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 Writing Board Rules

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Cajun Canine
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Writing Board Rules Vide
PostSubject: Writing Board Rules   Writing Board Rules Icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 11:51 pm

General Board Rules

1. The Writing Board is for posting your writings. You can post poems, fanfiction, original works, reviews or whatever else you can come up with.

2. Do not steal other people's works.
3. Be kind when commenting. Do not just try to bash an author for the hell of it because it's fun. Use constructive criticism if you must critique. You want to help people write better after all.
4. If you read something, people love comments. Just saying. =P XD
5. If someone named Cajun tells you that they are consulting other MBs like maybe T_L or Simian or the leader about some sort of spirit animal for you, do not ask or recommend an animal that you want. they will not let you have it. It is the Megabuddies philosophy that people do not get to choose their spirit guides, the spirit guides choose you. You do not get something just because you imagine it that way, life is full of surprises and not everything can be affected by the hand of man.
6. If you don't like your spirit animal, do not whine or cry about it. It will not be changed.
7. You can not name your spirit animal either. They come with names. XD
8. What are spirit animals? They are the spirit guides of the MBs in certain stories on this site starring us, the amazing users. They do not appear in all stories. For more info on spirit animals. Look at the floated thread on this board.
9. Do not steal Mega's Zetraloids and use them without her permission. She will hunt you down and we will stone you to death.
10. Do not post erotica stories.
11. No spam. That is not cool.
12. No flaming.
13. No porn. You will get permanently banned.
14.. Do not censor bypass.
15. Be nice and respect other users plus the staff, especially the leader.
16. No trolling.

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Writing Board Rules

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