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 From Paris With Love

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From Paris With Love Vide
PostSubject: From Paris With Love   From Paris With Love Icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 12:43 am

Overall I thought it was pretty good. The plot seemed kinda... unclear at times and some things weren't explained as much as you'd wish for maximum satisfaction, but it was really entertaining.

Travolta's performance as Charlie Wax was over the top insane and fun to watch, his character is one of those shoot first don't bother at all asking questions later guys with really weird unorthodox methods of getting things done. Jonathan Rhys Meyers did an ok job, but nowhere as good as Travolta.

The action sequences were great and the movie had great pacing, it didn't really drag. Script was average but good for a buddy picture, bunch of humor in it, especially in the wisecracking and Wax's unpredictable behavior and the downright terrified reactions and responses it evokes from Meyers. Kinda formulaic but it seemed to take different approaches to things. The only characters that seemed really fleshed out were the two leads but when everybody else is almost literally having bullets flying into their bodies, getting blown up, their heads twisted, etc I don't think you really care, seeing as to how they weren't really meant to have a long shelf life on-screen. Razz

Overall it was a good popcorn film in my opinion. Everyone else there seemed to enjoy themselves too. I'd recommend it.

Also there was a Pulp Fiction reference. C: You probably can take a really good guess. Was epic. OMG

I liked how at the press screening I went to they gave my dad and I these wicked looking bullet keychains with the movie's logo and release date. Made of metal or something and had some weight to it. I also got a full sized movie poster of the film. =3

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From Paris With Love

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