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 RP profile for Fell

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RP profile for Fell Vide
PostSubject: RP profile for Fell   RP profile for Fell Icon_minitimeSat Jul 31, 2010 8:00 pm

So, yeah here it is.

RP profile for Fell TAG_Fell_Reference_by_FelldohTheSquirrel

Name: Fell, DUH!
Age: 18
Height: 5' 7"
Species: Squirrel
Likes: Squirrely things, goofing off, acting random, and music.
Dislikes: Being sneaked up on, and Polka.

He is pretty much a goofball, he will do a lot of random things, and say a lot of random stuff. Mainly to confuse people. He may be misunderstood, but it doesn't bother him too much. He's very friendly, and easy to get along with, that is if you don't mind his crazy personality.

His clothing pretty much consists of a Golden yellow short, with black sleeves, and a big "F" on the middle. His pants are black with a golden yellow flame decal on the bottom of the legs, he also has 4 side pockets on the pants. He also wears a black cap.

Name: Caleb(ME!)
Age: Yeah, right
Height: 5' 5"
Species: Human(Or...am I?!)
Likes: Squirrels, music, and random things
Dislikes: All the bad stuff

I am pretty much a normal laid back guy, I have a hard time starting conversations though...But I can be random at times. I have a unique sense of humor...Quick to anger if you get on my nerves, and I love video games.

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RP profile for Fell

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