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 Neotornado's RP characters *to be updated with other OC's tomorrow. XD*

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Neotornado's RP characters *to be updated with other OC's tomorrow. XD* Vide
PostSubject: Neotornado's RP characters *to be updated with other OC's tomorrow. XD*   Neotornado's RP characters *to be updated with other OC's tomorrow. XD* Icon_minitimeThu Jan 14, 2010 10:43 pm

Because I'm gonna be RP'ing a bit more frequently. Smile
no pics for some, since I can't draw. XD
Name: neo
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (birthday is january 28)
Height: 0'4 (yes, he's 4 inches tall. XD)
weight: no one knows, but he'd be about 109 at regular height.
Normal Equipment Layout: a rusty pocket knife. dude doesn't have much in his arsenal... XD
Clothes: a blue and green cap with a micro sign on it, and a yellow shirt with brown pants, and dark purple shoes to cap it all off. XD
Personality: Very timid, generally very cautious. he dosen't make friends real easily, but he's a very nice guy when you get to know him. XD
hidden power: electric (everyone in my head has a "hidden power", but only some know what it is, and even less know how to use it.)
Friends with: echo, myst, and marx.
does not like: blood, generally anyone that sees him as food or a threat.
fears: high speeds (He's gotten over it now. XD), most animals larger then he is especialy foxes (understandable at his height); cats (same as above. XD); and most animals in general....
fun facts: Neo was first thought up in late july, as a symbolism for how I felt on YM's thread on NS2. I liked the whole "tiny pokemon trainer" concept enough that I made neo my official OC. however, it took until late november to get him finalized as my official OC.
Neo's backstory:
when it all started, neo was in hoenn, regular sized (5,ft 7, to be exact. XD), and taking a vaccation in lilycove with his pokemon team (while I'm still deciding what that team, I WILL say that he DID have a marshtomp and a masquinian, and still didn't know squat about battling), however, he got washed out to sea when he got hit by a big wave (he was alone on the beach gathering his thoughts at the time, so it's unknown what happened to his 4 pokemon...), while out at sea, he kinda drifted over barrels of toxic waste. (those things just SPELL TROUBLE, don't they!?! XD) however, instead of killing him like it would most people, due to a weird gene in his body, he instead shrunk to 4 inches (actually, he would have shrunk FURTHER if he hadn't drifted out of the radiation zone...), and he eventually landed on a shore in shinoh. (which he didn't know he was shrunk, nor that he was in shinoh.) after escaping from wild pokemon for about an hour (mostly umbreon, which could explain why he hates them...), he eventually heard echo ranting to herself underneath a tree trunk (she had just been replaced by a shiny venisaur on marx's team, or so she thought...) eventually, neo had a discussion with her, thinking she was a shrunken human too (hey, she was talking!), eventually, echo wanted to actually see neo, and that's when he found out that she was a leafeon (which, being from hoenn, he had never seen one before... also, echo thought he was a jolteon. XD) however, after neo did a double take and started to leave, echo called him back into the hole, and they talked a bit more, eventually, much to neo's dismay (he was afraid of her at the time, he was tiny, and he didn't know if she was gonna kill him.), she said that she would protect him as much as she could, eventually, he agreed to this, and feeling much better, echo brought neo back to marx's house (location pending, to be honest, though I'm thinking veilstone...), and told marx the story (if your wondering how she can talk, her old owner *not marx* was a severe ******* and wanted to mute her so she couldn't talk with the other pokemon, however, the nurse performing the operation, who had other intentions, altered echo's vocal cords so that she could talk in English, however, she had been told that she was mute, and marx's other pokemon tended to ignore her when she spoke, so she kinda believed this...) eventually, marx agreed to let neo stay at his house until he gathered enough resources to try to become a PKMN trainer again. XD

Name: Echo
Gender: Female
Age: 3 (in human years. birthday is on september 20.)
Height: 3'3
weight: around 56 pounds.
Appearance: due to a smeargle father, she has red spots on her tail and ears.
moves: Leaf blade, swords dance, return (max power. XD), and wish.
Race: Leafeon.
Personality: as with neo, she's VERY timid due to a childhood trauma, and generally shy to anyone she doesn't know. though as neo states it, "she doesn't have too many friends, but the ones she does have, she guards CLOSELY." she's been getting a bit more friendly and positive after befriending neo.
hidden power: electric (funny fact, I didn't know it was electric until I checked it in platinum. XD)
Friends with: Neo (especially!), and myst. (she's nice to marx, but sees him as an acquaintance. XD)
does not like: strangers.
fears: where do I START!?! okay, let me try to list them all... being alone in the dark, giving birth (laying eggs in her case, but... yeah. XD), heights, fire, deep water and the ocean, failure (because it will probably result in neo's death...), crossing hanging bridges, death, falling, large crowds, doctors and needles, creepy noises in the night, and giant things. part of the reason why she chose to protect neo is because she'd be absolutely scared to death to be in his position! XD
fun facts: Echo actually is in my platinum game now, and you CAN battle her if you want to. XD

Myst, Marx, and emoneo (no kidding.) will be updated tomorrow, if I can. XD
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Neotornado's RP characters *to be updated with other OC's tomorrow. XD*

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