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 The Company

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The Company Vide
PostSubject: The Company   The Company Icon_minitimeSun Jan 16, 2011 6:08 am

It's basically a Superhero RP. All Superheroes work for the government but aren't necessarily on a leash or anything. There IS a main plot but I'm not going to really tell you what it is. You guys just say when and I'll advance the main story. Until then we can basically carryout superhero action blah blah blah as we please. But if it goes for too long without anyone telling me they want me to advance to story, I'll do it myself.

Info from the other site this is on is Below

Quote :

Setting: Primarily in Manhattan but also in other major locations all around the U.S in an alternativereality in which all superheroes work for the government whether it be military, cybernetics, or special forces. Special forces has its own division. It's called The Company. A primary target for anyone trying to become a superhero. This is where they slot the big dogs. . .usually.

Most Notable Locations:


Updated Characters.

Character App:

App Guide

Title - Like The Amazing Spider-Man, The Invincible IronMan, The Incredible Hulk, or The Mighty Thor. It's optional. Don't have to have one.
Alignment - Hero or Villain
Appearence/Costume - A picture, preferable a cartoon, more preferably an anime/manga pic (They're easiest to find stuff for)
History - Option. Basically a backstory of who they were before they got their powers and how they got their powers.
Everything Else - Obvious

To View All Of My Character, View My Visitor Messages Every Now and Again. I'll Be Telling You When I Update Them. Nix that. Vis Messages are part of PM System. PM System doesn't work.
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The Company

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