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 Rules for Zetra RPs

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Rules for Zetra RPs Vide
PostSubject: Rules for Zetra RPs   Rules for Zetra RPs Icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 5:26 am

First off, you're welcome to RP as your own zetras here. Although why you'd need this versus the other board, beats me.

You're also perfectly welcome to ask me to RP with you with my zetras. (You still get your own XDD)


1: I rarely RP because I'm shy.
2: There's a good chance you'll end up drag me kicking and screaming even though I like to =P

General Rules for the Zetra RPs
1: No character stealing
2: No gmodding
3: Other characters aside from zetras are allowed. (this mostly just means you want ME to RP as zetras, I don't really mind what you RP with XP)
4: Any of the other rules that apply to normal RP board. Admittedly they aren't written yet.

Rules for Zetra RPs TenithoutRules for Zetra RPs D3
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Rules for Zetra RPs

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