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 Spam Board Rules

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Cajun Canine
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Spam Board Rules Vide
PostSubject: Spam Board Rules   Spam Board Rules Icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 5:24 pm

General Board Rules

1. The Spam Board is for generally any spam/off topic threads that generally really don't go on any of our other boards. This is basically our random discussion board. This is where you can talk about anything, if it's appropriate, but occasionally if a mod deems it better suited on another board, threads may be moved.

2. No spam. Do not literally spam the spam board by posting random literal spam. That is not cool.
3. No flaming.
4. No porn. You will be permanently banned if you break this rule.
5. Please do not censor bypass.
6. Be nice and respect other users plus the staff, especially the leader.
7. No trolling.

Spam Board Rules CajunSplendid2SigSpam Board Rules Nnjqsn
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Spam Board Rules

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