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 So I'm Amazing and Saw Inception Early

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Cajun Canine
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PostSubject: So I'm Amazing and Saw Inception Early   Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:46 pm

Went to an advance promo screening. Holy ****.

God damn this movie was amazing. How the hell Nolan can keep dreaming up films as ambitious as this and always succeeding is beyond me. The guy's got talent... Another masterpiece.

It's honestly really confusing for a while (and hard to explain), but once things pick up and you're able to understand mostly everything you're like mesmerized by the ingenuity of everything. It's confusing to the point where you're wondering the specific's on what's happening, but you are able to grasp the main idea of everything. It's explained more and more as the film chugs along nicely. Great score, nice slick action scenes, great acting from the entire cast, smart script and besides being a good summer blockbuster it's a best picture candidate imo.

I'd give Inception an A.

It's the best movie of the year so far.

If you don't understand everything the first viewing, that's ok, the film rather demands a repeat viewing of it in order to get a full appreciation for it. :3

In short: Go see this ****ing movie. Kirby

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So I'm Amazing and Saw Inception Early

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