finally. Darn photoshop freezing on me. Well... remember that old picture I had in the scrap as a preview? http://yoshiunity.deviantart.com/art/The-O...-scene-82645423 Well I colored it in. This is the style to expect the scenes in the story. Hopefully they won't take this long now that I know how I want the style to go and hopefully photoshop won't slow on me again... probably will.

Expect these to not look completely well-toned. There be some flaws, but I'll have to finish them at a somewhat quick pace to keep the story going.

The Other Side. (new poster.)

BEHOLD! I have a art Tablet! >8D Man, this thing is awesome!

This picture is made for my Fan fic starring my friends, "THE OTHER SIDE". I wanted to test something out with my tablet, and I seem to have positive results! However this is my first attempt so any of my computer art veterans pals out there will to give me some advice on how to improve, I'm all ears.

Now for the style. I used only the watercolor and basic brushes. ( I'll never leave the watercolors!) The color scheme is just as I promised. All characters will be colored normally, and the environment will be mostly monotone. Thus, all the purple. Also the color of the surrounding in the story will sometimes change depending on the mood of the scene. So you can bet that something epic is happening in the picture.

Also, I'm planning on using the tablet for my fan fic pictures as well. Faster and easier to clean up. The pictures may be detailed like this, may not. Depends on how time looks for me. I really like it that I can add a little more detail into the picture without it messing up anything.

That glowing area in background is not a castle. But a place known as "Highway City". You'll see it a lot in the story. However, it doesn't always glow like that. Of course. Razz

Expect more possibly soon. Not guranteed however, but still. "We're gonna have fun with this thang!"XD

The Other Side (fan fic)

Yes, You're probably wondering what this is. Well... that's the BIG Update. I'm making a Fan fic for all my friends... staring all my friends. This fan fic, "The other Side" is a simple story using as many of My friends a possible.

Basically, the story starts off with a simple city crackdown that spread throughout the boarders. If this wasn't enough, an evil bunch of Minions, the Noe Mur (No more) are attacking countless people throughout the world. How does this all add together? Well once I get everything together, you'll find out.

Okay, here's the deal on why this took so long. Besides me procrastinating, unwanted events and deep in school work, My could never think of a good story plot to where I could use everyone. Now thanks to the Subspace Emissary, and Mr.Nintendork reminding me of this, I know how to do it. Some characters will have big roles, some won't, and NOT everyone will be used. I'm going for a trilogy story. So that should allow for a good story with alomost everyone I can accompany. Not I won't judge on how long I've been friends with everyone. If the role fits, the character will be used.

Oh yeah, this pictures in this fan fic, yes I'll illustrate pictures in this fan fic, will look better than this. This was rush. But one cool thing, is that the backgrounds will always be one or two colors so that'll save time and look cool. It's not offical if everyone will be illustrated.

So thank you for your time. I have a story to make.

No-Mores Minions (basic)


Now these are some of the No-Mores Minions that will oppose threats in the story. One of the big bad ones. Those are for later. I forgot to label the names, but they don't really need them. I'll probably only refer to them as the "minions or lackies" or something like that. Heck, why does it matter when there purpose in the story is to do evil, but they'll obivously get their butts kicked anyway!XD

And yes, this has RPG's and Emissary written all over them. They'll be average, cool, huge, and threatening looking ones. I haven't even shown the Bosses! Yeah, there are bosses in this story!

And did I mention that not everyone will be good. Some of you will also be on the evil side as well. Who? Wouldn't you like to know! L...O...L!!

More to come, hopefully I'll update next Week. Keep it real everybody!

The Other Side WIP scene 1


Well, I wish I could of finish this picture, but I'll be a little busy today. SO here's the W.I.P. This does confirm that Bowser81889, Purple Pikmin, Mr.Nintendork, and Simpson_Luver will be in the story. It's one of the first scenes. Taking place on the Imagineer. Just relaxing and soaring where ever we want to go to avoid the trouble going on in the world. Well, Nintendork, the mechanic of the team, was trying to fix the radio because it kept picking up weird signals. Then all of a sudden... we are given a message on the main monitor that if we don't land, we'll be blown out of the sky. And so the conflict begins! NO ONE WILL BLOW UP MY SHIP!

Things that I'll focus on in the scenes: facial expressions, importance of the scene, the coloring and artstyle( The backgounds will be majorly shaded by one color, while ever one looks normal depending on the day. Also the buildings look a little animated.) Now don't expect these to look as good as my Portrait settings or some of my contest entries. These will be done quick and kept to a minimum.

I'll try to illustrate every character in the story, but there are no promises. i'm still trying to get this story plan finished, and this is just the frist scene unfinished. I'm going to make sure that this story is good. So I'm taking my time to examine everything.



RUN LINK, RUN! HEN is ready for the Other Side!

I've been waiting to draw this picture for a while now, but it's finally complete. Plus, since Hen dominated that character poll, I'll take it that I wasn't the only one waiting. XP

As you can tell, Hen's character has two outfits! As she as a role similar to CrazyCougar in the story: As an officer. However, her role is a little more complex, more on that another date.

You can also tell that her character's face looks different. Well, as much as I liked the original design, I eventually began to hate how I drew the beak and the shape of the head in general. Drawing facial expression for her character will be easier now.

Plus, her wings are a little smaller. Her arms may still seem to be a little big, but it's mostly feathers.

Bawk Bawk... BAGAWK!: I may have made Hen's Unitybrush and little smaller, but it's still a strong Unitybrush! Also, if you look closely at it, the Metal Cucco now resembles a bird beak.

SuperSquirrel1 (TOS)

Live... and reloaded! Supersquirrel1 is ready for the Other Side! Look at his expression, even he's surprised!

As I said, I may reveal someone who isn't in the first fourteen, and this was one of those cases.Razz XD I love doing things like this!Very Happy

Anyway, SS1 went through some changes. His head and feet are a little smaller. His outfit still has some resemblance the Solid snake's suit, it was the main inspiration, but I added a little more camouflage into the coloring scheme. Plus, the paint on his Unitybrush is green now, instead of black.

AW SNAP!: SS1's unitybrush actually has more than one function. By this, I mean that it's two guns in one! You see the scope on the side? Well, if it is positioned on the side, the gun functions like a shotgun. But if it's placed at the top of the gun, it functions like a sniper rifle. So it's great for long and short distances. Awesome!

Iridestris (TOS)

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Wait, what? Oh yeah, Iridestris is ready for the Other Side! :iconiridestris:

I went through some noticeable changes with Iri's character. One being that her shoes, though still thick, aren't as huge as they were in the first illustration. Plus the brushes are very small underneath the sole. While I did want her Unitybrush to look effective, I at least wanted them to seem comfortable.

Plus, Iri's clothes went through a color change. I didn't know that she like purple, but I do now. So I added that in there for the shirt, and gave her dark blue camo-pants. Works a lot better, imo.

Fight: With her brushes underneath her boots, it's kind of obvious that Iridestris will be more of a kicking fighter in the story. If you're aware of the anime show One Piece, think of Sanji and there you go.


... ... Meow! CrazyCougar is ready for the Other Side!

Okay right off the bat, I bet you've notice something's a little different. Yes, CrazyCougar has two illustrations!

Why? Because her character are one of the few that will have a costume change. There's her normal outfit: which looks basically the same as before. I just gave her a second belt and changed her shoes a little.

And then there's her Moderater(Police) outfit. It looks a little more serious. As long as it looks like she's gear up and ready to fight crime, that was the goal. Her cat gloves are hanging from the side to add character.

Check this out: CC's character is part human and part cougar. So you can see some hints such as the cat ears, the tail, fangs, curve-in top lip, whiskers and claws. Not the big cat gloves, those are nothing more than oversize gloves you can find in theme parks. I'm talking about her actual four fingered-and-thumbed hands. I don't normally draw fingernails on my characters, but she's the exception. Shows that hers are a little longer and sharper than normal.



Saddle up, pilgrim! TTL is ready for The Other Side!

His outfit is basically the same, really. I just remove those two long strands on the front of his jacket. Also, I made his hat a little larger. Since his jacket is swayed back. You can see his suspenders and more of his shirt. He packs heat, besides the unitybrush. And as for the hay stem he\'s chewing on... It makes him look cooler.Razz

OH SNAP!: TTL is packing heat. He is what you would call a \"third-arm\" gunman. Not counting the unitybrush, he has a third revolver kept away on his backside!

So I guess that makes him a \"Quadruple-arm\" Gunman then.Razz



YA-TA! Sparklez is ready for The Other Side!

What I really focus on with Sparklez, was adjust the proportions a little better than the first picture. Her hands are a little bigger and her boots are smaller and more foot-shaped. Plus her goggles are actually big enough to fit over her eyes. Her Unitybrush/Assistant, Happi, has a holographic face. I think the detail in that came out pretty well.

Check it: As you can obivous tell, Sparklez has a anime appearance. While there are other character that also have of an anime resemblance, she\'s a little more unique. During the Story, whenever whe shows a lot of emotion, it\'ll resemble a basic anime emotion.

You know, giant sweat drop, line eyes, abnormally huge mouth in anger, shock or suspense... or by accident. Stuff like that. Anything to give the Ka... waii feeling? (Kawhammy? Calamari? Pajami?) Whatever that means. Anyway, she has basic anime expressions.



Here\'s Arbok_X, up and ready!

I decided to use the same character I drew for Arbok-X earlier. Everything basically looks the same as the preivous design. I actually shown his shirt this time, and if you look closely, you can see that the shirt pins looks like little mickey mouse logos.(Not product advertisement I assure you.) I know that Arbok X has somewhat of a thing for Disney, so there... Also his belt buckle has a cool \'AX\' design on it.

Character traits: As you can already tell... The design idea of the characters are similar to Smash bros. Some characters will look a little more \'anime\' than others. An example is if you look at Arbok-X\'s character, then you look at Simpson_Luver\'s Character. This will be mostly noticeable with the more human-like characters.



Bowser81889 is ready to go!

I\'m still using is retro design for the first part of the trilogy. But I updated it a little. The tattoos from the new design are in place, on different arms though. I don\'t know why, it looks better this way. Also, his shoes are a little more round instead of box like in the old design.

Fun Fact: His shell isn\'t really orange. It\'s naturally green. XP It\'s just to avoid green-shelled koopa stereotypes. You know, running off of cliffs and such.



Here\'s character art number 2! Simpson_Luver aka. Usernamenotfound.

What? You thought I was going to update in order? Hell no! I\'m still focusing on the first 14, but I\'m drawing from a hat to see who to draw!Razz Ha-Ha. Who\'s know, I might draw someone outside of the first fourteen, Pulling a smash bros. Dojo on ya.Razz

Anyway, Yeah SL been confirmed for a while. I gave her character a much better body proportion than the original drawing. I also got rid of some of the buckles. (What was I thinking adding that many buckles on her in the first place?!)

You probably wondering why her eyes look faded. Some characters have eyes similar to that style. Mr.Nintendork and Sparklez are a couple of examples. There\'s nothing special about it. It\'s just a style.

Also, her Unitybrush is active! That long streak is something to be expected in future scenes.

Unique characteristic: If you notice SL\'s eyes, They are only open halfway in a sleepy kind of way. In the story, they\'re always like that unless she shows a LOT of emotion in a scene. This was inspired by all the times that SL told me that she was bored or lazy.Razz

YoshiUnity (TOS)


First character illustration completed for THE OTHER SIDE!

I\'m working on the rest of them as we speak, but expect the same amount of detail with all of them. Smile (Remember, the first ones are the ones highlighted in the journal.)

I haven\'t decided that on how I\'ll release the others once there completed. Random Order? All at once? It\'ll be a while before they are all finished though.

The actual scenes won\'t be this detailed, so I can finish them faster. They\'ll be somewhere in between \'We\'re in the Dark\' and this.

And as I said. Each character will go through some small design changes. You can see that Unitybrush looks a little different. With less bristles and the dull part near the tip curves in.


I made this for an ol' pal of mine. It's Bowser81889's B-day, and I couldn't miss out on it. It's only a sketch with some respectful chatter, because I'm working with limited resources. It's can also be seen on the birthday card that YoshiMan directed.

The sketch of his character, wielding fire, and my character in the background, wielding some space/time like energy.Happy B-day, dude!

We're in the Dark


Man. This took a while to work on! I couldn\'t get this group pose idea out of my head, so I had to draw it!

Now this just a concept piece, NOT an actual scene. (I might be if I get lazy. XP)

Now this style suits me just fine. I just the watercolor brush for coloring, but I put a little more emphasis on the Dodge and Burn tools. Those are REALLY good brushes! Effects were used a little better as well.

Also, the lines are a little smoother...*coughIjustinstalledthepentoolthatcamew
iththetabletcough* \'cuse me. XP The airbrush in excellent for lines.

Yeah, I decided to used everyone that is apart of the Imagineer crew in the story. *I used the retro version of Bowser81889 because I already drew this verison in one of the scenes.*

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Editing Space
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Editing Space
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Editing Space
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You may now post!
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So many links! dislike XD

Anyway, I can't comment on all of the costumes individually, but from what I can tell, you did great pencil work on all of them! Very Happy And lol at my costume. xD I would've never came up with the idea for the ears and extra tidbits. :b

Great work again YU! Smile
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You did cool for the first five costumes dude. Very nice. Can't wait to see the rest!
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Sweet. Now your thread is here. x3

Once again, awesome work on the costumes! Can't wait for the rest of them, or the upcoming story. <3
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Awesomeness, YU! Keep it up, I can't wait to see more! :]
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Updated! Part 2!

Also, thanks everyone! Sorry for being a little lazy replaying, but I'm a bit exhausted at the moment. :U
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Oh hey, I was wondering how this story was going! Updating it here, eh?

Awesome job drawing all the costumes!
I need to get to work drawing my version. I was recently informed it's a tradition or something to post one's character's Halloween costume on the first of October. Well I'm already late.
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Woah man, I've been working out... I've also grown legs, which is exellent, since I can now legally enter the local leisure center without getting kicked out for my "lack of legs".

You outstand me for how fast you can churn out these quality pieces of work, man. Are you secretly a printing press, by any chance?
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WHOA! Six!? You're an over achiever man!

Anyways, I really like what you've done with D-Sissel. Seal might be more intimidating if he got rid of that bag, but I guess that's the point. Blaze and Bowser look awesome as well. Gr33n looks neat as the Soldier, and Paper FS sure is awesomesauce. I say we have at least one left field costume per year!

Overall, great job on these.
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ChaosDX1: Yep! I'll have it on here for all to see! Hopefully I can make the deadline I intend, but it'll be on here definitely!

Also, there's a tradition to update on the first of October? Whoa... I never knew this. But thanks!

Seal: L-O-L! Thanks! Now you can go wherever you want with your new legs! As for being a printing press... Maybe? :V

FSMK: Yep! I bumped it up to six! Wanted to hurry up and work on these, so I can go back and work on the story itself.

Thanks, man! Glad you like them! Very Happy
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YoshiUnity wrote:

ChaosDX1: Yep! I'll have it on here for all to see! Hopefully I can make the deadline I intend, but it'll be on here definitely!

Also, there's a tradition to update on the first of October? Whoa... I never knew this. But thanks!

I highly doubt it's actually a tradition. I was just poking fun at the guy that told me.
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PostSubject: Re: The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery)   The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery) Icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2011 1:48 am

Wow, MG looks epic there.
And lul, flipping tables.

Also I didn't say this last time, but Seal's costume is freakin' awesome.

Edit: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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Oh man I'm really digging MG-Godot. I lol'd at the "I flip tables" on the mug XD
You pulled off Other FS very nicely too. Great job on all of 'em, YU! Can't wait for Sandro-D-Man XD
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The Airship: Imagineer (YoshiUnity`s art gallery)

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