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 Adventure Quest

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Adventure Quest Vide
PostSubject: Adventure Quest   Adventure Quest Icon_minitimeTue Jul 12, 2011 12:26 pm


In a world where Medieval times and mythes meet the future, everything seems to be going fine. The cities are running like an other day, the towns are peaceful, and the sea shows no sighs of storms. Everything is at peace...except for a an odd black castle like fortress that sits in the middle of some of the most dangerous land in this world. A cloaked figure stand outside of the tallest tower. With a wave of his staff, an army of evil beast appears before him. They number in the Millions.

"My servants! The time has come for us to spread fear across the land we walk, and death to all who stand in our way. Today...we take over the WORLD!!! Then the worlds beyond this one!" The figure preached to his army in a huge booming voice followed by the chants of all of his minions. He gave an evil grin and sent his forces off to conquer the world.

Alright, The world described to you is called Fanmore.
Map of Fanmore

You're basically going to start off in a location of your choice from the map, or you can say you're from another world, in which case you'll start in Fanmore City. All creatures are aloud so don't be shy, we don't judge here. So fill out the form, and we'll get started.

MB name:
Character name:
Gender: (only Male and Female)
Age: (13 and above is preferred, but younger ages are acceptable)
Species: (Anything from human, elf, nekko, naga, or a one eye, one horned flying purple people eater. Doesn't matter but give more detail about your species if it's not well known.)
Home town/world: (this is where you will start)
Description: (a picture says a thousand words, but word descriptions are fine as well)
Bio: (Describe your Character's life.)

Character list:

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Adventure Quest

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