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 The Company: The Series

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The Company: The Series Vide
PostSubject: The Company: The Series   The Company: The Series Icon_minitimeSun Jan 16, 2011 7:45 am

Hmph So this is a series based on the Roleplay. Features all the same characters but no storyline. Rather, it has several different storylines, some in groups of episodes, some just one episode long. Like the old comicbook cartoons from the 90's (how I miss them i.e Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk n_n) So here's the series and the main characters.

The Heroes

Drake/The Hatter
Caroline & Calysto

It's written both in Script and Plain format.


Manhattan, New York
Earth AK-019

A small child plays in central park, chasing a ladybug but she stops suddenly. A massive shadow is cast over the girl as an equally enormous ship takes the sky. The people of the city all run and scream in terror. Large robots take to the city, destroying everything before them. A man in a black suit watches from the roof of his building and presses a button on his tie. "Alpha Team, it's Wallace. get it in gear. I got a job for ya."

Background Music
The Company Transport hovers over the city, a girl with cybernetic gauntlets and boots standing on top of it confidently.
She gives a smug grin then slams her fists together and jumps off, throwing a punch at the nearest robot she sees, crashing through it.

A boy with a scarf wrapped around his lower face steps out from the transport.
Darkness suddenly leaps up from around his feet and attacks another robot, flying into it and coming out on the other side with several wires a loose parts, causing the robot to short out and explode much to the dark creature's delight.

A dark skinned young woman steps out from the transport as it lands and her body is suddenly replaced with that of another woman's.
She holds her hands to the sky then gestures them and forces down, making it rain fire down on the foes.

A girl in a pink suit jumps down from the transport and drains the power from a street lamp.
The runs out onto the battlefield alone and blasts one of the robots, bringing it down to her level before draining it completely.

A girl with glowing blue skin and literally flowing black hair is the last out of the transport. She hovers up under one of the robots alone.
She then lifts the massive machine on her own and spins it by its three mechanical legs before letting go, tossing it into space.

As the robots fall around the city, The Company members gather together, watching as one explodes behind them. The scene then appears to be wrapped up into the hands of the mysterious Hatter as he gives a wink and snaps.

The Company

Cheesy intro, right? Good, cause it's supposed to be XD
It'll be good when I start writing it, promise.
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The Company: The Series

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